Synchronicity Mystery: What are Synchronicities?

I don’t agree with everything presented in this video (it has a distinct New Age lean) but I agree that synchronicities are personalized messages that can alert, direct or validate experiences. I think the more open you are to this concept, the more likely you’ll experience it. This video echoed what I’ve observed all of my life, I must be very anomalous 🙂 or naive or both. I’m going to start documenting them officially on WP and see if I can find interesting patterns.

I believe synchronicities come from God (perhaps delivered via angels) but are not from a “higher self”. We’re not gods, we can barely solve our relatively puny problems 🥹. We’re like little children in the cosmic scheme. I think God communicates with us frequently in a supportive way but we’ve grown too self-important, distracted and jaded. We have to pay more attention to the subtle signs that nudge us towards our mission. I think life is a mission of reconnecting with God.

I experienced another miracle this past Sunday. I’m not sure if I shared this story before but it’s a pivotal one, very psychically charged. When I moved to the SF Bay Area I had $70, 2 suitcases and one pair of shoes with me, the sandals on my feet. What an idealist I was! My plan was to have my boyfriend mail the rest of my belongings to me later. I wanted to travel lightly and had no idea of how impractical it was to only bring sandals. I was an Asian hippie, quite a rarity.

The sandals were a Greco/Roman style, (I used to love Greek mythology), they were very simplistic, made of elastic brown straps with a leather sole. When I was in Meditation/Psychic School, a chakra reader saw my journey to CA during a session. I’m trained as a psychic; I can vouch for it’s amazing accuracy, but I don’t recommend that path. It led me away from my faith and my Christian family that loved me. The clairvoyant was amazing, she could see that I’d traveled far (my journey from MD) and said that the ground beneath me was cracked like in a drought. The information that comes from clairvoyant readings is often symbolic and dream-like. She said that I could see how far I’d come but that I still had a long journey ahead and I felt exhausted but I’d come too far to go back. The most mind-boggling thing was she quoted me saying, “the only shoes I brought are on my feet and they’re sandals”!!!

Tungsten Rising,

Each psychic reading used to be recorded on old school cassette tapes (the school wanted to avoid getting sued) but of course the tape didn’t record the most important part (what she said). I think I still have the tape somewhere, I’m curious to listen to it again. This session happened about 30 yrs ago, so I can’t recall what exactly happened, either they forgot to turn on the tape recorder or it didn’t record on it’s own.

Psychic entities (aka demons/ghosts) are known to be able to effect electronics; sometimes a tape would stop recording mid-session and then would start up again—objects would fall from shelves and lightbulbs would burst during class. We were meditating/had our eyes closed during sessions so we didn’t notice if the tape was still recording. Psychic phenomena is very real. Only recently did I realize that demons can pretend to be “spirit guides”, deceased loved ones and angels. You can get incredibly detailed information but what’s the purpose of the message relayed? Psychic manipulation is how they lure you into the occult; that’s exactly how I was groomed into the New Age.

The miracle:

Last Sunday, I officially gave notice to move out of my apartment through email and a hard copy letter to the rental management. I walked to the mailbox that was half a block away and found my miracle waiting for me there. I didn’t have my phone with me when I originally discovered the miracle, but I documented it later. Right next to the mailbox were a pile of shoes with sandals that looked just like the ones I came to CA wearing! As I photographed the scene, I then noticed that the mailbox was spray painted “Love” in silver (silver is significant too), my name phonetically sounds like the word silver, and I’ve used Silver as a pseudonym at a psychic church, I’ll share that story another time. The street the mailbox was located on, directly connects with my mother because it shares her name. I’ve often chosen places to live based on the synchronicity of the street names, (I meant it when I said I was an Asian hippie), I was always a natural stoner, I didn’t need ganja to trip out on life’s mysteries :), life always seemed to speak to me. Even after I left Christianity I still trusted in God’s providence and God never let me down..

The sandals aren’t exactly the same but they’re nearly identical, these have leather straps vs elastic but they’re my shoe size! I don’t intend to wear them (I’m picky about reusing shoes) but I’m keeping them as a miraculous souvenir of my CA journey. The shoes’ brand is called “Forever 21”, I came to the SF Bay Area when I was 22!

I experience synchronicity frequently and exactly, as if God wrote a letter to me and signed His name. I have no doubt that they’re actual occurrences, but I sometimes worry that people won’t believe me.

Seoul Sister
are miracles of God
rebranded by psychologists.
Carl Jung
coined the concept
but God created
and refined it.

Scientists try to study God
while refusing to open a Bible
They try to emulate God by
replacing Him with empty gnosis.
Science is the rotten
fruit of desire
for false godhood promises
and wrong choices.

The Bible is
a sacred collection
of thoughts inspired by God
translated through humans’
historical perspective.
Customs change but
truth remains
that’s why
the Bible’s still
timelessly effective.

God’s wisdom
contains unending truth.
Mysticism is God
lifting the veil of lies.
Open the Bible consciously
or even randomly
and find a message surprise
that’s meant especially for you.

Synchronicities can also negatively occur because of demonic interventions. I think demons are energetic beings that can effect us through suggestion and fear. You can tell the difference between angels and demons based on your conscience and intuition (the Holy Spirit), analyze the overall message given. God doesn’t tempt us, demons do. I used to experience an onslaught of synchronicities after romantic breakups (constant reminders of the ex); I believe those messages were tempting me to return to miserable relationships. Demons can’t control us (unless it’s a possession) but they can try to influence our thoughts.

Miracles are God’s way of communication. A few weeks ago, I was inspired to pray about a problem I was experiencing while I was watching Christian videos on YouTube, (my mind is always going on tangents) :). The videos were somehow set on auto play (they usually aren’t), and that’s how I discovered the minister, Dereck Prince. I believe God directly gave me this answer to my prayer. It brought tears of comfort/validation and gave me peace to know that my struggles weren’t just because of my personal failings, but were exasperated by demonic forces. Life is a battlefield of choices. I played a part by listening to the negativity but I’m now armed with truth and as they say, knowing is half the battle. When Derek Prince explained how demonic energy operated it was a lightbulb moment of comprehension. Thank you Pastor Prince. 💖🙏

Richard Lee,


  1. What a wonderful story of synchronicities at work in your life, Judy.

    I remember I once read a book by Derek Prince as a teen-ager.

    It was about the Middle East in Bible prophecy.

    It was very well done I recall.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I think I must be the anomaly described in the video because I experience coincidences often. I’d never heard of Dereck Prince before but recently found him while praying :). His analysis of the Bible is very deep, I get a lot of insight while watching his sermons especially about spiritual warfare.

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  2. I found this infinitely interesting, Judy. You have sought and learned a form of esoteric connectivity, wisdom of the ancients. In human history, the road to discovering God was a long one filled with first natural entities and later pantheons of archetypes most related to human virtues or not even virtues, perhaps the pantheons had the power to do as humans wished they could. Your own journey to God is worthy of telling. I certainly would have taken the discovery of the shoes and messages/symbols as significant. Perhaps these signs are indeed from guardians and all signs will lead you home to family, God, and new friends. With your training, you won’t be fooled by demons or bad agents. Genius or wisdom need not be science or philosophy. It can be the keenly sharpened mind that sees with razor precision, what is, what shall be, and what must be done. You will see and understand and hopefully share this journey of light and shadow.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. I find the topic fascinating as well. When I’ve mentioned it to my friends they would also start to notice coincidences I think awareness of it allows the process to be evident. I was trained to read chakras/auras but I’ve walked away from that training because I want to rely on God vs my own understanding. The occult is very alluring because it’s accurate in many levels and it’s beautifully packaged but I think deception is the undercurrent of New Age paganism. I read somewhere that life is divided in stages, I think growing older is a journey of wisdom, I hope I can make up for lost time. I’ve been a very foolish idealistic hippie :).

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      1. I do believe awareness and sensitivity when properly trained can show us a great deal about life and our environment. We can give credit to God for this skill. However, such things are, as you pointed out, easily exploited by entities with ignoble purpose and so we must also be cognizant of this. I like to tell people who are aware of auras that I had an instrument so sensitive it could measure the electromagnetic currents emanating from a human being or anything for that matter. Most people don’t conceptualize themselves as an electrochemical energy source that generates an energy field but it is absolutely true. What may be a bit of a stretch is all of the mystical properties associated with this aura. It is unique to the individual and changes constantly with a person’s ever changing biochemistry. This aura can be seen using optical devices that operate in the electromagnetic low frequency ranges. So, a little factoid about our true aura but it in no way suggests that unicorns are real. I wouldn’t mind if they were real.

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      2. Yes I do believe auras are actual, I think we’re energetic/spiritual and physical beings made in the image of God. I think there’s dimensions that we can’t see. I studied psychic meditation for many years at a school in SF. I’m upset with them now for not being truthful about the source of the training (occult) but the information is often accurate from the chakra/aura readings but it’s dangerous to enter the non-physical plane of meditation/trance. You become vulnerable to entities/demons that can mislead just like what happened with the fall in Eden. I don’t think we’re meant to seek that knowledge because it’s dangerous. That inspires me to write more about this topic :). Thanks, Dan 🙂

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      3. I agree completely Judy. History is full of stories of those who were lead astray into the darkness. I believe God warned us of the dangers we face with knowledge and I do believe our collective knowledge and technologies don’t always serve us well. I would love to learn more from you.

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      4. It’s the age old dilemma of deception, I see it being replayed in a dramatic way. Thank you, Dan. I’m still learning and sorting through information. I think God didn’t want us to have knowledge prematurely, like children with knives or fire.

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  3. Your poem is so insightful and perfectly describes synchronicities. I’m familiar with some of the ministers but not Derek Prince. Great video. I’m going to look him up more. It was demonic oppression that led me to Jesus. My fav bible verse is Mark 16:17. ‘In My Name they will cast out demons.’ It was Demonbuster that got the ball rolling for me.

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    1. Sue, you are so wonderful! I’ve been reading the articles from and it’s a great source of true Christian information. It validates much of what I’ve been researching but it contains so much more too, I realize that I have to protect myself while exposing the demons as I do in my my site. I truly believe that demons try to influence and mislead us into our own destruction. I was also plagued by them for the last 30 yrs! while I was tricked into following the New Age religion.

      Thank you, for liking my poem. I think synchronicities are fascinating but tricky. We have to use discernment in knowing if it’s from God or the devil. The devil is the ultimate liar/deceiver! ’m so glad Jesus released you from that demonic oppression. It’s not easy to wake up/escape but you did, it’s beautiful to hear about your experience. I love the site you linked so much that I’m going to post it on my site too :), so much of what’s there reveals hidden truth that I wouldn’t have thought of before. A synchronicity for me today is your message and link! I needed this information very much! Very timely! God bless you always my friend!

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