Poems: The Zombie Hordes of Horus (haiku in 5 variations) + Public Programming + videos

Sorry I haven’t been posting. I’m preparing for my big move (I dread moving), feeling a bit depressed but otherwise all is well. Another miracle in the form of synchronicity happened last Sunday, I’ll post about that experience soon. Meanwhile back in the Land of Oz

Have you seen this show? I tried to watch a few episodes, it’s very cryptic.

When I was in the New Age movement I didn’t understand that it was a religion; I thought I was “spiritual not religious” practicing: positive psychology, world community/spiritually/oneness and divine feminism; I didn’t realize that I was following Luciferearn principles. I was curious like Eve, I studied the occult without an awareness of my actions. That’s how the New Age movement grooms it’s followers, step by step down the yellow brick road. I had a book about “yoga” for the hands, drawings of Hindu hand mudras, each position was a prayer to a deity requesting: abundance, wealth, health etc. it sounds silly but as you hold these positions there’s a buzzing vibration of energy, like a tingling sensation. I don’t recommend experimenting with this, it’s creepy to invite deities (demons) into your life.

The Zombie Hordes of Horus

“Those with eyes to see”
The Zombie hordes of Horus
Peacocks endless gaze.

Displayed winking pose
Encircled Eye 666
Hidden secret code.

Sell-outs to Horus
Curtains open to Clown World’s
Broadway show chorus

There’s no real surprise
It was right before our eyes
Death’s society.

Don’t stare in their eyes
That’s how they can train your brain
Side gaze, fast forward.
Their words: “Be seeing you”, “a precious trick”. This is not an OK sign, that’s their excuse, this mudra is a salute to Lucifer. The Eye of Horus reminds me of hand shadow puppets, devil worshippers are idiotic.

The power of suggestion is invisibly powerful. I noticed this sign subconsciously for years and I even posed in an art photo doing this sign! without understanding what it meant, (I put my hand over one eye, not the 666 pose).

Repetition is a programming technique:

Public Programming 

We’re here for you
We’re here to help

We’re in this together
Together forever
Trust us

Stay safe
Stay home
Safe distance
Safety cone
Safety zone
Safety in home
Home alone

Alone together
Safely apart
Tear us apart
It’s for the best.


  1. Yes, the zombie hordes of Horus.

    They’ve kept repeating the same hand signals and repititive programming for years and years and years.

    And in an example of the Luciferian inverse call those who have become zombies “woke”.

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  2. The Prisoner was a continuation of Secret Agent Man with the same actor.. Hollywood is one big cult, the zombie horde of horus is just one level.
    Praying that your move will go smoothly and that it becomes a better situation for you and your son. Take good care, my friend 🙏🏽💖🤗

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    1. Interesting, I tried to watch “the Prisoner” but it kind of both scared and bored me in a way 🙂 I couldn’t understand it so I quit watching. So creepy that they’ve been doing schemes this whole time.

      The weeks feel like days, I’m feeling nervous about the move but there’s no turning back now! I’m praying too, thank you my friend! 🙏💖🤗

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      1. The show had no real order, only the first episode when he arrived at the mysterious village and the end showing that he will never escape from the village. I haven’t seen it in years, I remember the giant balloon capturing him every time he tried to escape.
        https://youtu.be/-tCv_8TPbNE this is the last episode.

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  3. Hi Judy! Excellent Poetry. It’s gripping after reading and watching the videos. It’s alarming to see how easy we get pulled into someone else’s magic underground without even knowing it. Glad you escaped in time. I wanted to share two Korean contacts with you for San Antonio. They are centrally located and reasonably close to each other. The church and store are great places to make contact because they will know everybody that can help you if you need it. There are two other churches and two other Korean markets so once you get settled you can decide which you like best, but this should help you meet the right people. I will pray for you and your son to have a good and safe journey and happy life.

    Korean Church
    4115 Eisenhauer RD
    San Antonio, TX 78218

    Korean Market
    6210 Fairdale Drive suite 1
    San Antonio, TX 78218

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    1. Thank you very much, Dan for the compliment and the information! Such a crazy planet we live on, who knows what’s what anymore! My midlife crisis is about reconnecting with my family, healing the past and faith and all this drama helped that to happen so that’s the positive aspect but I miss the innocent view that I had of the world.

      So good to know there are Korean communities in San Antonio! I’ve been looking at the weather there this past week, temps were in the 100s! 🥹! CA weather has spoiled me! So I need a bit of encouragement for my move, thank you for providing that!

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      1. I do hope and pray your reconnecting with family goes well for you. Your evolution is genuine and authentic and I hope that is recognized. My brother and his family live in Texas and I lived there in the Killeen are for three years. I got used to the heat when I lived there but when I visit it’s a whole new world of hot. It’s like being on a Florida beach in the summer but the beach goes on forever. I definitely like California weather especially around the Bay Area. But you will be having new adventures and challenges that will awaken your deep intelligence and spirit. Go in Joy and celebration of life and allow yourself to live life with the joy in your heart God intended. It makes everyday tasks a bit more fun. 🎉

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      2. Thank you for your encouragement, Dan. I grew up in humid east coast MD, but it never got in the 100s, yikes. I’m thinking of this as an adventure but I appreciate all the help I can get to adjust. I lost my community of friends in CA when I left the New Age and liberalism so I look forward to building a new community. Good people everywhere, just have to connect with them. You’re one of them my friend :).

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      3. Thank you Judy! I am glad to be counted among your new and good friends. I look forward to hearing from you after you settle in. I’m sure you’ll be busy until then but I’ll be here waiting to read some more of your excellent poetry and observations of what the heck is going on.

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      4. The move is still weeks away but I’m sure it’ll all happen at once. I’ll be posting about the ongoing shenanigans for as long as they continue. It’s like something broke in the system all the wires and strings are showing.


  4. Great poems Judy. Yes, ‘don’t stare in their eyes, that’s how they can train your brain,’ I ‘dabbled’ in the occult when I was younger, it’s like sleeping with the enemy. Dabbling sounds harmless but it’s like sipping arsenic. Wisdom is their enemy. They try to get us when we’re young and foolish.
    Love the second poem too. Powerful. I imagine many voices and echoes. Can visualise it as greek theatre, with a chorus. Wonderful stuff.

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    1. Thanks Sue. I like your similes, so true, even a little poison is enough to do damage. They market ouija boards to children and tarot can be like a fortune telling game, seemingly harmless but if they called it Satanism or devil worship they’d lose their sparkly, magical image. They manipulate young peoples’ natural curiosity. Occult lures with partial truths, very effective.

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  5. The video you posted on the photos of celebrities with the encirled eye gestures and 666 signalling, was shocking. I knew it went on, but had no idea, it was so pervasive. Seeing people like Bowie and McCartney doing it, is very disappointing, realising my heroes have feet of clay. Really interesting video on the repetitive programming also. Very effective hypnotism technique.

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    1. The images of the signaling always hits me like a ton of bricks, all of our heroes have fallen. There’s another video of Korean celebrities doing that sign that made me burst into tears, it’s worldwide. I loved Bowie, the Beatles, feel betrayed by them. This is a short video, there’s much longer complications and it makes me convinced that most celebrities are involved. I think they’ve got the hypnotism down to an exact science.

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      1. I’m sorry that you felt that too. It’s horrible when you see people who you admire doing the gesture. It’s like a betrayal. I’m finding lately that I have trouble picking out the ones that aren’t involved! Psychology is advanced but not available. It’s all about manipulation, control and making money and rather than using what they know about psychology to improve mental health, they keep that knowledge close to their chest, and use it as a weapon.

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  6. I see them as strange magicians now, they’re like hypnotists. I was definitely influenced by music and films. I agree why do they always twist things into negative purposes? It’s a fallen world. Sad to say but I think the ones that aren’t involved are a rarity, even the ones that act like whistleblowers. I have a feeling that some might even feel trapped/regretful, maybe that’s why so many are drug/sex addicts.

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  7. You may find out you will be much happier once you settle down in Texas. Like the man said above there are Korean communities in Texas that are quite strong and have community events. Some places have language /cultural classes for kids. Moving is always stressful. Reach out to others, visit churches, go to community events, get involved in your child’s school, organisations, clubs, exercise classes. It all helps.

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    1. Thank you, they’re good ideas that I can do. I want to see this move as an opportunity, not an exodus. I want to not stress and not feel afraid of the unknown. I worry too much. Your encouragement helps.

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