Film: The Leech Woman, Poem: Comatose Zombies (haiku in 8 variations) + Demolished Georgia Guidestones

Something is very wrong with our world, warning this topic is very disturbing. Btw I’m not part of QAnon, they leak credible information but I think they also leak misinformation. I’m not pro-Trump either, he pushed the vaccine and I think he’s controlled opposition:

Here’s the black and white film in its entirety, “The Leech Woman”. The premise of this film is incredible: a middle-aged woman achieves rejuvenated youth via a serum obtained from the pineal gland of murdered men. The film might offend some because it portrays stereotypes of African tribal culture reminiscent of the classic King Kong films (you can skip ahead to 33:00 to see the pineal gland extraction scene) but if you’re not easily offended watch the movie from beginning to end for the story’s context.

I think elites love the hidden-in-plain-view game of displaying their secrets within the arena of entertainment. This parasitic theme was also in “Jupiter Ascending” and the original animated film “The Dark Crystal.

A woman recently alleged that she received a surprise blood vial along with a leather chair that she purchased on Amazon:

Art imitates life
But sheeple don’t want to know
Distracted by lies

They worship false stars
That influence their thinking
And lull them to sleep

They’ll never ask why
They’re too in love with the dream
They’d rather pretend

Live within a show
They obey their programming
Cursed television

Under blind obedience
Admiring foes

That have enslaved them
They can’t tell the difference
Destroyed discernment

Out of convenience
Afraid of truth’s wilderness
They snooze through alarms

Falling for dark charms
Slaves to the hypnotism
Comatose zombies.

The NWO’s Georgia Guidestones is history. Was this explosion a sabotage? Some theorize that this was a false flag event to blame Patriots for domestic terrorism (notice the 333 within the time stamp). Here’s a view of the explosion and a mysterious car that sped away from the scene. This happened at around 4:30am:

The demolition, I can’t help but laugh at the folly of the NWO, Good riddance:



  1. I actually love these old black and white Sci Fi/horror movies. Looking back the plot seems so far fetched but there is some truth in there. The sheeple are living “The Truman Show” life, just following the script..😳😵🐑🐑🐑

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  2. We live in such crazy times. I liked Monster’s Inc. and I’ll always love old b/w movies. It is getting harder to watch almost anything anymore. I started watching Quantum Leap recently, but it’s filled with predictive programming. Everything they pushed in the late 80’s has now been achieved, and it was all bad. Crazy times.

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    1. I agree, I can’t help but notice the predictive programming it’s basically everywhere when you know what to look for. I used to watch Quantum Leap, now I’m curious to watch it again. Very crazy world, it was right before our eyes all along.

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      1. Cool, I like things from the past, nostalgic kind of time travel to listen to music and films from a different era. I grew up in 80s but like the black and white classics & 60s too,

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  3. Discernment is the key to many things being put out there Seoul Sister… I was though extremely glad to see that particular monument fall with its inscription of the future population numbers that certain elites want..
    Sending thoughts your way 🙂

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    1. I agree with you Sue Dreamwalker, discernment can cut through the fog of illusions that they create. I was surprised that the genocidal guidestones came down, good riddance to it.

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  4. I agree, we are all being tricked by the government. These don’t care the planet get’s overcrowded. Somebody has to pay the pensions. In the mean time they will destroy the environment. It’s all a big conspiracy.

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    1. There’s so many ways that the government is lying to us, the climate crisis is real but has been manipulated by the government. It’s getting to be a question of what hasn’t the gov lied about.

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  5. Hi S.S.
    Would you mind if I re-posted these haikus over at Bad Haiku just for fun?
    Only with your consent. It is an anonymous site, anyone can post anything Haiku under any name, no sign-in required.


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