Under Construction + Poem: Don’t F With Koreans (haiku in 5 variations)

Bad-ass, hot-tempered
I’m an old school korean
Don’t mess with me kid

WordPress censorship—
I’m saying I’m not playing
Your hide and seek games

Korean smart-ass
Know-it-all I must confess!
I’m good to the bone

So stop harassing
Stop stealing my leaking funds
Stop hiding my posts.

I’d rather delete
Then give in to the bullshit
Yup, that’s how I roll.

My apologies for how my blog looks right now, it’s as if I got half of my hair cut off :). Many posts are now missing images because I have to shrink down the size of the content. I’ve been haphazardly deleting redundant images in the media space, but it gets confusing. l’ll correct this, but it might take some time to go through years of images and posts. I’m stubborn and very highly principled. I have no tolerance for being taken advantage of by WP—they started this war with my blog and I’m not going to give them anymore of my money while they continue to block/censor Seoul Sister. I apologize in advance for the upcoming wart remover ads that usually come with the unpaid subscription :).

Don’t f with Koreans, we don’t play victim and we don’t put up with disrespect. 😎 That’s not a veiled threat, it’s a fact. We’re in-your-face direct, loyal til the end, generous with our love and our displeasure. We suffer no fools.

Seoul Sister

Please bear with me, I’m determined to keep blogging here and I hope to improve it by creating focused content that’s more approachable/less shocking but it’ll hopefully still retain it’s controversial and truth-seeking edge. I’m working on a personal post right now about a ruined friendship, (specifically losing an old childhood friend). I’ll try to have it finished by tomorrow. The worst part of this plandemic for me wasn’t being terminated from my job. I was burning out from it prior to being forced out by the mandate—drag queen storytime and the liberal agenda hypocrisy made it a miserable place to work and the nepotism at Oakland Public Library disgusted me. I honestly think that’s why I didn’t fit in there anymore. The worst part of the Covid-19 Theater for me was all of the liberal friends that I lost due to our differences in reactions to the Corona scam, the useless masking and the toxic, mandated shots. I naively thought these friendships would last my entire lifetime, we were solidly there for each other for so long—but sadly this plandemic easily broke decades worth of friendships apart within just two years. I’m good at burning bridges, but each time it hurts my heart no matter how badass or uncaring I seem on the outside. Underneath my toughness is a flood of tears 😭.

To be continued…


  1. I totally get you. My life has been infinitely blessed by my adoption into the Korean Community. I dream about winning 300 billion dollars in the lottery and spending it all on helping Korea and Koreans. I hope they inadvertently take over the world. I know that is a controversial statement in todays fractured me only world, but I mean it. I see Koreans as aggressive and determined for the right reasons. I see their humbleness, gratitude, and stoic public face as human virtue. But where Korean people shine above all others is their community and connection with each other. Plus, no one works harder or more efficiently. As with all people there is the dark and the light, the Yin and Yang, the wood and fire, water and iron, but no one does it better. Have faith and tho suffering is a shared human condition that leads us to excellence, it takes a strong mind, body, and soul, which you have in abundance.

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    1. You say it with such grace my friend! Thank you for celebrating Korean culture and people! We’re not perfect, the hot-headed part gets us into trouble but I think in general our hearts are in the right place. The Korean word pronounced, Jung, says a lot about our values and loyalty. We are not sneaky, backstabbers (we will stab from the front!) but only if necessary. I can’t speak for the entire culture though because I’m very Americanized but my Korean old school family raised me by example to be courageous, they deserve all the credit. I think the suffering my parents generation experienced shaped their resilience. I’m super proud of them. I see a lot of Korean-ness in you my friend, your generosity, humor and sincerity stand out to me. 💖🤗

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      1. I just love your descriptions. The hot-headedness is misunderstood by the west’s liberal socialist ideology. The fire is a sign of passion for life and righteousness. If the fire gets aimed at me, I know I messed up and if I acknowledge it and apologize then listen to the cure, balance is quickly restored. But if I dig in for pride sake alone, I’m asking for real trouble. To me it is much more important to be kind than right in certain affairs of the heart. 💖🇰🇷🤗

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      2. You get the Korean soul. I’m totally impressed with your patient understanding. My mom had a Korean saying, she said “it takes two hands to clap” meaning it takes two to fight. The smarter (and kinder) one will acquiesce, you are very wise. 💖🙏

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      3. Thank you Judy. I genuinely try to understand and find the right path to happiness and balance. If I understand the source of stress, I can find a remedy. Sometimes that is the hardest part. I am going on my 33rd consecutive year of Korean family membership and pray for many more.

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    1. I agree, I was a liberal until that party went radical. I’m politically independent too but I lean towards conservatism. Freedom of speech used to be a liberal stance but now it’s labeled hate speech if it goes against their agenda. Sad how politics have divided us, I’ve lost friends too.

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