Texas Migration Update + Gab Social Media 💖👍

I’ve done the seemingly impossible, I’ve checked out of the Hotel California after living there for 30 yrs. I’ll miss the natural beauty, the perfect climate and a few remaining friends but I’m so glad to be free of the nonsense of political correctness and virtue signaling. I haven’t seen a single Ukraine flag or rainbow flag in Texas, (except at the libtard Target store) but there’s a lot of US flags proudly waving here in San Antonio. Thank God for common sense and patriotism, it’s alive and well in Texas.

Sorry I’ve been absent for so long. I’ve been on a marathon of moving/traveling torture. I’ll post on a regular basis again soon but I’m still unpacking endless boxes. I’ve accumulated 13 yrs worth of stuff that I forgot I owned. I’ve wanted to actively embrace minimalism for awhile now and this move has cemented that intention. Why do we buy so much stuff and jam pack our homes with redundant things?

Levi Meir Clancy, unsplash.com, I hope I never see another Defund the police message for the entirety of my life. Police have their issues but defunding them isn’t the solution. There’s so much misguided activism in Oakland and the SF Bay Area, it’s nauseating. Good riddance Crazytown, California!

The move was especially stressful due to a major difference in comfort preferences/traveling schedule with my moving partner, (my child’s dad). There’s so many reasons why we aren’t together and this trip confirmed those reasons. Fights galore. My old school Korean attitude puts up with very little, I’m quite a hothead when I’m triggered. I know I’ve got to work on that issue but I felt tested beyond my limits! I’ll write about it but I’m still decompressing. I even got vertigo from this move. What day is it again? Ha I’ve lost track of time…1.5 weeks since this journey started.

So far I like San Antonio, Texas—but the weather is a major challenge, even the breeze is a windy blast of hot air. The temp has consistently been at 100+ degrees everyday! I nearly passed out while looking for my mailbox a few blocks away. I got lost for 20-30 minutes, was without a hat or my phone—every block in my suburban neighborhood looks the same. My son was sick for a few days with heat exhaustion, he grew up in perfect 70 degree weather, his body was in dehydrated shock but he’s doing much better now. I wonder if children have gym class outdoors at school in TX, I hope not!

The staff at retail stores have been especially friendly and helpful, I even overheard a post office worker giving a grilled fish recipe to a customer, so cute, I like the small town vibe even though San Antonio is a huge city it feels like a small town, (I haven’t visited downtown yet). I’ve had fun conversations with several ex-Californians that left years ago and are now working in retail. There’s so many job opening signs everywhere at stores and restaurants but I don’t have a driver’s license yet and a car is very necessary in Texas. I haven’t seen a public bus or subway system anywhere and the Uber/Lyft services cost double what they did in CA due to a lack of drivers.

Frank McKenna, unsplash.com

I think I might’ve gotten a part time job that might turn into full-time. It’s not my dream job working for minimum wage but I’d appreciate the income. I’ve been depleting my nest egg everyday it seems like I’ve spent $100/day buying things for the new house. I’ve actually never worked a minimum wage job, even during high school and my last job paid over $30/hr. But I have no regrets about leaving that awful fascist, commie CA, library job. Drag Queen Story time and 50+ copies of Obama’s narcissistic memoir (that only 10-20 people checked out), that’s where our tax dollars went! But the idea of working for minimum wage @7.50/hr is shocking to me, no wonder the rent is so affordable in TX. But I’ve always liked blue collar work, I can’t stand pretentiousness.

Oakland Public Library’s toddler indoctrination propaganda, toddlers being groomed into the LGBTQ liftestyle…I blame their parents and the staff of OPL

I haven’t seen any Asian folks yet but I expected that. I feel like a bit of an anomaly here, are white Texan folks staring at me or am I just paranoid? 🤔 That’s fine, I’m used to being an anomaly, I’m the reformed black sheep of my family after all. Coincidentally I’m having a bad eczema flare up due to stress/diet, the rash is all over my shins and a bit on my hands/arms—so do the staring white folks think I have the fake monkey pox? The lab-created monkey pox aka Covid 2.0. Please STOP staring at me white Texan people 😩I’m not spreading the Corona or anything else, eczema isn’t contagious. It’s actually calmed down a lot, it was at its worse during the move and road trip.

I was surprised to see a few, odd mask-wearers in the stores here but it doesn’t seem as excessively paranoid in TX as it was in Crazy town, CA where the Covidians ruled and were still jogging with their Ukraine/rainbow/pro-abortion face diapers on. I have a story about my virtue signaling ex-neighbor from CA, I’ll save that for an entire post it was quite a dramatic incident.

On another note, I’ve recently discovered a Free Speech social media site called Gab. It’s run by authentic Christians not the fake ones that just want money while they teach non-Christian New Age values. Gab is open to anyone who values free speech, I think it’s much better than Parler or Trump’s Truth Social (in my opinion those sites are all controlled opposition). I haven’t posted anything on Gab yet but I plan to link my WP to it if that’s possible. Gab is being labelled “far-right” which in my opinion just means sane :).


Here’s a link to their blog: https://news.gab.com/2022/06/07/weapons-for-spiritual-war-in-a-post-truth-world/


  1. I’m glad you managed to escape the Hotel California, Judy. 🙂

    The Eagles will be impressed.

    I’m glad you’ve found many of the people friendly.

    Hopefully their staring at you is just due to curiosity and not hostility.

    I don’t imagine they’ve seen many Asians in person in San Antonio.

    Glad you found a part time job and am praying that it will be a full time job soon.

    Best wishes on this new stage of the journey that is life. 🙏🏻❤

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    1. Thank you, Christopher 🤗, I just watched a parody version of the Hotel California but with anti-vax lyrics, fun synchronicity.
      The retail workers are friendly but the locals kind of scare me but maybe I’m just being paranoid. I did pass by a Korean church so there’s some of my folks hiding out somewhere! I’m not sure if I got the job, I sent my email yesterday and haven’t heard back, maybe I’m over-qualified? I see help wanted signs everywhere though so I think I’ll find something eventually. I appreciate your support my friend 🙏❤️🤗!

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  2. Good to hear from you, Judy. I’m happy your move went as well as it could go and I hope that you get settled in San Antonio soon.. Blessings to you and your son as you start new away from all the California b.s..take good care, my friend 🙏🏽💖🤗

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    1. Hi Sylvester, thank you very much 💖, Texas is very different from CA, I’m so relieved to be around common sense people, it has a small town feeling and a slower pace, plus lots of churches too. You’re awesome my friend, blessings to you too, always 🤗💖🙏🌸


      1. You are so very welcome, Judy 💖 I’m glad it’s a quieter atmosphere and you already might have a job too, that’s awesome. Thank you, my wonderful friend 🤗💖🙏🏽🪷

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  3. Congrats on getting away from California! Also, good job making it all the way to San Antonio! That’s a long drive (I’ve driven across TX several times). You’re near my original neck of the woods, Louisiana; my whole family still lives down there. Good luck with your job, and I hope TX treats you well. I miss the south, big time. Really happy you and your son got out of CA.

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    1. Hi Crandew, thank you for the good wishes! The trek out here was a challenge, as soon as we entered El Paso wow! It was lit up like Las Vegas, I had no idea it was like that 🙂 I kinda wish we could’ve stopped there to check it out but we kept going. TX is really spread out reminds me a bit of MD where I grew up. I’m still job hunting, maybe my resume seemed over qualified to work at a small convenience type store, but I’m sure I’ll find something else soon. Good riddance to crazy CA! 😊

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      1. El Paso is awesome. I don’t know much about Vegas, but I remember liking El Paso a lot. Good luck with the job hunt! I’m sure you’ll find something. 🙂

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  4. Sounds like you are beginning to settle into a much more tolerant society away from more paranoid of the indoctrinated.
    I am sure that heat will take some getting used too..
    Hope you and your Son will soon acclimatise, and good luck with the part time job in the offering..
    Thank goodness for Sanity within some social platforms….
    Enjoy settling in Seoul Sister.. ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue Dreamwalker💖 I feel better psychologically already, I was getting so riled up in CA with their nonsense.
      The heat is like being in a hot spinning dryer! But luckily we have AC and I think it’s still worth it for peace of mind. You’re awesome Sue, I appreciate your kindness 💖

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  5. So glad you’re in a nicer, calmer, saner environment Judy. I moved from a busy, inner city/urban environment into a smaller town, with a slower healthier pace, ten years ago, and never looked back. I was really self conscious when I first moved and it can be very disorientating at first. They’ll probably stop staring when they get used to seeing you around and you settle in! Great that there are plenty of job opportunities and the people seem nice. Maybe there might be a job opportunity going at the libraries around there.

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    1. Thanks Sue, that’s reassuring :), I actually like the small town feeling, in urban environments people can be so cold and the crime level has gone nuts even during the daytime in CA due to defunding the police there. Maybe I should wear a big Texan hat and fancy boots (just kidding) they might stare more! I like hats and boots though :). There’s not many cowboys here, where’d they go?

      I like that the job opportunities seem plentiful, a local told me no wants wants to work so jobs are available. I don’t mind working in retail, maybe I’ll try a pet store I love animals. I used to love libraries, but the climate has drastically changed there. It used to stand for free knowledge, non-censorship and was politically neutral but now it’s very one-sided/politically correct, so I’m staying away until they return to their senses. I was curious and looked at the San Antonio system and could tell it was similar to the CA system :(.

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      1. I understand why you want to stay away from libraries for now. The wolves have easy access to kid’s minds there.
        It’s very calming and therapeutic to look after animals. A job at a pet store sounds a great idea.

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  6. So glad you made it and now a bit of settling in and learning the systems and culture. That’s awesome you found a Korean Church too. I hope it’s genuine with healthy and happy Koreans. I’m sure you can find a job and hopefully the income will give you the freedom to do what you need and want to do. There will be opportunities to move up in wages in something to your liking and qualifications, but for now, it’s decompress time and take care of you and and your son and just take in your new environment. Take care out there.

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    1. Thank you my friend 💖, I’m looking high and low but can’t find my Korean tribe. Maybe it’s because San Antonio is so huge but they’re hiding out. I really want to find Korean grandmas, I miss my mom so much— would love to be reminded of her wonderfulness. Take care too, stay cool and hydrated 🌸🌱🙂

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      1. I am sure they are there. You’ll find them. It just so happens I came in fr9m the yard work, showered and sat down with a large pitcher of lemonade. Now for some good relaxation. Your Korean grandma is waiting for you to appear.

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