Poem: Justifiably Irate (haiku in 2 variations) + videos

Justifiably irate

We all need to be
Justifiably irate
We need to stop this

Genocidal jab
How long will we allow this?
When will we fight back?

Justifiably irate father of vax injured son gets a Pharmacist to admit to the toxic vax’s side effects:

“Meanwhile, a peer reviewed study from France found that young people who received the Moderna Covid vaccine had a stunning 44 times higher risk of developing myocarditis. And evidence indicates myocarditis kills the majority of those who have it within five years. While it has been found that contracting Covid-19 does make one more likely to develop myocarditis, the study found about 9x (virus) verses 44x (Moderna vax), Gateway Pundit said. So the vaccines don’t help, they make a bad situation much worse. The unvaccinated are less likely to get myocarditis than the vaccinated.”


Guess WHO’s not vaccinated?:

What an excuse! Virtue signaling about not getting jabbed as a protest against the unvaccinated?!

No one should get the vax, especially children:

As you probably know I was illegally fired from my full-time position at the Oakland Public Library for not complying to the vax mandate and we moved out of CA to escape the vax mandate for schools. When I think of all of the children that’ll be harmed by the vax it depresses me very much. I felt this strongly while in CA, I felt like I was walking among the future dead. These potential victims aren’t faceless strangers to me, they were my child’s close friends since preschool; kids I met during school field trips and birthday parties. It’s heartbreaking to think that they’ll only have 5 years to live after getting myocarditis, a side effect of the shots. At one point I even tried to warn strangers about the vax but they often smiled at me while saying they already gave their children the shot.

Ben Swan connects the jabs to SADS but it doesn’t seem to matter—I think the majority of the jabbed will still line up for boosters as soon as the medical authorities them to:

Coverups and disinformation about the over-abundance of heart attacks since the jab rollout:

Thank you Del Bigtree, he reads a (love) letter that’s addressed to the unvaccinated, I love this 💖.

The pure bloods/unvaxxed (with the exception of Tedros) are not selfish, if we truly believed the vax worked, we would’ve voluntarily complied. We’re not narcissists either, we’re critical thinkers. We are the only control group in this Covid-19 mandated experiment.



  1. Wow, great post Judy! I’m glad you posted that first video because it’s so honest and telling. Also, I love that last video you included. We are the unvaxxed, the pure bloods, persecuted beyond belief. We’re the control group, vilified beyond comprehension. And… I like your term “future dead” – it’s more descriptive than “walking dead” which is what I’ve been using.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! I still can’t understand how 2 years later this plandemic is still happening. The future dead, it makes me upset to think of victims that way but it’s like a Russian roulette, walking dead is true too especially if the vax mutates the victims…Monkey pox comes to mind.

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      1. People around me are still convinced the it’s a real virus and a real pandemic, no matter what I’ve told them. They can’t see any of the plandemic part at all. Blows my mind. We haven’t even gotten to the really bad times yet. It’s going to be a bad year, and a worse one next I think.

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  2. Monkey Pox has now jumped the gay man barrier to children and the US is declaring a health emergency. This is double speak to free funds to establish a national monkey pox campaign and vaccine, of course. And then there is Marburg disease skyrocketing across the planet. The world is not getting healthier in this technology revolution, we are getting sicker. Investors and CEOs are getting richer. Pootin and Xi are getting bolder, it’s going to be another rough year in 2023.

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    1. I totally agree, it’s the age of disease, I think the new viruses are all lab-created/gain of function or perhaps they’re side effects of the covid jab. Either way, the fat cats are celebrating 🤑.

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      1. It is very common knowledge that the few labs in the world doing gain of function analysis on dangerous pathogens also have a low safety record. China is number one on the list for repeated accidents and incidents that have had global health consequences over the last 30 years. Now they are really mad at us and we can expect “accidental” releases of highly infectious pathogens to rapidly ramp up to the point we will be fighting a dozen outbreaks at any one time. Of course, we already know that vaccines are just another health crisis to deal with.

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      2. Whether accidental or intentional, the world seems like it’s run by idiots that are determined to destroy itself. No wonder the elites have billion dollar, underground, luxury bunkers.

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      3. I think you are on to something, Judy. Idiots having accidents while doing something nefarious intentionally. It would be a great comedy show if it wasn’t our reality. Imagine the Three Stooges reborn as Medical research administrators. 😳😷🥸

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      4. I think he would be a grandmaster of ceremonies. “Loudly, we what breaks from yonder street corner? Ah, tis Karma stomping clowns into gayly colored liverwurst. Arise fair Karma and darken the day with your desired wrath.” How’s that for some Shakespearean clown world prose? 🤡🎭

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    1. I think so, I’m not on FB because it depressed me but I know that for awhile google put a warning label on my blog regarding covid misinformation but I think it’s been removed.

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