Awake Not Woke videos + Poem: Balls Dropping from Thongs (haiku in 2 variations)

Clown world strikes again. MSM Journalists need to be fired. Here’s the latest headlines of Clown world 😩🙃🤡:

More clown news:

Menstruating men
Bearded women with long dongs
Balls dropping from thongs

Good riddance to us
God entrusted us to care
What is wrong with us?

I love this lady 😅! Leave the Democrat’s plantation!:

DeSantis is too cool for school, lightning quick with the wit, he welcomes support from “African Americans!” Touché 😎:


  1. The world is one gigantic carnival and each country has its carnival barker “come on in and enjoy the show!” Too many bearded women these days! 😝🎪 🤡

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  2. Yes, I came across that statement from the Miss Universe Pageant.

    I emailed that article to the fellow who was my best friend in University and I added the statement, “This is proof positive that one can’t be a satirist anymore. Reality itself has become absurd.”

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  3. 😆😳🙅🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. Okay, I’m going to be honest. Your Haiku made me snort laugh and blow my fake lemonade all over my iPad. You are like that fantastic lady that called in to the talk show and said it like it needed to be said. Say her name Cancel Club! The knuckle dragger award goes to Miss Universe for planting the image in my mind of a gay man in a bikini and a tampon in his bootie while his biggest competitor has testicles peeking out from behind her thong. Can’t we get the plug pulled on this BS? The human reality erasers have gone too far. Clown World is starting to devolve into the Sponge Bob Square Pants happy hour. But that image in my mind! I can’t get it out. Good stuff, Judy. If anyone needs a wake up from woke, this will help. I’m left with just one question. If a man skips his period and gets pregnant, will he deliver his child anally? I’m sure those who menstruate can help women with male biology work this out.

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    1. Ha! 😅I’m glad you liked my haiku, sorry iPad! I’ll put a warning next time I post a ball-thong haiku! 😅 they should rename the competition, X Universe, I bet they will soon. I saw a video of a man who says he’s a woman trying to breastfeed his partner’s baby and he didn’t understand why milk wasn’t coming out! (his partner was a woman who is now a man). That poor baby! I’m not sure how so many got brainwashed into this lunacy or how to reverse it. I can see they’re mentally suffering but it’s hard to have compassion about this, I guess I’m a heartless Cis terf, yup.

      I loved hearing that sweet lady, her voice alone was so comforting and she was sharing the sad truth that her peers were still on the plantation voting for old racist farts like Brandon, but Trump’s an ass too. God help us all!

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      1. Oh my, I’m glad I didn’t see that video, I would feel compelled to enlighten that poor soul. Enlightenment is the last thing er uhm Uh she wants. And God help us all for sure. We need help straightening this mess out.

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    1. I was actually joking that they’d blame climate change and they did! They’re so predictable. 🙄 so much nonsense it’s hard to keep up with it. Have a great weekend too ❤️🙂

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