Update: Links to My New Blogs

I recently created several alternative blogs on WP, just in case Seoul Sister gets shut down. The official switch happens on July 27th but it looks like they’ve already started the process by reverting my site address to judyeunkyung.wordpress.com and adding their wart remover advertisements. I think they purposely put the most embarrassing ads on the free WP accounts just to coerce bloggers into paying for ad-free sites. I didn’t previously mind purchasing the ad-free option until they actively started censoring and hiding my site. I deleted photos and posts to reduce the media space but I’m afraid my customized theme isn’t available on the free version of WordPress so maybe WP will use this as an excuse to totally bury Seoul Sister :(.

Some of these new sites are private for now but I’ll make them all public soon. I hope you’ll follow me at 1 or all of them, (even if Seoul Sister isn’t turned off). I realize that my audience is diverse and some might be turned off by certain topics; so this is my way of filtering content to suit my follower’s interests—without censoring the content that I feel inspired to write.

I’ve been visiting my family in my hometown since last week and it’s been such a great visit. Family is the most important relationship in life, I’m sorry that it took so long for me to realize this. My eyes were wide shut, blinded by: liberal victimhood, narcissism and New Age nonsense. I’m so glad the blinders are off my eyes.

My new WP blogs:

  • Seoul Beloved memoir and poetry with an emphasis on Korean-American culture and Christianity. I’ll probably post here on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  • Serene Grace Truther blog with poetry, focusing on pop culture, Big Pharma and exposing the globalist agenda. I’ll probably post here on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Synchronicity Mystery Truther blog about synchronicities, mysteries, false flag events. I’ll probably post here on Fridays.
  • Revelations Means Revealing this blog will focus specifically on exposing the New Age Religion, Paganism/Luciferearnism and the Freemasons. I’ll probably post here on Saturdays.

I’ll try to keep Seoul Sister up until I run out of space, (I’m already halfway there). I’ll probably post new content here on Tuesdays and will post links on this site to my other blogs. This site will remain focused on politics. There might be some overlap while I refine the themes on the different sites and the posting schedule will most likely change. Let me know what you think of the proposed changes. I’m sure I’ll lose a lot of my original audience by spreading myself so thin but I want to try this out. If it’s a bad idea I’ll change the format again :). I value your opinion, feel free to comment.

Also I’ve noticed that WP has unsubscribed me from blogs that I follow, not all but some. So if you notice that I’ve recently re-followed you, that’s why. Thank you all for being a supportive community. I wouldn’t want to blog without an engaged audience 💖🙏🤗.

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  1. First off, I’m glad that you have been able to spend some time with your family and reconnect to the family dynamic. Enjoy the time to the fullest. 💖
    So, now you’re in the multiverse of the blogosphere 😄 it’s cool because you have several topics you want to write about and discuss, so having multi outlets is a good idea..
    As always 💯% support from, my friend.. Stay awesome! 💖🙏🏽 🤗

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    1. I’m having a wonderful vacation getting a break from Texas heat and spending time with my family 🙂. Thank you, Sylvester 💖🙏🤗! I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew! 😅

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  2. Thank you for this update! (I am not sure if you will see this comment or not as my comments seem marked as spam by the system…)

    I am happy you could spend time with family, and look forward to following your new sites.

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    1. Not sure why WP is doing that :(. Maybe it’s getting confused with all my new sites.

      It was so wonderful to see family, very memorable trip, thank you for your warm comment.💖!

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      1. I double checked and you’re right, I used the WP template but it didn’t have a follow button! I’ll try to figure out how to add one or I’ll choose a different theme. Thanks for letting me know!


  3. I think your proposed changes sound great. It’s always good to keep pushing yourself at new things, no doubt. I’ll follow your new (private) blogs once they’re public. Wish I had your energy 🙂

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    1. Thanks Crandew! I’ve run into a few glitches, some of the blogs didn’t have follow buttons so I made them private, once I figure that part out I’ll make them public again. 🙂

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  4. I hear that Texas is going through an unbearable heat wave at the moment so you picked the right time to spend with your family in Maryland.

    Yes now that you’ve gone from paid to free, the WP gremlins now probably want to eat your blog.

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    1. Yes Texas has been in a crazy heatwave for the last 2 months it’s been 100 degrees everyday. Maryland is also hot in the 80s (not as bad).

      I don’t like tech so I’m having issues with my new blogs they don’t have any follow buttons 😦 so I switched them to private until I can fix it. :(.

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