Trump: Actor, Liar, Snake-oil Salesman + Poem: Warp Speed Genocide (haiku)

I hold all the leaders that supported the death jabs accountable for genocide. That certainly includes Trump, that lying snake is not ignorant he knows exactly what’s going on:

DJT’s the snake
With the fake orange sun-tanned face
Warp Speed Genocide

I totally agree, red vs blue is a manipulation meant to divide us:

The self-proclaimed savior of the world, DJT—the snake oil salesman:

He’s controlled opposition—an actor just like the President of Ukraine—many of his previous policies were seemingly good for the US but it think was all a set up. Biden stealing the election and ruining everything that DJT instituted is a way to forge his big comeback. It’s very clear to me that we’re being misled by Both sides—in actuality there’s only one side, just like a fake wrestling match, the game is rigged and scripted:

Trump is a liar, bff with the Clintons. QAnons are a big part of the problem; they’ve made him an Antichrist/false savior:

They love to announce what they’re doing. Trump IS the snake:

I’ll end this post on a positive note, I actually love this song, (singing out of tune just adds to the campy perfection). I dedicate this song to Trump, why you always lying?:


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    Kiedyś byłem za Trumpem, także na tym blogu wyrażałem swoje nadzieje związane z jego zwycięstwem w ostatnich wyborach.
    Dużo się zmieniło od tamtego czasu i mogę z dużą dozą pewności przekazać opinię Seoul Sister . Trump zawiódł. Jest nadal mocno nagłaśniany w niezależnych mediach, np. na GAB – myślę że w większości w dobrej wierze.
    Ale żyjemy w czasach wielkich iluzji, które zwodzą. Wg danych wywiadowczych Trump zmarł ok. 18 stycznia 2022 na raka i w jak wielu innych przypadkach podtrzymywania narracji politycznej występuje za niego sobowtór. Narrację tę podtrzymuje rodzina i agentura, co może skończyć się wielką kompromitacją i szokiem dla milionów Amerykanów. Wtedy Demokraci będą mieli mocny argument przeciw Republikanom.
    Ale to nie oznacza, że popieram Demokratów – oni też maja marionetkowego przywódcę i realizują fatalny scenariusz dla USA i świata.
    Więcej na ten temat jeszcze dziś (20.06.22) gdy będę miał lepszy dostęp do sieci i komputera…

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  2. All Presidents are selected not elected. They are all related also as descendents of Charlamange and have blue blood or B- which turns blue when exposed to oxygen due to the higher iron content.

    Con man Trump is just another actor with no power as he just doesn’t wear of diaper like severe dementia Biden.

    The puppet show is over!

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  3. It’s absolutely terrifying the number of babies who have died since they introduced the Covid jabs.

    I came across a freedom of information stat from a London UK hospital on the statistics of stillbirths going back to the year 2000.

    I believe the highest number of stillbirths one year was 38 which was the highest number of stillbirths in a year in that given time period with the exception of the year 2021 which had 280 stillbirths.

    Idiots and clowns will no doubt wonder what was so different about that year that stillbirths were so high? 🤔🤡

    And Trump has always supported the DeathVaxx.

    He is a closet Apostle of the Antichrist whereas Joe Biden is an open (probably because he’s senile) Apostle of the Antichrist.

    And Q-Anon is definitely controlled opposition controlled by the spirit of Antichrist.

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    1. The statistics are shocking but the public can’t connect the dots :(. As soon as Trump pushed the death shots I could see his true colors. Ha Biden is the clumsiest old fool he’d spill the beans—if he could remember what the truth was. QAnon leaks a bit of truth to mislead MAGA fans. Sad.

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  4. Great videos Judy, and I couldn’t agree more… both sides are the same. I had my doubts about Trump even before he pulled the lockdown, then pushed the jabs. He never corrected the really bad stuff, like internet censorship or all the crimes Obama, Clintons did. Nobody got locked up or even looked at. To this day, all those “Breaking News” stories have been completely swept under the rug.

    Oh, and I’m afraid that WP is hiding your posts again. I always check your page when I can and that’s how I saw this post (just today).

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    1. Thanks! WP is awful, no one can see my posts anymore, I guess I’m threatening their status quo too much. I’m canceling my paid subscription, such jerks! Trump won the first election promising to drain the swamp, arrest Clinton etc but he’s buddies with all of them.

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  5. Like many New York politicians who are republicans, trump was a Democrat first. Trump was friends with the Clintons. I think the Clintons went to one of his weddings . I think there was a split in that when he ran. Her daughter and his daughter ate lunch together once a week before the election but stopped. They were friends.

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      1. Trump was not that far removed from being a Democrat. They loved him when he was on their side. Guiliani did the same thing to run for mayor way back. I think both portray themselves as liberal on social issues but conservative on fiscal issues. I don’t think the Dems allow or support fiscal conservatives anymore. He switched parties because you have the better chance getting not having to duke it out in a primary in NY. Purple implies they are in the middle. Too many are on the fringes of their side.

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