Reposting: The Burden of Regret…

Hi Everyone, I’m back home from my vacation/visiting my family in MD. It’s been a good trip I’ll post about it soon.

I understand if you don’t want to read about my memoir journey from New Age back to Christianity but if you like memoir type blogs you might find it interesting. I used to write a lot about my mom here, so they’ll be similar stories on Seoul Beloved.

I hope you don’t mind if I repost some stories on Seoul Sister to promote more of a following at Beloved :). I’m still hoping more people will join my new blogs (thank you so much for those that have already) 💖🤗. Here’s a recent post that I wrote about regrets and forgiveness:

Thank you all for being a wonderful community. After Covid-19 happened and I lost my job due to the mandates (along with co-worker friends—plus I recently moved to Texas), I don’t get to socialize very much. My online WP friendships are a beautiful source of support to me. you’re my lifeline for social interaction 💖🤗🙏



      1. Yes, I meant WP.

        All this 32 + Degrees Celsius weather in Calgary is starting to affect my thinking processes.

        Soon I’ll be taking the vaccine and actually thinking that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great actor. 😜

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  1. Nice to see you back Judy, and after an enjoyable visit with family. I agree that our WP friends are a constant source of support and genuine friendship.

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    1. Thanks, Dan. It’s good to be back. I used to write on Medium but it didn’t have the genuine community that WP attracts. Where else can we reach out to strangers with such sincerity?

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      1. LOL 😆. WP still screws up a lot but we, the Blogoteers carry on. Our message is too important to let technical glitches and ceaseless changes silence us.

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      2. It seems most of the world reads and moves on with all forms of media. I feel like if they read it, they took something with them and that’s a win.

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