Poem: Truth is a Punchline (tanka) + videos

So sneaky to slip these Masonic signals into films, these creeps are everywhere. Clown World club:

The one-eyed monster part 2:

Scripted news, does anyone watch this garbage anymore?:

Truth is a punchline 
A bullseye suicide hit
Dystopian wit
Clown World is a lunatic
Pandora’s box of red pills.

Bondi Hipsters, I’m not falling for it. I think these guys are controlled opposition. The parody videos linked below are from 4 years ago; although they’re amusing, it’s a way to desensitize and mock the Truth movement, (another example is “the Pentaverate”). Funny how one of the singers looks like a combination of Owen Benjamin and Mick Fleetwood. Is he subtly trying to look like a Hasidic Jew with the hat?

Dude looks like Owen Benjamin—maybe I’m just imagining, all of these posers look alike to me now.


  1. A newscaster merely has to be able to read a teleprompter better than severe dementia Biden and not drool like he does nowadays.

    They must not be able to think or they are fired!!

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  2. I’m going to take a swing at this and say the Satanic Forces of Evil have always been at our side waiting for that moment of weakness to pull us into the shadows of evil. Resistance disappeared among the liberal humanists who wish only to do as they please and crush all opposition to their demented fantasies. But, who suspected the right wing opposition would also succumb to the evil. And so, the battle for our souls has been nearly lost. If you see the evil, you can resist it, otherwise one awakens in the fiery embrace of the ever growing Satanic Forces. Thus spake Hyperion.

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