The Distraction Formula

I’ve slowed down on posting, it reflects on the current limbo state of my life—everything feels a bit stuck. No job, no car, no church, no friends and new city that feels like I’m living inside of a 100 degrees clothes dryer. Life is good eh? I’m really good at complaining, if only I could get paid for this skill. My things are still in boxes or are scattered in disorganized disarray. I’ve had to move all of my things from a fairly large l bdrm apt with a huge walk-in closet to basically one small room within a 4 bdrm house. Surprisingly I got all of the furniture I brought with me to fit into my allocated room but you have to walk a bit sideways in between objects! Ha! It’s like I’m doing the Hustle everyday haha! That dance is probably before your time? I’ll add a clip if I can find one.

Here I am in my room doing the sideways hustle to get dressed in the morning 🙂

Found one and it’s a gem! “Do the Hustle! Do it, do it!” Haha! The good ole days!

I guess this is a practice run to eventually live in a tiny house. My new American Dream is buying affordable land in a moderate climate that’s retirement friendly and purchasing a cottage-like/tiny home that I’ve customized/designed—that’s mostly off-grid, utilizing solar panels and rain barrels. I’ve always been a hermit even when I was a child (my mom was worried that I was mentally retarded. I know the PC term is autistic that’s why I’m not using it). I’m a conscious asshole but I’m really also not one, I just tell it like it is. If you met me in person you’d probably think I was a sweet person (I sometimes—mostly am) but I’m also a bit proud of being a “bitch”. Why beat around the bush? We don’t have much time, we’re probably in the Apocalypse! Anyway, I dislike big cities now that I’m older. All of the things that appealed to me before have faded away. It all feels like a dream, seriously. Life is so mysterious.

When I was in my twenties I thought bars and clubs were cool, now I see them as depressing places for lonely alcoholics and people who end up in one night stands. Shows like Sex in the City did a great job at brainwashing young women to be used up and manipulated. I was never a bar fly, but my concepts of the modern glamorous life have drastically changed. I say this often now but if you’re a young person in your 20s-30s, please don’t waste your life imitating what you see in films and tv shows—that’s not the real world. Don’t spend your youth on trash living. Find a stable person who you have commonality and good communication with, looks will always fade but attraction is more than the physical. Jerks look ugly no matter what but intelligence makes people so much better looking. Find someone to support your dreams and make you laugh, genuine friendship and mutual admiration can hold you together for a lifetime. Don’t go for the bad boys, seriously, they tend to be abusive or very damaged and immature. You can’t save them, you’ll end up drowning yourself. This applies to young men too, don’t date ho’s (you’ll get herpes!) Enough of my unsolicited advice for now… :).

Back to the aforementioned Apocalypse, here’s a fascinating interview with Dr. David Martin. He’s an obviously intelligent man, some say he’s controlled op but I don’t think he’s mislead us so far. He talks about political distraction in a very clear way with an insider’s take on events:

MAC addresses in vaxxed documentary, several different studies, not just this one, have confirmed that vaxxed people emit MAC addresses. Not only that, people who’ve had the PCR test also emit addresses and unvaxxed people who have vaxxed partners also emit these signals. They think it’s spread through sex and kissing. This study was conducted with live people as well as at a cemetery. They could find the deceased vaxxed people by the signals underground! At the end of this documentary they listed their website which might have protocols to help heal this, I really hope it’s possible to reverse this corruption of our bodies. I’m not presenting this to scare you, but to provide information and help. I truly wish you good health.

What is the true purpose of this vax? Mind control comes to mind (literally). It makes me think of the predictive programming film series, Divergent. The only clip I could find of this vax scene is in a non-English language but you get can the overall message regardless. In the film, the vaxxed soldiers are ordered to kill civilians but of course the plan was somehow thwarted by the heroes. In real life, I’m afraid there are no white hats fighting for us. We, you and I (the awake), are all we have.

That’s all for now. My post about a dead friendship is still coming sorry it’s taking so long. Depression is hanging over my head but I’m fighting it. Without a car I can’t go to church :(. I’m relying on YouTube Christian videos and sermons for now. Church is so important for a sense of community. It’s hard to feel isolated in a secular, luciferean-controlled world. I’ve come to realize this isn’t an exaggeration. God bless and keep you safe my friends.💖🙏✝️


  1. I like Dr Martin too. I agree on all your points, and I thought your advice was spot on. Good luck with everything, it just takes time after moving to get situated. I moved from Louisiana to New Hampshire and was in pretty much the same position, no job, no friends and only my ex and my 2 girls as family. I did have a car though.

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    1. I’m always suspicious of any in the public eye but David Martin is giving solid truth so far at least. I hope I can get used to San Antonio, once I have my license I think it’ll get much better. Thanks!

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  2. Sorry that you’re feeling so lonely, Judy.

    One YouTube Christian video channel you might enjoy watching is Evangelist Anita Martir Rivera.

    She discusses Geopolitics, today’s news headlines and also Bible prophecy.

    She also lives in San Antonio, Texas.

    And it’s become increasingly apparent that the vaccines are part of some planned mind control and tracking operation.

    That’s why World Economic Forum butt kissing puppets such as Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron are so busy freaking out against those people who don’t get the vaxx.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I’ll look for her, cool that she’s in my city.

      They are pushing it hard and you know they had the fake saline version of course. I wish somehow they’d get the real dose! Or perhaps they have and that’s why there’re such brainless puppets of Satan Klaus?

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    1. It’s so strange how they put clues into films, I guess to wash their hands of it. The Bluetooth numbers are very unsettling, I hope there’s a way to reverse the damage. Thank you Sue, I feel a bit jam packed in my room but I’ll be alright 😇


    1. Yes, I think it’s the cost of living and the crimes, but now the rural areas are getting the annoying people who ruined the cities. I do miss accessibility to restaurants and transit of urban areas but I don’t miss the noise and pollution. I can see much stars now :).

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      1. You will see more wildlife too! Yes, we are alarmed in the ‘burbs with the driving of the city transplants. I was in an antique store last weekend and one was shocked that the store sold antique guns. Imagine. I’m sure it was inoperable. Welcome to rural New York.

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      2. I hope so, growing up in MD I saw deer and foxes in my backyard, in TX it’s very hot though many too hot for the wildlife too? I wish people that moved to rural areas would be polite and adjust to their new environment instead of being rude. I’m sure someone will buy the antique gun.

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      3. When I moved to Texas for a few years and Korea for a couple and went in with the mentality of blend in behaviour wise with the locals. Don’t rock the boat. Every region of this country is like another country culture wise- especially Texas. I am missing BBQ pulled beef sandwiches. No one makes them like they do in Texas. I saw as much as I could on my free time and enjoyed the uniqueness.

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  3. Hey Seoul Sister I like your blog. My daughter has been reading and watching the Divergent series. I will show her this post.
    Have faith. God is sovereign and omnipotent.
    He is aware of what His enemies are attempting and their condemnation is assured.

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    1. Hi Chado, thank you! I think the Divergent series and many other sci-fi novels and films contain clues about “the hidden hand” I think they’re counting on people to think it’s a coincidence or conspiracy but they’re getting very obvious with their clues. I agree, God has already won but time has to catch up to that reality. God bless you, your daughter and family💖✝️🙏


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