Miracles are Everywhere: Part Two: Seek and You Will Find

God is so generous. I received more synchronicity gifts yesterday :). These gifts are again so attuned to me that I have no doubt that they’re from God. There’s an outdoor free library stand by my neighbor’s house just a block away and I found: 1) a book about how Jesus was referenced in the Old Testament as Yeshua. In Korean, Jesus is called Yesu/Yesu(nim) it sounds very similar to Yeshua. 2) two biographies of Korean Christians 3) a book about male/female communication which might help me to not fight with my child’s father 🙂 4) a couples devotional book to give to my niece who’s newly married (I didn’t include that photograph).

My gifts from Jesus 🙏💖🤗 I’ve never heard of these titles/people but after skimming through, these books are a rare and awesome find. They’re old but in perfect condition, written in the 80s (my generation).

Miracles don’t have to be dramatic, they can be simple but still very impressively effective. There aren’t that many Koreans living in my neighborhood or Christians in the SF Bay Area in general, (I hardly see any churches) so these books are a Wow find. This is exactly what I meant in the Miracles part one post, God will give you what you need even before you ask, perhaps even before you know what you need. God is very intimate in His care of us, unmistakably specific. 🙏✝️💖


    1. I love synchronicities, the books are sweet, about Christians helping orphans in Korea (I think orphans used to be shunned in Korea but now there’s more compassion), thank you Sue Dreamwalker ❤️

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      1. There is no doubt about spell casting, wait till what’s been occurring in Disney comes to light.
        Hollywood, as you probably know name means what a magic wand is made from , in which spells are cast… Casting-actors!.
        This Next Luna Eclipse will reveal more and more..

        Sending love and well wishes… 💕

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  1. Wow.

    That is amazing, Judy.

    Miracles at work.

    That’s fascinating that Jesus is Yesu in Korean.

    When I attended a Spanish language Evangelical church when I lived in a northeast Calgary neighbourhood Jesus was pronounced Ye-sus (Phonetically sounds like Yay-zeus).

    When I lived briefly in a room in a trailer in a trailer park from December of last year until mid-February of this year, I attended a Vietnamese Catholic Church that was only a block away.

    There Jesus in Vietnamese was called Chua Giesu (Giesu is very similar to Yesu in sound).

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  2. Quite a few of your posts in this time frame didn’t appear in my notifications and I’m just discovering them now. Seek and you shall find. Just realised, I was saved 16 years ago, this month. So glad you found Him. He belongs to you now and Him to you. He is in your heart and you are in His.

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    1. I love what you’ve written, full of love and joy. I feel so much connection to Jesus especially when I pray and sing gospel songs, heartfelt tears come. I’m so glad you were saved! 16 yr anniversary, your born again birthday! I was raised as a Christian (I truly believed then) but as I went to college I got jaded, too sophisticated for my own good. I’m so fortunate that Jesus is patient with me, God waited for me to return and I did beginning this year 2022 in January. I’m so stubborn!

      I think WP was shadow banning my site, many have said I don’t show up on the newsfeed and they have to directly come to my site :(. I’m not going to pay for my site anymore. I complained maybe that’s why my posts are back?

      Thank you for your meaningful friendship. You are so beautiful Sue.

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