Propaganda Everywhere: Part Two: Alex Hicks and Pepe le Poop

Look behind the curtain…

Bill Hicks is Alex Jones. Alex is an actor/performer who created a stage name, Bill Hicks. He faked his death as Bill Hicks and resumed his Alex Jones identity. He’s still doing comedy as a conservative shock jock to discredit truthers and conspiracy theories. Easy peasy, case solved:

Pepe is Kek, the Egyptian god of Chaos: whoever’s still in the cult of QAnon, please wake up! I’m seriously beginning to think that Q/Todd Burgundy is the Antichrist. He’s got an army of brainwashed conservatives that think politicians are clones and have been secretly executed. Q and Trump are very dangerous. I think Biden was put in office to destroy the US and also to gain sympathy for Trump’s triumphant return. Michael Flynn and all the rest are all part of this. There’s no white hats fighting for us. We’re all we’ve got.

Q used gemantria/numerology for reverse magic. Kek represented by the mascot Pepe, represents Lucifer. Kek is known as the “bringer of light” in Egyptian mythology. Q repeatedly said, “the beam of light” and “in the twinkling of an eye” also “trust the plan” and “nothing can stop this”. Q was casting spells.

If you search for fascist flag various images of fascist international flags appear. Antifa is the epitome of fascism and so is Ukraine…USA too. Search for it takes you to the White House.

The phrase “where we go one we go all” = one world, one-self, globalism, facis is a bundle of sticks with an axe. Q is controlled opposition, all sides are Masonic.


  1. Q is a mossaud operation. It is modeled after Operation Trust done by the same Bolsheviks in Russia before they killed 66 million white Christain. No surviviors.

    If there are survivors, there were obviously not death camps!!


  2. I’ve studied a great deal of ancient Egyptian mythology and religion but I had never heard of Kek before.

    So I googled him.

    He was apparently one of the Ogdoad – the eight primordial deities of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

    I’m more familiar with the deities of Egypt’s later kingdoms such as Ra, Amun-Ra, Osiris, Isis, Horus and Set.

    That’s very fascinating about Kek the frog headed god and Kauket his serpent headed wife.

    I’ll have to bring them into my vampire novel to battle Set.

    At one point in the history of Egyptian religion, Set was a good guy Egyptian mythological figure who battled Apophis (the Egyptian serpent god of chaos and darkness of that particular time period of ancient Egyptian history) who attacked Ra’s solar barge at night.

    Set only became a villain in ancient Egyptian history after the story came to be told that he had dismembered his brother Osiris into 14 pieces and threw those 14 pieces into the River Nile.

    But I’ve now reached the conclusion that Osiris got what was coming to him.

    Osiris strikes me as being the sort of god-Pharaoh who would have instructed his ancient Egyptian subjects to take the DeathVaxx had the DeathVaxx been around in the days of ancient Egypt.

    Just like today’s brainless mainstream media would label someone a villain if that person dismembered Dr. Anthony Fauci into 14 pieces and put those 14 pieces into caskets and threw them into the Potomac River.

    Such a villain would in fact be a hero.

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    1. Kek and Pepe add much to the puzzle I think. The Freemasons seem to adore Egyptian mythology probably because of crazy Crowley. The Set vs Osiris story reminds me of Cain and Abel. Osiris seemed very stupid :), he fell for Set’s lure to lie in the sarcophagus, he got what was coming to him, plus he married his sister, ew. Fauci will weasel his way out of harm but he’ll have to face God someday. He’s been murdering since the AIDS bioweapon but his time’s coming.

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  3. Alex is Bill. Makes sense to me. And frog people rule the western world no doubt. A circus run by Frogs (no intended insult to the French) And we poke fun at Ukraine for being Nazi Stalinist Christian Jews that can’t wait to attack Putin and take over the Kremlin where the second coming of Moses will free them from their Orthodox Christian values. What a crazy mixed up world we have become. What would Bill-Alex Jones say about that? 🥺. I’m sure he has a theory.

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    1. I’d never heard of Bill Hicks until I found this story about Alex faking his death. He should’ve stayed with comedy instead of turning into a raging lunatic. Globalism is the new world order normal, I’m sad for our world. 🥺😞 Bill Alex would shout lizard people! that’s what he always does.

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      1. It’s really dementia rampaging through the population. I don’t think people are consciously choosing to be demented, I believe there is a root cause that goes much deeper than personality and choice. The scary thing is, if one buys into any of the insanity on any part of the dementia spectrum, they are toast, infected, just another zombie. I find it telling that all the fictional zombie stories focus on destroying the zombie’s brain to kill the zombie. It’s all in our heads and has nothing to do with the physical world or the biological synchronicity that creates and nurtures life and death on the planet. The answer is obvious and right in front of our face but the disease or parasite that controls us doesn’t allow us to recognize how to return to a good mental health. We have found the zombies in the zombie apocalypse and as foretold, they are us.

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      2. And sense we are now very style and fashion conscious, we’ll look great in our anti-zombie protective wear. You know, all these silver linings we are discovering makes me think there is hope after all. Not for the poor zombies, but the rest of us.

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      3. I’m sure the Tik Tok fashionistas and esthetician will come through for us. We’ll be able to look great and not have to be great.

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  4. I hope in all good consciousness that Trump is not ushered back in office, it will surely mean the end of the US. Anyone who fakes their own death and returns under a new identity spells trouble.

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    1. I think Trump will try to return. I liked most of his previous policies but he fuels much division, plus I’m against his warp speed vax. There’s no proof about Alex faking his death but I think he did, who knows why.

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      1. I’m sure he will try again. I wonder if he’ll go republican or independent. The vaccine was suddenly ready after Trump supposedly got covid and was rushed to the hospital. Only Alex knows why and his agenda 🤔

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