Hidden In Plain Sight: The Pentaverate

Have you seen Netflix’s Illuminati spoof series called “The Pentaverate”? I binge watched it a few days ago and it was everything I thought it would be. It fulfilled it’s obvious purpose of mocking the Truth movement, they should’ve called it “Conspiracy Theorists are Idiots”. I used to like Mike Meyers’ sense of humor because of it’s intelligence. He used to poke fun at corporate sponsorship and I liked his natural charm. This Netflix series has his classic signature: cleverness, innuendo, social commentary, a sweet/naive hero and plenty of toilet humor.

There are scenes in this series that take slight political risks, especially the Kubrick reference. I hope Myers was using his comedic license in the same way that I think Stanley Kubrick used the medium of film to disclose what’s hidden in elite society. Myers even included the ominous “Eyes Wide Shut” piano keys as a foreboding soundtrack; considering that Kubrick mysteriously died shortly after showing the uncut version to studio executives, was Myers making a cloaked statement? I’d like to think he was, but who knows.

Pyramids, eye of Horus, orgies and corporate media…welcome to “The Pentaverate” and their admission of NWO’s secret societies.

Comedians are modern day court jesters, historically they were the ones that could get away with telling the truth, as long as the message was cloaked well enough. The Pentaverate series passed the censors because it was packaged as a parody and made the globalists heroes; but is Myers counting on his audience to see the truth reversal or is he part of the problem? 🤔 Do I recommend “The Pentaverate”? yes but mostly for curiosity’s sake, it’s only moderately funny—I liked his “Austin Powers” film series much more, it had a non-PC edge, many of his previous jokes wouldn’t pass the current censorship nowadays… “She’s a man, baby!”


      1. It’s preprogramming they do it many films. And goodness knows the subliminal messaging etc.

        If you go back to many old films they were telling us exactly what their plans were..
        Function becomes fact..

        Conspiracy theorists will be proven right on many counts.

        And yes it’s Spell casting. Hollywood is Dark Magic in May instances.. lots to come out .. as to how Dark.. Disney included . ☹

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      2. The veil is lifting, I wonder how the majority of people will react. Maybe they still won’t believe.

        For sure, Disney is their children’s programming department, the word Mickey upside down in reflection spells Wicked.

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  1. I can’t think of anything more infuriating than being mocked for being right. It always makes me wonder if anyone will ever apologize down the road when they realize they’re wrong, but I know for most that’ll never happen.

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  2. It would be interesting to see how this pans out. Is Mike Meyers ahead of his time or trying the same old gig for a little more money?

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