Poem: Gruesome Newsom (haiku in 5 variations)

I think crazy Nancy Pelosi’s ex-nephew by ex-marriage, Gavin Newsom is eyeing the US presidency, God help us all if he succeeds. He’s a male version of Kamala Harris minus the cackle:

If Gov. Gavin Newsom becomes the new puppet—US President, he’ll destroy America like he destroyed California
Gruesome Newsom

Covid-19 czar
Tyrannical idiot
Nursing home killer

Thinks he’s Clint Eastwood
GQ flair and greasy hair
He rigged the Recall

“Rules for thee not me“
The French Laundry hypocrite
The jet setting creep

Trashed San Francisco
I bet he’s an arsonist.
Trashed California

Globalists love him
Cause they want brainless puppets
We can’t let him win.


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