Greetings from Clown World

Everyone hates Brandon (especially Emperor Barack):

The Science has apparently changed:


Australia looks like the San Francisco Bay Area in more ways than one. Our world’s become a trash can:

I love dogs, this monstrosity is not a dog:


  1. Oh my God, that’s absolutely hilarious that more people were shaking Emperor Barack’s hand after the State of the Union address than were shaking senile old Joe’s.

    No doubt Joe went off to find a woman whose hair he could sniff.

    And that use of the scene from the 1970s comedy spoof Airplane! – that was absolutely hilarious.

    It was absolutely spot on in relating what’s happened the past two years.

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  2. Omg, grandpa Joe looked like the one kid no one wants on their team 😅 Fauci is basically a human infomercial 😜 Airplane is a classic and that clip has me cracking up 😂 I think the number of people/organizations that care about ecology/the earth is so small that they’re a non-factor because of all the other b.s. that’s being focused on. Whenever I see those robotic headless dogs I cringe..they remind me of every Sci Fi movie that has robotic replacements for living creatures 🥺😵
    Great videos, Judy 😀

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    1. Thanks, Sylvester. Totally they all were so busy in fake conversation! Ole Joe was befriending the curtains! 😅 Fauci is like their human tv 🤑Airplane meme fit so well to today’s dramas 😂. Those walking bolts lack a dog’s spirit, they creep me out🥺


  3. Holy Smokes! Ole Brandon was totally upstaged by Oh Bummer. That shows how weak he is and how f*cked up the WH protocol office is. And I do believe that Aussie Bloke was pissed off and ready to rumble. The robot dog is interesting in that it is a Defense Department project that is several years old and this was an exact duplicate trotting down the streets of China. Hmmmm. Another example of effective technology transfer perhaps. Clown world indeed. It’s a three ring circus and the only thing good about it was that scene from Airplane. Now that is ass clownery done well.

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    1. The emperor obummer was way too obvious in his disdain for brandon. He even introduced him as the VP as a joke. Brandon was lost in the drapes looking for him. WH wants Ms Cameltoe in and Brandon out. I love how the Aussie threatened the evil doers, he’ll get silenced I’m sure. Those robodogs really creep me out. I bet they’ll weaponize them soon with tasers or something for the crime of being unmasked outdoors. US is becoming China unfortunately with digital currency the outward animosity is just for show I think globalism is here already, they just need to open the big top curtains, bring in the clowns and start the show.

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      1. You have a wonderful wit Judy. I have to agree with all above. We just need to finish selling the tickets and start the show. The Brandon and Ms Cameltoe three ring circus. All we need is the popcorn and a comfy place to sit.

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      1. I think the airplane scene will go down in history as the single best example of our existence on the angry blue planet. When Aliens discover this in the charred ruins, they’ll think, holy probed anus of Taurus, we never knew they were like that. We fried these rascals and they were just like us.” Followed by, “oops!” From the AI central computer.

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      2. Who knew that the Airplane film was predicting the future? That scene is basically a documentary for current politics and airplane travel during the plandemic. The AI aliens might keep a few of us for comic relief, we’re good at involuntary comedy.

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      3. It’s true that clowns are visual comedy. It’s the same reason we keep monkeys in a zoo. We are always filming them sticking their fingers in another monkey’s behind to watch him jump and get all indignant. Otherwise, zoos can be very boring and smell bad.

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