Sanctuary Texas (Pretty Please!)

I’m still experiencing vertigo, time conversation adjustment and a bit of heat exhaustion. I’m taking a break from unpacking boxes, and I’m feeling a bit down today. I guess the excitement and drama of moving has settled down and I’m reflecting on my migration. I joined Nextdoor, a site to connect with local neighborhoods and to my dismay I found many witch and pagan groups listed for San Antonio with thousands of members 🥺😞. I guess the pagans are everywhere, not just in commie California. Texas isn’t a perfect conservative sanctuary, but I still don’t regret coming here. There’s no perfect place—clown world is everywhere.

K Mitch Hodge,

Moving from an urban environment to a suburban one is the hardest part of this move so far, I can deal with the 100 degree weather but I feel stuck at home without a car. I’ve made an appointment to get a Texas driver’s license but it seems like a process, the earliest time is set for sometime in August! There’s another approximate 30 minutes + wait time upon arrival ugh! What’s the point of making an appt? I hate bureaucracy. I tried to get a CA license a month ago but was failed 3x during the road test. I honestly think it was a scam (failing me) in order to make revenue because I’m not a bad driver. I had an expired driver’s license in MD, I know how to drive probably better then many licensed drivers. Oh well. They require a driving school course in Texas, I hope the road test isn’t another scam experience.

Sorry to be so gloomy! Life’s feeling heavy today and my enthusiasm has dimmed. I haven’t heard back from the potential job I mentioned either—but I didn’t really want to work at a liquor store anyway, (it happened to be within walking/biking distance, that was my main incentive). I think the owner wanted someone who could do deliveries (but I can’t without a car) and I think my literary resume showed that I was over qualified. Maybe he thought I was too uppity to be working at a liquor store? Good riddance.

Well I’m going on a trip to visit my family next month so I’m taking a break from looking for a job until I return. I’m excited to see my dad, my brother and sister and attending church with them. I’ve changed so much, I used to dread family visits, (because I wasn’t Christian anymore I felt like I stood out and so I avoided them) what a jerk I was! Retrospect is tragic genius. Family is the most important relationship that we have on this earth, I have so many regrets but at least I realized this in time. What a flip flop life I’ve lived.

I left California because of the crazy politics, I was fired from my job at Oakland Public Library for not complying to their vaccine mandate and I desperately wanted to protect my son from the deadly mRNA shots at school, (unvaxxed—he would’ve had to attend “remote learning” again which is a kind of social isolation hell for children). He used to be very outgoing with many friends before the schools shut down in CA. I feel so angry that they did this to him and his friends. He lost about 2 years! of in-person learning and all of his previous friends. I pray that Texas is a sanctuary from all of that but I feel a little worried to be honest. Please God, let Texas be a place of sanity and medical freedom.

This is why I left, the Hotel Vaxifornia (the singer’s a bit tone deaf haha but the lyrics are spot on):


  1. Yes, Judy, I think witches and pagans are pretty well everywhere.

    I’ve heard about the severe heatwave that’s hitting large parts of the U.S. southwest and mid-west.

    It looks pretty bad.

    Hopefully you’ll manage to stay cool.

    Hope you’ll eventually get your driver’s license.

    I had to come to your blog in person to see if you had posted a new post.

    Usually I get a Gmail notification.

    But for some reason, my Gmail hasn’t received any emails the past 24 hours.

    So I’m kind of wondering what’s up with that.

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      1. It’s not you, Judy.

        It’s me and my Gmail.

        Thanks to Daniel (Hyperion here on WP), I discovered where I can find my Google account usage.

        I’m apparently using 15.38 GB (or 102%) of my 15 GB Google account limit.

        And all of that in Gmail.

        So that’s why I’m not getting any emails period (not just notifications from your blog) which is pretty scary considering Gmail is my only access to the outside world as I can’t afford a new smartphone or mobile phone service.

        I spent a great part of the day yesterday deleting emails but obviously not enough since my Google account usage is still at 102%.

        A lot of it is getting emails from the Donald Trump Committee since some time back in the late 20-teens, some joker used my email address to join it so I’ve been constantly getting supposed personal emails from Donald Trump or his son Eric telling me Clark Kent of Kansas City Kansas to please send him money.

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      2. Thanks for letting me know, I got mad at WP haha. I’m going to switch to the free account again and I was also deleting posts to get the usage down. I use several gmail addresses, don’t want to pay for that! I hope you can access your email again. Trump spams sound like a nightmare!

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      1. Glad you’re staying cool. 🙂

        Yes, Freemasons (who are really pagan witches) founded America.

        And most of today’s members of Congress are pretty well pagan witches (the names Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and AOC come preeminently to mind).

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  2. Praying for you some relief the vertigo and for you to recuperate from the big move. A lot has changed for you and I know there’s much to absorb. I hope the time with your family is refreshing. As always, take good care, my friend. 🙏🏽😊💖🤗

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    1. Yikes WP is getting so glitchy, it wouldn’t let me respond to you. Thank you for your prayers I’m going to hang in there and hope for the best! Blessings to you always! 🙏💖🤗🌸

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      1. I got block from commenting on some of your posts before too. You’re very welcome and yes, hang in there! Blessings to you too always!! 🙏🏽💖🤗🌷

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  3. Hopefully, things should get better once you are driving around again Judy. Having a heatwave in the UK right now, 70 degrees, that’s a heatwave for Brits. I can’t imagine 100 degrees.
    It’s good that you’re going to see your family soon. It’s something to look forward to.

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    1. I agree, I miss having a car. UK heatwave 🙂 I love Brits! Texas is like a dry sauna! I’m excited to visit my family and for the first time wanting to go to church with them! 😀

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