Hunter and Pedo Peter (videos) + Poem: Like Father, Like Son (haiku in 7 variations)

Will Hunter be prosecuted or will he always get a pass? “No yellow,” he said meaning he doesn’t want Asian hookers…

Like father like son, Hunter sent hookers on Amtrak across state lines for an orgy, (his dad used to take Amtrak everyday to work in DC), with the big bucks he received from Ukraine and China—he was too cheap to buy a flight?:

Like father, like son 
Rotten apples the whole bunch
Blackmailed by China?

Blackmailed by Ukraine?
The Department of Justice
And the FBI

Are both so corrupt
They knew and tried to hide it
The laptop from hell.

Hunter the coke fiend
Hookers, crack and trafficking
Kissing cousins too

How low can he go?
Dated his brother’s widow
Jill and Joe approved.

Naked FaceTime gross
With his young niece, Natalie
Like Pedo Peter

His perverted dad
Took showers with his daughter
Why would he do that?

I know he’s a crackhead but why would he nickname his dad “Pedo Peter” even as a joke, unless there was truth to it? It would explain why both Hunter and Ashley became drug addicts.

This video explains in depth that this isn’t just about a sex or drug scandal:


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