Prophetic Times

Katy Perry was supposedly raised as a Christian but her father’s version of it is very suspect. During an interview she said she originally wanted to be a Christian singer like Amy Grant, but laughed at that idea saying it wasn’t meant to be. Amy Grant also became a secular singer :(, she sold out when her Christian songs became popular, sad how money/fame changes people. Perry surrounds herself in occult symbology: she rides the beast, dons Egyptian garb, the Star represents the fallen angels and she’s proudly burning herself like a Satanic witch.

The Beast system by any other name would smell as putrid. I had a eureka moment while watching this Christian video about Revelations. The Harlot in purple (represents red + blue politics), she is dressed in stolen wealth (pearls)…the harlot becomes drunk from a golden cup which is full of the blood of martyrs, sounds familiar? The Bible confirmed this wicked practice so long ago!

The producer of Hunger Games, John Paul Rice risked his career to confirm this evil, this is not a QAnon hoax. I’ve posted this clip before but it’s worth watching again. With cognitive dissonance, the reality of truth has to be realized again. I admire his courage to speak the truth:

I’m not part of QAnon—they don’t represent most truthers btw. If you search about this topic even DuckDuckGo is now hiding information. “Debunkers” focus only on QAnon (Q is a liar). Anons are the mislead pro-Trump brigade of disinformation. Q tried to highjack the truth movement and he almost succeeded.

The devil is in the details, I know Tucker Carlson is controlled op (as all in the public “eye” are), but this information leak is mind blowing. Sentient AI already exists:

God bless you. Thank you for reading this controversial post.


  1. That’s right.

    The Harlot is dressed in purple (which is a combination of blue and red).

    That’s a eureka moment indeed, Judy. 🙂

    Katy Perry should do a revamp of one of her first hit songs.

    Call it I Kissed A Girl and I Went Insane. 🥴

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. 🙂 interesting how Clinton, Obama and Harris all wore purple during Biden’s inauguration…the 3 harlot witches.

      Ha 🤣😂! Katy Perry 💋🥴! has definitely gone insane, I wonder if they force her to be so nuts or if she’s just dumb?

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  2. Awesome post! Those were all great videos, so much good information and ideas to consider. The WEF treaty is something I had forgotten about but it’s a real threat to everyone. Once it’s a thing, they’ll spring another fake pandemic on us to get everyone injected. Perhaps that’ll be when the real civil war here in the US begins. Guess we’ll find out.

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    1. Thanks! The WEF is evil incarnate. Satan Klaus—who made him the world’s leader/spokesperson anyway? The lab created monkey pox plus more plandemics are are in line to be hyped up. I still can’t understand how Covid-19 it still a thing in CA, it’s pure idiocy that “SAD” hasn’t woken the sheep up. I think when the full weight of food shortages happens, that’s when the shit will hit the fan. Hungry idiots are the scariest.

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      1. Exactly right. The TP shortage came out of nowhere, but I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like if the food stops, the dollar collapses or the trucks stop. I can’t stop thinking about it lately. It’s so insane, like everything else now.

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  3. So who runs propaganda pedowood? The Racist supremacist subversive LYING propaganda media?

    I assure you they are not asians or white people. They may look white but they are of a small tribe who are all narcissistic like all politicians, so they are all LIARS!


  4. Katy Perry gushes over the male singers on American Idol like a school girl and I remember when Amy Grant went secular and practically disappeared from the music industry. I’ve heard about the elite Hollywood sub culture and it’s many layers 👿🔥🤡🤑

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    1. I almost feel sorry for Katy Perry but she’s not very smart, so she makes it hard to have sympathy. I haven’t seen American idol she sounds like she’s being very annoying there! I wonder why Amy Grant walked away from her Christian audience that made her famous in the first place, sad she let $ come between her and the important work she did for the church. Hollyweird is burning itself out, good riddance! 👿💩🤡🤑

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      1. Katy Perry might have some talent but she’s still an assembly line product. Amy crossed over for either 💰 or secular popularity, sad. Hollyweird can’t get any weirder 👿🤡💩🤑😵‍💫

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  5. It’s like looking at the prophecy of last days and seeing humankind act out the scenes with well rehearsed perfection. I can’t get past the thought that I was born in the last decades of humankind and my purpose is to witness it all unfold. Well, like my great grandmother used to say when my great grandfather went out to the outhouse, “breathe deep the impending gloom.”

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    1. I think it really is end times, when I look at how corrupt politics are and immoral and brainless most society is it seems like we’re not going to last much longer. I agree I think the powers that be the puppeteers are purposely fulfilling prophecy but thinking they are change the ending. Never gamble against God, they’re taking it all down build back better is a worldwide political slogan. 😦 your great grandmother! 😅

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      1. My great grandmothers were tough old birds. They would be spanking a lot of naughty girls on the streets if they were alive today. If one took a swing at my great grandmothers, they wouldn’t get their arm back until Christmas. 😁

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      2. That’s right! I support their kind of feminism. They were strong, had dignity and grace mastered and accepted no bullying from petulant men with grossly undersized manliness.

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      3. Haha! I love how you phrased that! 😂🤣😂! My grandmother was very strong, inside and out, the generations before ours survived so much and had practical wisdom because of it.

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