Poem: Their Distractions Make Us Sleep (tanka) + videos

Victoria Borodinova Pexels.com

While we were sleeping…

Nothing to see here, just another false flag event. I’m not pro-Trump, the vax King but Jan 6 was an inside job. Paid rioters misled a few protestors to boost the white supremacist terrorist = Patriot, lie:

They live and we weep 
inside out imposter creeps—
the dungeon masters
They launch false flag disasters
Their distractions make us sleep.


    1. Crazy mark of the beast tech! Who wants to watch movies on their hand anyway! But I bet 🤡s will be lining up for it!

      I’m glad I have an older flat screen tv without all the extra spying features! Soon they’ll be no other option. Just like Big Brother they’re watching us :(.

      Thank you my friend, glad you liked the tanka. 🤗💖

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  1. Your post speaks truth. As always! Synchronicity: I’ve recently been thinking how they have made so many asleep so they can promote their lies. And I agree 100%; it was an inside job. Clearly. For anyone not to be able to see that (it was evident the moment it was occurring) indicates they are under the spell.

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    1. Thank you WG! No matter how clearly the evidence is presented it falls on deaf (hypnotized) ears! The police were obviously not afraid and let the fake protestors in! I think the mislead protestors are still imprisoned, for what? They were escorted in.

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  2. Very well done Haiku and to the point. The videos cover a wide range of how our society is being manipulated. The only reason Jan 6 is even in the news is because Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat goon squad saw a political advantage. Since then, not one line of truth has been spoken. It’s all a scam and the purpose is political gain for the far left agenda. The spying TV. Yep true and widespread. Anything remotely connected to wireless or wired communication is hacked and feeding criminal activity by private industry, government, and cross border operations. We are literally naked and vulnerable before the world. If the big reset eliminates the internet of all things, we should consider it a blessing. Other than that, how are you and the little one doing these days? Well and strong, I pray.

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    1. Thank you very much :). I think it’s almost a joke how we’re literally fulfilling Orwell’s warning of 1984. He tried to warn us but it’s all happening just as he said. I put silly bandaids on my phone/laptop cameras and my tv isn’t smart 🙂 but they still have their ways to spy. Sad that we gave up our freedom/privacy for unnecessary “convenience” that we’re now addicted to :(. I think I’d like living in small communities, lose the tech keep the knowledge but if a true reset happens we might end up in another Dark Ages. I’m so optimistic aren’t I? 😇.
      My son and I are ok, it’s a dramatic shift from urban city life apt living to suburban house living in 100+ degrees 🔥but I’m hoping we can build community here. It’s been a bit of a rough move, my son’s dad and I are polar opposites and I’m a hot head when I’m 😠. I suffer no fools! But I’m sometimes a fool myself 😳opps! I hope you’ve been well too, how’ve you been?

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      1. Yes! We had so many warnings that it almost seems we are determined to inflict a self fulfilling prophecy on ourselves. I have taken a lot of steps back. I lived as a child with no convenience except what I earned by my own effort. We had a tv, and a wall phone and no other technology. My computer was my own brain and it felt empty a lot of the time.

        This heat is something else this summer and Texas just got a good load of it. Now it is with us too. Summer is definitely here. I can just imagine that Korean fire. It is a super power that can move mountains. In my witness of it, I see the women are not wrong, and their heat is meant to make a quick change of the situation. I respect it and listen because it is never brought to bear for silly pointless reasons. In school your son will learn that an American A is. Korean F and his mother will not accept that. This too my earn some famous Korean heat. I hope Dad understands and respects that power every Korean possesses and uses when necessary. I am in a stage of reflection and introspection. I plan to publish my stories of living with tribal communities and teach people that in the coming days and years, without self reliance we will begin to perish in great numbers. The reset is here and we’ve not seen but the tiniest bit of it. When it is fully engaged, we will be stunned and left on our own to live or not by our own hands, mind, and faith.

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      2. The more I read and research events, the more it all seems planned—self-fulfilling intentionally and divinely. It’s mind boggling. I miss the days of landlines and the 3-4 channels of tv. I read a lot during those days as a child and it made my brain sharpen. Now it’s such an ADD society with social media short attention span and PC nonsense. The brain is so much wiser than any lightning quick computer, wisdom can’t be faked.

        Ha! You understand Korean culture’s fire :). I thank you for respecting it. My son’s dad doesn’t understand or appreciate my fire, we’re not a good team, polar opposites on every issue. He just thinks I’m nuts—I’m a hotheaded know-it-all, what’s not to understand? 😎 I’m a bit too lenient with my son’s grades etc because I know he’s naturally intelligent and the school system is an indoctrination center of blind obedience, but I wish he’d try a little he won’t! ha! (he’s bored). He’s stubborn like me and I ultimately respect that about him. He could easily get straight As but nope he’s too cool for school.

        I think it’s a great idea to publish your book, sounds very interesting and full of insights. Self-reliance will be a necessity not a political statement anymore. I’m not prepared 😦 but I really wish I could live in a conscious community of like-minded folks but I can’t right now :(.

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      3. I see great promise in you and your son. Modern schools are not anything that would help a child grow into a capable and well grounded adult. He can learn more valuable lessons from you and the good example of well selected friends in the community. I do think in time you will find your community and it may not be as you envisioned it but your heart will know you are on the right path. Show those that would divert you or subvert you that Koreans are the true leaders of our future.

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