Poem: Do the Opposite, My Friend (haiku)

Whatever they praise
Do the opposite, my friend
Commercials are lies.

Very important information from Killuminati, the real reason they pushed LEDs on us isn’t for the environment. They’ve got a one-track mind—genocide 24/7.

Must see video showing the harmful effects of LEDS:

LEDS aren’t good for the planet or us, they contain mercury, are noisy and they emit harmful frequencies. Mercury’s in fish too, so we’re getting multi-dosed intentionally. No doubt they’re trying to exterminate we the peasants. I’m going to zip all of them up in plastic bags and place them on top of my curbside recycling bin, thankfully I don’t have a lot. I’ve heard that manufacturers are purposefully making incandescent bulbs expire quickly so we won’t buy them anymore. They’re so evil down to the bones. I’m glad to have a legitimate reason to no longer use LEDS. Look at them side by side, which looks more natural and beautiful? Change can be good, especially when it’s a return to better times and inventions.

I prefer the warmth and glow of incandescent bulbs. LEDS are so robo-ugly. What’s with the DNA-like swirl? Yuck.


  1. This tickles my measurement sciences brain. The nice fellow doing the test is clearly a hobbyist with good intentions. You and the well meaning hobbyist have brought to light 💡 an ugly truth. Incandescent light can be adjusted to provide us with any type of lovely lighting we choose and the right light for the task is good light and healthy. Fluorescent lights were more energy efficient than incandescent lights and since the 40’s they have been poisoning people and the environment on a grand scale. If you break just one by accident and don’t immediately run from the scene of the crime, just that one incident can give you cancer, autoimmune disease, blindness from cataracts and so on. And we have busted these death dealing lights by the quadrillions. Enter the LED. Indeed, an LED can be tuned to many high frequencies where they mimic lasers and that frequency tuned just right will pass right through your skin and harm dark organs like the liver. They can burn you, blind you, cause mental instabilities by raising your cortisol levels, not that we need a bright room to do that. We have our regular rat race life to keep our cortisol high enough to fry an elephant. Of course cancer is at the top of the list. A few little tweaks would make them safer but that would raise the price. What do we need China for if the price is high? Any light that approaches the ultraviolet range is an eye and skin hazard. The effects can be immediate. So, yes, smart consumers read the tiny print and pass on fluorescent lights and LED’s. Finally, that strange frequency you were shown is because CFL and LED’s operate off of a chopped frequency that is turning the 60 hertz sine wave into a surrogate DC voltage in the sloppy range. DC voltage is hugely more efficient than the old AC current we use. That’s why your computers run off of AC/DC conversion from 120 volts AC at 60 cycles to just plain old 5 volts DC. Most electronics work this way and LEDs are the same. That makes battery back up easy as pie. So, if you have a choice, incandescent is best for health and worse for energy efficiency. CFL/ Flourescent lighting is energy efficient and plain old freaking deadly to be around. LED’s are very energy efficient and not as deadly as Fluorescent lights. So here is what you can do with LED lights. Keep them at lowest power you can tolerate, make sure they are behind a frosted glass globe and as far away as possible from you and still be useful. Minimize your exposure time. So, remember this. With LED’s minimize exposure time, keep them at a distance, and shield the light with some type of light enclosure. You’ll be safe and sound up until your 80’s when it will all catch up to you. But now, what are we going to do about our phones that are giving men testicular cancer, women who are being sterilized or given breast cancer, everyone who is getting cataracts. When are we going to do the risk analysis on that murderous beast? Or should we just pass on that since they are as important in life as a functioning toilet. Somethings are just worth dying for.

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    1. Technology has it many side effects that sometimes nullify it’s original intentions, (let’s hope there aren’t nefarious reasons for the negative side effects!). I think health should trump convenience or supposed environmental benefits (we’re also part of nature, if it’s harming us, no good). I have a feeling the powers that he always know about the harmful effects but care more about their profits. The classic lightbulb is iconic even stands for an idea, the LEDs cast an artificial glow and look ugly to me but I’m a complainer :). Thanks for your informative comment.

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      1. I think you are absolutely right. Everything should have an independent health and safety assessment before going to market. Capitalists and economists will not like this idea but we are being wiped off the planet in a cacophony of ill effects from every direction. Profits drive everything. Functionality, durability, and cost effectiveness along with health and safety engineered are all afterthoughts. Virtually all consumer products are compromised in some way. It’s reversible but only smart consumers can accomplish this. We vote with our dollars and every other governing body has unenforceable rules and that is the whole of their authority. We, however can bankrupt a criminal or careless organization over night by simply cutting off the funds.


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