Poem: Gingerbread Orphans (haiku in 17 variations) + videos

Luciferean symbology in music and popular shows from Gaga to Madonna to Robin Williams, this agenda has been brewing for a long time. This video starts off slowly but the content is worth watching. The Black cube represents lucifer/Saturn/Cronos, I’m going to post about that soon;

Fairytales used to serve as warnings (morality messages) but modern society reinterpreted and reframed them as mere escapist entertainment. Children used to fear witches and vampires but now they emulate them. The luciferearn brainwashing succeeded.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

~ John 10:10

Gingerbread Orphans

Raised on fairytales
But we missed key warning clues
Gingerbread orphans

We trusted villains
False stars, sick politicians
Witches and demons

Television fiends
Spell-casters and magicians
Mesmerized us dumb

Took our innocence
Virtue signaling kindness
With fake flattery

Stole our love for God
With x-rated fantasy
Candy cane strip poles

Melting chocolate gold
We were groomed all of our lives
Bribed with paper notes

Rotten apple coaxed
Glamour blinded mirages
Drunken money hopes

They distracted us
Dipped in rainbow coated lust
“Love is love”—bullshit.

We never noticed
Like frogs cooking in a pot
Slowly boiling hot

Our puppet masters
Choked us into submission
Told us rape felt good

Mind-controlled our brain
Painted us as idiots
Infused us with shame

They dog-collared us
Whipped and destroyed our conscience
With S & M games.

Will we wake in time?
Will we break their sleeping spell
Or join them in hell?

God’s still on our side
If we abandoned our pride
We could return home

God’s waiting for us
He’s been patient for so long
Jesus is the door

Through space and through time
He knows everyone of us
We’re precious to Him

Lucifer spreads sin
But Jesus purifies us
Love will always win.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13


  1. Wow.

    What an excellent haiku in 17 variations showing the decline of our culture beginning with the rebranding of children’s fairy tales changing them from tales with moral messages to tales celebrating the villains.

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      1. So did I. 💖

        I was totally captivated by the fairy tales that my parents used to read aloud to me at night before I started school.

        Funny, even as a small child when I watched a Disney animated version of a fairy tale, I always thought, “There’s something not quite right about this.”

        And of course the Disney animated films made from 1990 on are even worse than the ones made years ago.

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      2. I liked Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm fairytales. The stories often had scary and tragic elements, the themes weren’t at all like the Disney versions. I didn’t like them either. Children’s lit wasn’t dumbed down or softened, I think children were supposed to be frightened into behaving.

        Modern animated films are disturbing to me, lots of strange characters and they promote woke agendas.

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  2. Great post! The first video is so amazing. The concepts he’s mostly talking about is actually a simple one but so important. I’ve been thinking about it since I watched it yesterday. Watched the other one this morning, great stuff. And… loved you poem! Your poetry is awesome 🙂

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  3. We have been so conditioned to accepting the luciferian ideology as normal because it infiltrates our daily culture. The signs and symbols are there, it’s a matter of become aware of them and there true meaning.
    Keep shedding the light on Satan’s counterfeit world. 🌎 👿 💔

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    1. Thank you my friend for the encouragement 💖🙏✝️. Once the symbolism is decoded it’s amazing how we never noticed it before because it’s nearly everywhere (except the old classics films/books seem to still have mostly innocent content).

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