One Ring to Rule Them All: Part One: New World Fascism

All information whether from corporate media or alternative media, has to withstand further investigation. I hope you’ll research the topics that I post and find new information. I invite you to use my post as a stepping stone for further research but I won’t post hateful, racist or unrelated comments; you can rant on your own platform.

What are Nazis? What are Fascists? There’s a frightening upsurge of neo-Nazis worldwide. This video briefly explains the history and relevance to today. I’m limiting my viewing of Infowars material but Greg Reese summarized it concisely:

Synchronicity to find this quote, I just posted about him recently
George Carlin was right “on the money” literally

Symbol of Fascism, the fasces:

Hidden in plain view for those with eyes to see

“The concept was translated visually by the Etruscans, who passed it along to the Romans, as the fasces—a bundle of rods or spears, sometimes with an axe in their midst. The fasces as a design element would find its way to the original design of the U.S. dime and the podium in the U.S. House of Representatives, not to mention the Italian Fascist Party; the flag of the borough of Brooklyn, New York; and the Knights of Columbus.

She’s supporting Ukraine of course:

The Templar cross/Cross of Malta/Fascism/Occultism all bound together in NWO
The top left was posted by James Alefantis he commented “Marina and faggots” He likes puns, his name admits his pedophila in French. “J’aime l’enfants”

It’s complicated. The term Nazi ironically derived from Ashkenazi. Who are Ashkenazi Jews? North American Jewish group which formed during the Middle Ages. I am not condemning this group, I’m presenting the information. Many spew hatred on this group, I’m not with that party. I see individuals first, I’m against condemning entire groups.

The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler, I admittedly haven’t read this but here’s 2 copies to a PDF link:

Theories, Background/Backstory of Hitler:

I interpret this information as a picture of Hitler’s broken psyche. He was projecting his inner hatred and fear, perhaps his rejection by his abusive father. I know this is an oversimplification but lately the neo-fascists are back to worshipping Hitler. History literally repeats through stupidity. BLM/Antifa are the brown shirts (rainbow and fishnet shirts), they’re responsible for building division, resulting in the formation/recruitment of neo-racists and alt-right groups. It’s all a game of chess, and we the people are always their pawns, whatever side you’re on they own the Masonic checker board. I refuse to be their tool. I will not be a racist.

What is Agenda 21? What is globalism?:

💖Rosa Koire

NWO digital currency is already here:

Big Brother microchips (smart dust) in a handshake…look at him smiling! What a psychopath!:


  1. Great post! It was hidden from my feed until you posted your last one. WP is getting worse with their censorship. Soon, only the bobble head accounts will be left.

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  2. I’ve noticed since about 2007, there has been a resurge of Fascism and Nazism among various people on social media and plenty of people spouting admiration for Hitler and Mussolini (on the other side of the spectrum back in 2020, there was plenty of admiration for Joseph Stalin being expressed among some Bernie Sanders supporters).

    The philosopher George Santayana was right, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Sadly people forget the past all too quickly.

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    1. The mass psychosis within political movements is scary. I poke fun labeling it Clown World but it really is, antifa especially look like candy coated clowns from the Batman film from the 80s. The mob of stupidity is shocking. Europe is brimming with neofascists too. I think the BLM and the purposeful illegal immigration all there to cause backlash/hatred of people of color. BLM scam is currently failing due to their leaders buying mansions with donation money but all of that gives rise to hatred/labeling of POC. So obvious, they know how to create wars and division, while the people get manipulated. Same old game.

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  3. As an avid student of history, I see the world using historic symbology for new purposes when we should be a bit more inventive than that. I do believe Fascism and national socialism is on the rise in the west. True, it has been a minor part of America since the 20’s and never went away. Socrates was an outspoken Fascist and he got a dose of hemlock for his trouble. So it seems our innate desire for power, wealth, and avarice continues on through every generation. The backlash for liberal humanism is Fascism, which is only to say the belief in central power of the government for the purpose of preserving the government over the people. It’s a super idea to those with political aspirations. Not so great for the liberal humanist peasantry. Clown World is getting more and more like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld without the clever humor. What we have here is a terrible Feegle infestation.

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    1. Interesting, I didn’t know Socrates was a fascist. I saw a documentary that deceived how the Roman government was like a mafia, senators were bribed, much like they are today. When I saw the fascis symbol all over the WH it made perfect sense since the US is modeled after Rome’s mafia model. Banks were run by the church, exchanges were made by the “bank” of a river, it was a cool documentary, helped me to see how not much has changed. I can see the extremes of liberalism vs fascism being manipulated to cause division/wars. I ruly believe that racism was nearly eradicated because of the 60s activists and during the 80s we were a true melting pot of diversity. But now a non-existent racism has been reborn through false narratives of police brutality. All the work is being destroyed for build back better bs.

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      1. Exactly! What is interesting is Socratic philosophy was the foundation of all of the world’s non democratic leaders and ultimately governments. Dictators are Socratic leaders. What Socrates proposed was that people are not intelligent enough to make decisions or rule themselves in democracy so a ruthless leader is needed to force people to comply. Socrates often tricked people into providing an opinion where he would then attack their point and basically bully them into submission. Socrates was actually a large ugly human that had combat experience fighting in early Greek wars. Alexander the Great was one of his students and when Alexander’s father was assassinated, Socrates told him to go on campaign to conquer the world. Socrates urged him to treat humans as plants and animals to be stepped on like grass and slaughtered like goats. Alexander did exactly that and because of his accomplishments, Socrates was seen as the way to obtain great wealth, fame, and control. What we took from Socrates was to question everything and seek power by merciless force. After Socrates, students executed two successful coups of regional Greek rule, the Greek rulers had enough of Socrates and sentenced him to death. The rest is history so to speak. The other philosophers of Ancient Greece were pursuant to their own beliefs stemming from Socrates’ school. One such philosopher was defiant even to the emperor and his favorite past time was to masturbate or poop in crowds of onlookers. What a show. We give credit to the Greek philosophers for being the first to question the understanding of the world but basically they were all tolerated misfits that got everything wrong and were quite dangerous to the status quo. Now we revere that behavior and false narratives as something we should all try to accomplish and based on the massive output of disinformation by all means available, I’d say the world has fully bought into the Greek Philosopher scam.

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      2. Wow, thank you for that information! The history books left a lot out, as usual. I’ve always imagined Socrates as a sophisticated pacifist, lecturing and contemplating existence… totally wrong :)! Greeks had slaves and inequalities but we revere their society for creating democracy as if that’s a perfect system but I think it’s been rigged for awhile. Nothing’s changed much in the world but technology and fashion, we’re still so very immature, ego-tripping hoarders of power.

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      3. Sadly, yes Judy. Our evolution is measured in millions of years and our lives cannot fathom change so slow. Yet, technology advancement is measured single years. Put a loaded laser gun in a monkey’s hands and tell him to behave. Shocker! The monkey used the laser to subjugate his fellow monkeys to take their bananas and terrorize the zoo. He’s the boss now until another monkey gets the version 2 upgrade.

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