Poem: The Revolution is Knowledge (haiku in 7 variations) + Free/Clean Technology videos

This information was suppressed because they don’t want us to have free energy. They want to sell us their exploitation of resources. Big Pharma does the same, they outlawed natural medicine and replaced it with their sorcery/pharmakeia.

They distribute lies
They kill every bit of truth
They want us to die.

While “They Live” instead
Free energy was suppressed
They keep us stupid.

School is a prison
It’s our indoctrination
“Consume and Obey”

They invented climate change
And all the slogans.

Floods and cloud-seeding
They concocted acid rain
The skies show and tell.

Reduce and reuse
They guilt trip us to conserve
While they galavant

The Green New Deal scam
Preaching green conservation
On yachts and posh jets.
This discovery inspires more questions, the scarab and hexagon are exulted in the occult for this reason?
Grebennikov was an entomologist

Beetles wings produce an anti-gravity effect!https://youtu.be/hYJXE4FCm7Q In case YouTube deletes the video above, here’s another copy:

Free energy was available for decades! This car used no gas, no oil. I feel badly for Troy and for all of us. He wanted to help mankind with this invention but they stopped him.

Troy Reed, the magnetically run engine: https://youtu.be/tMumLZJCD3s, another copy on Bitchute:

“The technology’s here…it’s gonna work for the whole world, for mankind.”

Troy Reed

“Devices that have truly improved the human condition – such as electricity, the telephone and the airplane – were created by people who passionately believe their inventions would make the world a better place to live. Troy Reed of Tulsa, Oklahoma is such a person.”


The Information War is what we’re fighting, discerning truth from fiction. Knowledge is power. They’ve been hoarding it, destroying it and altering it for their private use.

  • Stage one is seeing through corporate media
  • Stage two is seeing through alt media
  • Stage three is seeing that the stage is set regardless of our actions.

I find comfort in believing in God. Realizing that we live in a diabolical Clown World reconnected me to the Christian faith I had as a child. The powers that be are treacherous and evil, they’ve been oppressing us since Biblical times.

🤔 Tesla we have a problem…gas needed? Tesla’s are pretty but nothing in comparison to Troy Reed’s invention. Make this make sense:

I’m surprised that Elon Musk hasn’t stolen Reed’s invention yet, perhaps They won’t allow that since it wouldn’t be profitable for them in the long run to give us free energy. The elites are lazy, unintelligent thieves; Bill Gates’ stole Windows , Mark Zuckerberg stole Facebook/Meta and Thomas Edison suppressed and destroyed Nikola Tesla’s success. Elites only win by deception and cheating and our ignorance keeps them in power. We have to stop fighting each other now, turn the tables on them while we still can. NWO is here what’re we going to do about it?

The Matrix is predictive and social programming for Transhumanism but it does reveal hidden truths


    1. Thanks Crandew! Glad you liked it and the theme. The knowledge/technology we need is already invented but the evil doers rather keep their slaves and pillage for profit. I think we keep pushing back in whatever way we can, writing, music, art, keep waking people up and pray to God.

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  1. Nikola Tesla’s name is still not mentioned in most Physics textbooks so the suppression of information about free energy and anyone who helped develop it continues.

    The climate change scam and the phony Green New Deal are just designed to get the masses to accept One World Government.

    Their motto is “Graciously accept our rule or the whole planet dies.”

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      1. I heard that Tesla wanted free energy for everyone but Edison created obstacles that ruined him. Edison was mediocre in comparison, and created inventions for profit not the good of humanity.

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      1. I was making an obscure reference to the movie “Taken” with Liam Neisen. By publishing the truth: it’s almost as you risk this, per the movie:
        “The next part is very important. They’re going to take you. …what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.

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  2. It is disheartening to see the potential solution to a huge problem and know it is out of reach because of greed. If Reed had the money to market a small generator for a niche market, he would have been left alone and the big boys would have copied his invention, improved it and moved to bigger platforms raising billions of dollars. Big oil would be helpless to stop it. When the market sees $$$ nothing stands in its way.

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      1. I do know an individual who replicated Reeds basic design in a small generator to produce enough voltage to power small appliances or a home lighting system. It worked. It was purely mechanical and used no input power source. This guy was your basic genius inventor but his brutal honesty alienated him. His system worked but he knew better than try to market it. He may be a weird genius but he isn’t suicidal. He also invented an electronic eye that looks like a human eye that can connect directly to the vision sector of the brain and a blind person can see in 20-20 visual acuity in full color. He couldn’t get anyone to take it on and manufacture it. The problem? Lawsuits from those who don’t like the results. That’s right. Giving some people their sight back is a liability no one wanted to take on. The world just isn’t right anymore. Or, I am also weird and don’t know it.

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      2. Profit trump’s liability, if they can’t profit or exploit it they won’t produce it. Musk tries to sell his neurolink with the blind can see plan but it’ll backfire into cyborg land. Good ideas turned to evil.

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      3. Hmmmm. I should talk to the fellows at DARPA to see if they can use the CRSPR to slice out the greed genes for injection using the Covid Jab. Oh, wait. Did I just create a conspiracy? 🙊🪳

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      4. Yes! A quick anal probe to determine greed levels and then a vaccine to cure what ails them and impacts all of us. It’s a worthy social program.

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