Liar, Liar

The truth is Jane Roe lied about being gang-raped:

Act the fool and I’m going to call you out on it. I have no shame about shaming these fools. Are men actually turned on by this blubber shaking? Pro-Abortion protestors, no wonder they keep getting abortions. Notice the little girl in the background who’s being indoctrinated into this by her dopey mother:

She’s incapable of speaking the truth, look at her making excuses when facts prove her wrong. I can’t stand looking at her lying face, the penalty for treason is what this genocide vax pushing liar deserves:


  1. That video of the blubber shaking and the joyous looks on their faces reminds me of a video I once saw on YouTube of Auschwitz employees during their off work time.

    They looked joyous and happy and just wanted to have fun.

    Sure “our job involves killing Jews and Gypsies and Slavs but we’re really just wonderful fun loving folk underneath.”

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  2. Holy smokes! I guess I’ve been living in the dark too long. I had no idea Roe v. Wade was a scam. Still, I am pro-life but dead set against government control of human rights. I prefer Government protection of human rights. I must say the amateur twerking for the right to abortion severely damages my opinion on their position on the matter. The left wing rhetoric and actions overshadows reasonable and intellectual conversation and only causes the opposition to dig in deeper and meet radicalism with radicalism. It’s a one way ticket to invite a Pootinist regime to take over and wipe the slate clean and start over by importing humans from other countries that know how to work hard, behave, and avoid the firing squads. Drain the swamp, Hell! We need to drain the gene pool. I’ve come to believe China’s attempts at managing world populations with biological warfare and the World Economic Forum assistance with vaccines is basically a complete failure. That just means they will keep trying and we have only just begun with pandemics. I wonder if we could hire some twerkers to protest pandemics? 🤔

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    1. I didn’t know about Jane Roe lying until I saw this clip, it’s sad that it was all founded on a lie. What was most shocking to me actually was seeing the news actually report the truth back in the day. Times have changed. I used to be pro life but no longer. They allegedly sell the fetal body parts, just disgusting stuff. Our gene pool is definitely in trouble if these twerkers are our future!

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      1. I have to pull away from the illogical debate of pro-life and pro-choice that has erupted over the last decade. In truth, I see a deep sickness in the frontline battle. Selling the body parts of a murdered fetus is a sickness we can’t justify and living the Loco vida with sexual promiscuity and not accepting the consequences is equally inhumane. There are exceptions on both sides that require compassion and caring along with proactive support but we can never get to that part, perhaps because it doesn’t exist in the radical prolifers or radical pro choice twerkers. Decent people are left to pick up the pieces caught in the middle. It is a sad truth about ourselves as a ruined species.

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      2. In such a relatively short time, the last 30 yrs or so the debauchery has gotten beyond comprehension. I didn’t notice for so long but once you see it, it can’t be unseen. I’m just really fortunate that God opened my eyes. I need to find ways to present the info with more compassion but I’m a bit too blunt, sarcastic and grumpy. You have diplomatic skills that I need to adopt. I appreciate your compassion for all. Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do” I keep forgetting to do that but I’m far from being like Jesus—although that’s my goal. The world is sick and needs help for sure.

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      3. Yes,absolutely agree. Let’s say being direct to the point is more your style. We, the peeps n sheeps, need that. It’s like parental authority that requires one to make quick corrections before Junior falls down the stairs vs. a philosophical call for reason and logical conclusion. We have the soft approach to introduce a concept and the baseball bat to the mule’s butt to get that idea to work. Somewhere in between there is room for intelligent discussion, after the work is done, of course. I say your style works and your natural approach is a good approach. We need your voice.

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      4. I’m so glad you think my directness has a purpose! Thank you my friend. I used to be the person that always wanted to get along, people-pleaser that cared what other’s thought of me. But that didn’t serve me well! Now I just think time is of the essence—got to say what we think while we still can! WP/Big brother’s on my back so I’m going to battle although no one reads my blog anymore but my good friends of WP like you. I’m grateful for the audience limited as it is. Quality not quantity. I admire your diplomatic style though, we need your voice too 💖

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      5. Yes, all styles of awakening and bonding for good purposes are a credit to the person and our humanity. I was classically trained for diplomacy and the naughty little rascal in my soul sometimes goes straight to blunt sometimes, but I genuinely try to be diplomatic because the old theory was kindness won more battles than swords. I don’t know if that is still true or not. Maybe that has morphed to words and deeds cause more wars than kindness.

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      6. Balance is key. I agree! We can go very far in the right direction with a little balance to keep us out of the ditches. If we genuinely pay attention to the principles of Christianity instead of the manipulators, we see the perfect recipe for living well and happy.

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