Warp Speed: Part One: Poem: Plandemic (haiku in 8 variations) + video

Trump signed the Cares Act on March 27, 2020 but it was introduced almost a year earlier on January 24, 2019 🤔 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/748

Plandemic (haiku in 8 variations)

It’s a plandemic
How much more proof is needed?
Life’s their game of chess.

They’re the one percent
that own the corporations
They made all this mess.

For generations
The eye of the pyramid
is the IT they serve.

They lack a conscience
Soulless, spineless, psychopaths
Demon-possessed pervs.

Order of the Golden Dawn
Templars and Masons.

Aleister Crowley sickness
blood oath magicians.

That’s the answer why
They’d love to see us all die
It’s no mystery.

They blame climate change
rearrange the board game and
rewrite history.
Warp Speed Plandemic 💩


  1. Great video Judy, and not surprising at all. Everyone should be grabbing their pitchforks and heading on over to have some serious talks with their politicians who are obviously in on it. It’s insane that nobody will ever face justice on all this.

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    1. Thanks Crandew. Yes why aren’t we storming the castle already?! Well, actually those poor Jan 6 patriots didn’t even have pitchforks but are still being persecuted unlawfully. I think there’s no real justice because the system’s rigged.

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      1. Our injustice system is pure marxism so everything is inverted.

        The perpetrators are let go and the innocent are persecuted.

        Many women are getting raped by the immigrants who are really enemy combatants and let free because they want them to commit more crimes.

        What is the Luciferain Free Mason motto? Order out of Chaos and it is right on your $1 dollar bill.

        Like I have told you before, the racists are calling people racists, and the programmed lefty zombies are 100% guilty of everything they accuseth because they are pure ego.

        The ego is the I believe I am right disease, but it is always wrong.as it psychologically projects.onto other what it is guilty! The Orwellian inversion!

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  2. The plandemic was a preplanned strike against the people. When Trump took over the presidency it was like Pandora’s box of evilness was opened 😈🤡💫

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