Poem: Comedy’s Loophole (haiku in 4 variations) + videos

Andrea Piacquadio pexels.com
Would it be funny
Without a bit of the truth?
Say what can’t be said.

Pre-Cancel Culture
We debated and made fun
We lived and let live

Comedy’s loophole
The court jester kept his head
“Just kidding!” he said.

But Clown World’s no joke
Sticks and stones still break our bones
Words are now violence.

I’m still working on the friendship post but here’s a healthy dose of endorphins for your viewing pleasure:

This video compilation is genius 😅:

She’s trying way too hard to be likable, just fix the border issue Kamala! Not one cares about your hoop shooting skills:

On a totally unpolitical note, this clip is a good example of why false eyelashes are wrong, so wrong! 😅🤣😂 Ladies you’re beautiful without these caterpillars on your eyelids, I hope this trend ends soon:


  1. The one thing Oh Bummer never understood was we have ways of finding out the truth. Now we have a President that poops his pants and gets mad when Nancy Pelosi has him dragged off the pulpit to change his diaper. It’s really sad. Kamala is just so far over her head, she will likely be the next president when Biden falls off the porch of the Casa Blanca then we can really turn the comedians loose. My oldest daughter puts eyelashes on her clients and she comes home with them stuck to her smock and they fall off on the carpet. That scares the crap out of everybody because we think caterpillars have invaded our home. 😂 🐛

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    1. Ha! President poopy pants! I wonder if he even knows his pants are soiled, Kamala will replace him but I think they’re afraid of how obviously dumb she is, so dumb that she can’t follow their orders. I don’t know what happened to just using mascara? I guess they want women to all look like drag queens, seriously!

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      1. I hate to say this because it isn’t socially acceptable, but I think Kamala was selected as a token female of color just for the votes and they had no idea she was too over her head to be a good token. I hope, I’m wrong but I know how the politics work. Biden is a Token too and now the Dems are realizing they screwed up. I think you may be right about the drag queen style. It brings up a lot of thoughts about drag queens being the example of what men and women want to transition to.

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      2. I’m anti-PC so I’m all for you speaking your opinion which I totally agree with. Kamala is a joke, almost as funny as Joe. There were so many token black women to choose from, the dems made the worst choice in her. I think they were choosing puppets that they could manipulate but these two are absolute airheads. The drag queen = baphomet I truly think that’s the look they’re going for. Artificial Yuck. 💩🤮

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      3. I have always been a huge fan of natural beauty and believe less is more in the “make up” world. I honestly think humans have fallen for the decades long bombardment by fake beauty standards to drive sales, that we can’t accept natural beauty as anything but failure while rocking the Baphomet look is the right way to go.

        Sodom and Gomorra come to mind. We have three choices. Burn, turn to salt, or run like a scalded ape and don’t look back.

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      4. I agree, and I’m choosing the scalded ape option! 😁 I don’t want anyone to season the meal with my salt block! Did you know they found evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah—they found the sulphuric hailstones embedded in the land and dated it back to that time!

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      5. LOL! We’ll be the scalded ape together. No salt lick folks up in here. I had heard a while back they archeologists thought the found the two cities but didn’t hear more. I think that’s important because it lets us know it was real.

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      6. The current anthropology community is admitting that the evolution of humans in a linear development from apes to humans was a propaganda story that is no longer supported. Human history is being drastically rewritten. It’s about time they started telling the true story of archaic species and the one running around now trashing the planet.

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      7. I’m glad to hear the science community of anthropologists are waking up. I think even Darwin had second thoughts on his death bed. It’s s funny how scientists act like they have the facts but they keep changing their facts. Oversimplification or not, the question remains of why humans and apes co-exist if we evolved from them! So much pillaging all for profit I think they’re atheists and so they have no sense of tomorrow, just living for today is the way to trash our world :(.

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      8. I think what really happened was a Tarzan and the apes scenario. We hung out with monkeys because they were great foragers. Unfortunately, we picked up a lot of their bad habits. Living among the scientists, engineers, and technologists, I see the honest and dedicated souls left in the shadows while the egoists only strive for wealth and recognition. For those liars and cheats the whole community is damned. It’s like Socrates, a foul and pointless oxygen thief adored for centuries for his asinine and always wrong assumptions. There is no doubt in my mind that he cavorted with monkeys. But hey, he has statues and the world’s universities behind him. Me, I have an allergy to monkey business.

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      9. That’s the sad irony, the good scientists and doctors will leave in disgust or be fired for not towing the line it seems we’re always left with the cowards and sell outs. I dislike Socrates too, all the celebrated jerks with statutes were full of 💩.

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      10. You gave me a great idea. We should replace all the statues representing tyrants and whore mongers, and replace them with huge piles of manure free to any gardener who needs it. At least then their memory serves a useful purpose.

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