WordPress Censorship: Deleting Posts and Changing my WP address

Marcus Winkler Pexels.com

Hi everyone, my renewal for my paid subscription to WP is coming up next month in July and I’ve decided to switch back to the unpaid version. WP is actively shadow banning my posts or there’s a strange glitch that only applies to me? My readers are saying they aren’t receiving notifications of my posts and others say that I don’t show up in the newsfeed anymore so why should I continue paying for this blog? I pay for the yearly plan plus 2 site addresses :(. My original site was titled Seoul Sister and the url is: judyeunkyung.wordpress.com please follow me there when I switch back.

I have to delete about half of my posts probably, the media files alone take up a lot of data space. If there are posts that you’d like to save please print them out, sorry but I’ve already deleted about a 1/4 of my posts. My blog has evolved from being a liberal-minded, poetry/memoir site about being Asian American to being a conservative, Christian, political, truther site. I think the important message I wanted to share has been shared and I’m posting basically the same redundant stories in variations, (preaching to the choir!). I’ve lost the majority of my original audience but that’s ok with me, the loyal few that have remained make blogging still worthwhile and enjoyable. I hope you continue following Seoul Sister.

I think I’m going to focus mainly on Christian and synchronicity topics in conjunction with truther information but the thread that carries through will still be poetry. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and being a generous source of support. You are a wonderful audience and have made these troubling times bearable for me. Being able to have community and friendship on WP has made a huge difference in my life. I’ve lost the majority of my off-line friends since leaving the liberal Plantation.

The majority of posts that I’m deleting are political and truther videos, (but I’ll keep some key ones here for you to reference). I’m sorry to suddenly do this but WP has annoyed me so much throughout the years that I think it’s time to stop rewarding them with my money. I might start posting on an alternative site here on WP called Serene Grace blog which I started but never posted to. I’ll post a link to it on Seoul Sister, if I decide to do that.

Thanks again my friends, you have helped me more than I can say! May God protect, guide and bless you all💖🙏🤗✝️.


  1. 🧐 I also believe that blog posts are being censored on WordPress. My friend, Crandew is also being censored; however, he still shows up in my WordPress Reader.

    When I visit the tags that he added to his posts, they do not show up in the WordPress Reader under the respective listings (He only shows up in my personal feed).

    On a positive note, you have always shown up in the feed of my WordPress Reader.

    If WordPress is censoring your blog posts, you might be better off not renewing your domain and allowing your blog to revert to a subdomain.

    The blogosphere needs more people like you and I would like you to keep on blogging.

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    1. Thank you, Renard. I’m going to keep blogging but now the annoying ads will reappear :(. It’s good to hear that you can see my blog on the feed, I’m going to not renew my domain and will also cancel my paid account on a matter of principle. I appreciate your advice and support.

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      1. 🙁 I am sorry to learn that your traffic dropped to two-thirds in the last few months.

        Your blog is not all that controversial (Therefore, I do not see a reason for it to be censored).

        It may have a lot to do with a small portion of your followers being online.

        Apparently, WordPress bloggers are not having as much fun as they did in the past.

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    1. Thank you for appreciating the work I put into this site. I’m going to view this as a refining of the content in my blog, and try not to let WP get me down. I appreciate your friendship, Christopher 💖🤗✝️🙏

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  2. The experiences I had were either being blocked from reading your post or not being able to comment. WP should know that censorship is not good for business unless it’s on the truly wicked/dark side of things. I have always appreciated whatever you choose to write about and support you in your future posts to come. Stay awesome, my friend 🙏🏽💖🤗

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    1. Thank you River. You’re definitely not alone, we might represent a small minority group but there’s many of us who can still see through the BS. I agree it’s very bleak but I hold on to faith in God to keep me going. It’s amazing and validating how much was predicted in the Bible is accurate. It’s a fallen world.

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  3. I don’t know what to say about this. Being (consciously) non-tech, coupled with WP’s frequent changes have made blogging more tiresome than productive and fun for me. I’ve long wondered about WP’s Wokeness since this cancer seems to be growing rapidly throughout tech platforms and have noticed that other deep thinking bloggers I follow have also ceased. I ‘ve hoped the problems I experience are due to my lack of tech skills rather than censorship. But, perhaps I must also get out of denial and realize what is going on. Sadly, my account just renewed this May. As a side note, when I click to “like” each of the comments above, nothing frequently happens, although sometimes it will allow me to like your post when viewing it in the Reader. But, for whatever reason, all of a sudden, your last 3 posts in complete form (not a link) have shown up in my e-mail account (which I do like) but I cannot “like” them in that format either. It appears truth seekers and tellers are being silenced on all fronts. I love your blog and support whatever you decide but would otherwise miss the easier access to the fabulous research and content you provide. Still, I hope to continue the connection. 🙂

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    1. I think you’re smart about tech , it’s not you. It’s seems like WP is either being pressured to censor or they’re also Woke. I often wondered why conservative posts seemed to have very few likes in general, I didn’t realize it was done on purpose. Maybe the more people stop paying WP and letting them know why, they’ll stop being woke? Not to compare but it’s odd to me that some very shallow topics get a huge audience (fashion etc). Or is our society brainwashed to only care about those things? I’m going to tone down my posts a bit, I realize I might be shocking some people also and my attitude is a bit sarcastic and snarky :). I’m trying yo find new ways of sharing information so it’s more palatable for a broader audience. Who knows! Thank you for reading and commenting on my posts, I’m grateful for this connection. So WP is still good for something! 🙂

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      1. I have been wondering about the same issues you discuss here. Is the system stacked in favor of vapid content or are people shallow and dumbed-down?
        Probably BOTH/AND !

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      2. I think people has been dumbed down for many decades on purpose by the public schools and pop culture, it’s social conditioning to make us not notice the things that are wrong all around us. It reminds me of the Roman gladiator games, free bread and circus distractions to keep people under control. Makes me sad, I’ve been writing about this for awhile but only a small handful of my readers seem to notice. I guess denial is a strong motivation for too many people.


  4. I am one among many with WP aggravation. The struggle to blog and sustain one’s content is more than I can bear at times. I’ve deleted 4 blogs and dropped my authorship on 4 more because I lose my patience and nuke WP. But, truthfully, the fantastic works of others here keep me coming back. I hope this gets straightened out for you Judy. I enjoy your content a great deal and hope to see you carry on.

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    1. It’s good to know I’m not only being targeted by WP, why do they keep changing what isn’t broken? Ug. I enjoy reading your blog, I didn’t realize there were 4 previous ones. Nuking sounds like a possible solution for WP :). WP is fortunate that we all stay because of the cool community here, not because we like their platform!

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      1. I get so aggravated at WP. They have a massive network of bloggers worldwide and clearly can’t keep the beast lumbering along without huge investments in the infrastructure. It’s like trying to keep a fully grown Python in a goldfish tank. Consequently, we suffer the illnesses of the overburdened system. Hmmmm. That sounds familiar. And you are right on point. We share our content in spite of everything WP does to stop us. 🤜✊🤛

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  5. I think in my first year of blogging I had an issue with certain people who chose to follow me. Their blogs were sick topics. I asked WP if there was a way I could block them. The person I chatted with said no other than to make your blog private. They told me they don’t censor blogs. Did that change?

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    1. I get those followers too, I think you can block them through settings, discussion/“block users” I had to do that with some people.

      I’ve heard from several friends that my blog was no longer visible on the feed, only accessible if they went straight to my site address and others said that google put a warning label on my blog too. I guess I should be flattered to be getting censored?

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