Transpaganism: Part One: Catholic/Christian Paganism + Poem: New Age’s the Old Age (haiku in 14 variations)

Roman Catholic idolatry, the Jesus fish/the Pisces symbol is not Christian, it’s a pagan Gnostic sign that represents the female womb. Lucifereans corrupted Christianity with false doctrines that came from paganism: (Christmas trees, Easter eggs are both ritualized and symbolic pagan holidays).

Why Is The Popes Mitre Shaped Like A Fish?

New Age’s the Old Age

New Age’s the old age
New World Order is ancient
pagan revival.

Gnostics were devils
a gay cult of sodomy
Gnostics weren’t Christians.

Vatican demons
Paganism repurposed
Lucifer hidden.

Druid’s Christmas trees
Easter bunny fertile eggs
Pagan rituals.

Jesus was Jewish
He honored their traditions
but taught forgiveness.

That’s why they killed him
for teaching true salvation
Jesus paid the price.

Jesus as the bridge
received our sins willingly
so that we can live.

Hypocrites feared Him
threatened by his pure wisdom
So they bribed Judas

to betray our Lord
thirty pieces of silver
tossed away in shame

Worthless blood money
Lucifer the tempter snake
expert deceiver.

It’s the same old trick
Everything old’s new again
False god promises.

They build their anthills
Tiny towers of Babel
Demons are stupid.

Foolish ego pride
is the origin of sin
thinking that you’ll win

Sin is ignorance
biting the hand that feeds you
begins life’s sorrow.

The Vatican and the serpent:

Joe Rogan always deflects and dilutes the message:

Vatican is pro-mandates/death vax:

“VATICAN CITY — Despite a steady lifting of COVID-19 restrictions worldwide and the elimination of all rules in some countries, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, has ordered that the Vatican’s tight controls will continue.”
Francis compared fake news to the crafty serpent. Projection is a classic magician’s trick.

🤡 What does the circus have to do with Jesus?:

This reminds me of a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas. Green dragon is the serpent.

I spy a goat’s head and serpent. the Vatican City is Babylon

Symbols of Gnostic paganism are in European cathedrals. I think pagans used sacred geometry and numerology/gematria for casting spells and ritual work. A previous post I wrote introduced Cymatics. Did Gnostic pagans (Lucifereans) keep this knowledge secret?



  1. I never understood the whole pope thing; people are so mesmerized by him. Seems silly. It also seems a lot like worshipping royalty, which I totally despise. Great poem! It sums things up completely. Also, that last video was great. I’m floored by the sheer work that must have gone into building those old structures.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! I despise royalty too, why do they still exist if we have “democracy”—the queen of England bothers me also! They didn’t do anything to earn their status/wealth. Many Catholic people basically worship the pope. All of the elaborate clothing seems ridiculous and the opposite of humility which Christians are supposed to be. The Vatican makes a lot of money but gives little in return, doesn’t seem Godly at all. The cathedrals are pretty incredible, how were they built using primitive tools? Even with modern tools it would be difficult.

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      1. I love architecture, especially very old buildings. Under different circumstances, I’d spend my time going from one old cathedral to the next, checking out everything. Can’t imagine how those were all built.

        There are so many things that deserve real research, just not enough time for everything.

        As to the other stuff, Kings, Queens and Pope’s… just as fake as everything else here in clown world.

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      2. I prefer older buildings because their architecture was much more artistic, now it’s simplistic and use unnatural materials (even fake wood).

        I agree, you could easily spend a lifetime researching for truth that’s been hidden away about history etc.

        Blue bloods seem inhuman, psychopathic, beyond redemption.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I used to mistakenly think that Gnostics were the first Christians but they weren’t, they were a pagan group that pretended to be Christians. They’re connected with the (luciferean) Templars. The Roman Catholic Church is run like a mafia so much corruption there not to mention the pedos.

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