Poem: Let Them Eat Bugs (tanka) 🐜 🐛🕷🪲🦟🐞🪳+ videos

Mealworms, what an ironic name for them:

Satan Klaus’ globalist World Economic Forum programming…Eat ze bugs and bee appy unless you die of SADS! 😢🧬🐍:

I didn’t realize that she was such an absolute prostitute of the globalists, look at her tonguing the live worms right on cue: crunchy, hairy, wriggling, yum—an Oscar worthy performance:

Devilina Ugly (the ho of the globalist UN), making her children eat bugs, smells like predictive programming:

Beer made from human sewage and urine—this isn’t about climate change, it’s gone beyond mere genocidal hatred, I think they want to thoroughly humiliate us in an S & M way—while they’re sipping their luxurious thousand dollar champagnes and eating globs of the finest caviar. They could do this secretly—have they already? Hopefully not, I think they’d rather have sheeple willingly pay to get drunk on their own fecal matter:

What will people do for the virtue signaling sake of Climate Change or out of desperation? Confession time: a decade ago I ate a cricket; this was when I was still a hippie-liberal-California-dork. My child’s elementary school had an Environmental Conservation Program with a community garden on campus, (it’s partly why I selected the school, naive/California idiot that I was), anyway they coerced all of the children to eat fried/dried crickets! I was a parent volunteer in the classroom and I was foolish enough to try one but my genius child refused, ha! What did the cricket taste like? It was a bit like a tiny dried shrimp but with more unappealing crunch and less flavor. The crisp, stringy texture was unappetizing. Please learn my my mistakes, I don’t recommend them.

Sadomasochism is about power and control through torture and humiliation, I think They love welding absolute power on the braindead.
“Eat ze bugs,” They said
“Fry them, bake them, grill them, YUM!
Gulp it with poo stew
Recycled feces matters
Urine beer saves the planet”

Revised update, insects are a vector for parasitic infection in humans! No wonder they want us to eat bugs, it’s another depopulation agenda:


  1. They apparently had bug filled hot dogs (made from mealworms and crickets) on sale at the Calgary Stampede while it was on. The Stampede ended yesterday with a Drag Queen Pancake Breakfast and Sing-A-Long.

    Beer made from human sewage and urine I hadn’t heard about.

    This is definitely not about climate change.

    It’s about humiliation in an S & M fashion as you say.

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    1. Sounds like a nightmare event of hell on earth, singing Drag Queens and pancakes? The stampede should’ve stampeded them. I was never a fan of hotdogs/mystery meat (I’m pescatarian) but adding bugs to them that’s vomit worthy.

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