Laugh or Cry at Our Mad World + Poem: Transforming Death to Hope (haiku in 3 variations)

Oleg Ivanov

I’ve been avoiding the news via YouTube and Bitchute during my move but I just checked back in with Clown world and it’s gotten much worse than I thought. Truckers are out of diesel, (more supply issues to come), cattle are dying for no apparent reason, and even silly luciferean Justin Bieber and his wife are (most probably) vax injured but of course msm won’t admit that.

Pretty boy has lost his face, all the stars have fallen, Hollyweird is dead.

Dead Kansas cattle in one hour which they’re blaming on the heat, was it 5G or something else? Are they vaxxing the cattle too? I think it’s an Intentional food shortage:

Sorry but I can’t help but to laugh at this clip, what’s wrong with expressionless Maxine Waters? She reminds me of Al Roker when he froze at the mention of the Holy Ghost!:


Al Roker repeatedly admits he’s a clone:

Congressman’s daughter (who was a young activist pushing for gun control) is suddenly dead, she was fully vaccinated:

Pfizer admits to fraud with a lame excuse:

Digital currency is their goal, to track and control us. Money is too anonymous, they want to make it illegal.

The only reason I’m not totally panicking is my faith in God, all of this is fulfilling prophecy. My hope is that people will wake up to the luciferearn agenda and choose God while there’s still time to chose Him. I’m ready to return home, I believe heaven is our origin, not this sad, ruined paradise.

Greetings from Clown world
I mourn the world that wasn’t
Shattered mirror world.

Wonder what was real—-
Laugh or cry at our mistakes?
Shadow life of ghosts.

Refuge in promise
That God will not forsake us
Transforms death to hope.


  1. Yes, it’s amaxing the number of fires and disasters that have been hitting both farms and food processing plants.

    The elites are definitely trying to bring about famine like Josef Stalin did to Ukraine back in the early 1930s.

    I love your haikus, Judy. ❤

    They are definitely hope filled. 😇

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    1. How many coincidences does it take to wake up the masses, I guess the answer is they’ll never wake up 😵‍💫. Josef Biden’s doing his best to be the worst US president ever.

      Thank you, Christopher! ❤️😇🌸

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    1. What else can we do while the world implodes? At least laughing gives off good endorphins…I can’t look at Nancy Pelosi too without laughing. She’s out of her mind or constantly drunk. Thanks Crandew, it’s good to be back reporting on Clown World.

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    1. Just like Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah and how Rome fell, so much decadent corruption.

      Haha, 😅😂🤣The House of Wax with Vincent Price! Totally! She looks MIA 😵! Plus next to Pelosi…Dumb and dumber! 😅

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  2. Completely agree. The divisiveness is coming down to choosing God or choosing Lucifer. I will never turn my back on God. BTW, the first pic you show of the clown reminds me of what I’ve thought for awhile: The Woke got rid of the circus; now we have it everywhere. We got rid of mental institutions, now they are running the show. This is not politically correct I know but politically correct is nothing more than an indoctrination to not stating the truth. I refuse to go along with that insanity and join your efforts in seeking and speaking truth — whether they like it or not. KUDOS to you! Don’t give up. God will give you strength to carry on in His name I am certain. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, my friend! Very insightful points you’ve brought up they did replace the circus clowns and mental hospitals to make everywhere an insane asylum. The only sane people are labeled crazy “conspiracy theorists” it’s all reversed (totally luciferean—right is wrong and bad is good). I walked away from New Age religion (pretending to be a philosophy) because I finally could see how they manipulate us to think we’re gods (rejecting the real God). I’m so glad you know the truth and stand for God 💖(goodness is something they hate and always make fun of) and they label good people haters, how absurd. I think it’s now a hate crime to say men can’t be pregnant! The emperor wears no clothes.

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    1. I’ve heard of SAD, how moronic do they think we are? But people are buying that lie. I bet they think it’s caused by climate change. It must be something in the vax that makes people unable to think clearly and connect the obvious dots?

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      1. They create the endless mindless distractions and crisis, the path to God is easy (believe in Jesus and follow His example) but the majority don’t want goodness or humbleness in this upside down, ego-driven world.

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  3. Another Haiku that evokes much more in the mind than the words used, powerful words. Faith is the answer when all of our individual coping skills fail, we can ask God thru our faith to guide us and protect us. So many strange things are becoming normal to include mass insanity, angst, anger, intolerance and attack. Most of all unbridled hypocrisy and lies, lies, and more lies when the truth would be easier to accept.

    This was all predicted in the 60’s in a popular study about the decline of populations using rats as the analog for human behavior when we are all crammed together and quality of life evaporates. The rat becomes hyper aggressive and erratic as a result of stress and the innate will to survive. Toward the end of the experiment, the rats begin to die off, stop reproducing, and result to cannibalism. Well we don’t eat each other yet but we are consumed by the ravenous appetite of the elites for money, power, wealth, and control; all centered on an uncontrollable river of greed. Now, 60 years later here we are, too many rats in the cage and not enough mental health to sustain ourselves. 🤪😩🥺😢😤😡🫣🫠😶‍🌫️😱🐀

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    1. Thank you my friend. I would be stressing much more if I didn’t have faith in God. I think there’s a direct correlation between godlessness and immortality. I think when people think it’s all about being “in the Now” and self-pleasures, greed and ego they don’t see anything wrong with destroying the world or each other. I honestly think our society was conditioned to be decadent, self-centered and wasteful—all in the name of profit. It makes me depressed but I’ve kind of given up trying to fight against the current. I just want to do what I can in my little sphere of influence and through responsible actions but I know it’s not enough.

      The scenario of the rats is a future indicator for our society I agree. I’m not even counting out the possibility of cannibalism, it’s horrific but there are people that would do anything to survive. I’d like to think I’d rather kill myself than resort to that. Lots of crazy suspicious sabotage at food processing factories, thousands of cattle dying, etc and I think it’s all intentional.

      I take comfort in returning to my original faith, people see hatred in Christianity but I see love, humility and hope. 💖🙏✝️🌸🌱

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      1. You have turned in exactly the right direction Judy. Not everyone was meant to be saved. God assigns them purpose to serve and those lost souls surround us and beg us to join offering all the pleasures and none of the salvation. “I honestly think our society was conditioned to be decadent, self-centered and wasteful—all in the name of profit.” This is exactly right and directly to the point. Since before we were a nation of consumerism, the thrill of power, success, and wealth based on consumerism and constant growth made whiskey and tobacco more lucrative than cotton and health care. Now pornography and it’s twin social media generate more wealth for a tiny number of men and a few women than almost all the government budgets in the world except the big 5. Consumerism to excess is the new religion people are willing to die for. We cannot change this but we can perform small acts of kindness for those worthy and in need. We change them by our example and when it’s their turn, they carry it forward. Don’t despair of the lost and misguided by design and by their own will. Reach out to that person in need and show them the power of faith is stronger than any life spent in pursuit of pleasure and recognition by strangers. This is where we are strong and capable and make all the difference to the poor, lonely, and hungry.

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      2. I like how you think, you’re right it’s better to focus on those in need and those that will listen. I sometimes try too hard to wake up people that are deaf to what I’m trying to share. Waste of my efforts! What you wrote, “Reach out to that person in need and show them the power of faith is stronger than any life spent in pursuit of pleasure and recognition by strangers. This is where we are strong and capable and make all the difference to the poor, lonely, and hungry.” is what Jesus was doing and asking us to do. So many people only see judgement in Christianity but I see grace, humility and hope. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Dan 💖

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      3. You are welcome Judy. You are most worthy of admiration for your skill, devotion, and determination. I believe most people are focused on the person of faith and judge them if they find fault and then that becomes their judgement of more than 2000 years of Christianity. We should focus on what Christianity is and the word of God and his Son. This is the secret to life on earth and in the afterlife. It teaches exactly what you have found. Don’t judge by the failures of those who use their faith as a means to subjugate and judge others. Judge each by their acts and one can find the beauty in faith of those who are truly worthy. God will take care of the rest. Just my opinion and I do truly value yours.

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      4. I like how you think 🙂 you’re not stuck in the frivolous, sorting through all that’s wrong—you see the bigger picture of Christianity. I value your opinion too my friend.

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