12 Monkeys in 2022 + Poem: A Red Pill Truth Bomb (haiku) + video

Everyday there’s a new revelation. I thank God for revealing the truth to us through faithful people. Truthers are not “crazy conspiracy theorists”, we are desperately trying our best to wake everyone up. We don’t have the total picture, we’re trying to piece it together like a puzzle. The truth is crazy but in a mad world, we are actually very sane. Please watch this video clip and tell me what you think. I’m blown away by the truth of this information.

A Red Pill Truth Bomb

A red pill truth bomb
Always hidden in plain view
Lies while telling truth.
“12 Monkeys” was released in 1995! The fact that it was a time traveling film just makes things even creepier.

“My father’s been warning people about the dangers of experimentation of DNA and 5G for years”

Quote from (Brad Pitt’s character) from 12 Monkeys
Notice how this film echoes today’s reality, Brad Pitt’s character has a lazy eye (one-eyed symbolism) the poster seems to indicate the number 22 within the tails instead of 12…(indicating Monkey Pox in 2022)?

When I find these connections it depresses me to think of how long this plan has been set in motion and how asleep we’ve been all this time. I used to naively like the film, “12 Monkeys” but now I see it as an elitist joke laughing at our ignorance. Part of their spell is revealing the truth “hidden in plain view”. We just didn’t have a decoder to understand what they were presenting. Now we do. It seems like All of the past is tainted with this, nothing we thought was real.

“12 Monkeys, the future is history” why is the clock set at 4 o’clock? Or is it 12:20… 12/20? When was the Warp Speed bioweapon released…

“What is the U.S. government’s current plan?

Once COVID-19 vaccine candidates receive emergency-use authorization from the FDA, rollout is expected to begin as soon as 24 hours later. The first vaccine candidate to gain that authorization was the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on December 11. Next up was the Moderna vaccine, which the FDA authorized on December 18…

…The U.S. has already pre-purchased hundreds of millions of doses of various vaccine candidates sight unseen, and the Trump administration has vowed that at least the initial round of vaccinations will be available to all Americans free of charge. It expects to be able to vaccinate about 20 million people by the end of December, and then an additional 20-25 million people in January.”

Terry Gilliam, what did he know? Was he warning us or putting a spell on us?

A few observations on director, Terry Gilliam:

  • (6th) member of Monty Python (snake)
  • “Life of Brian” (parody of Jesus’s life)
  • “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” (Masonic film full of occult symbolism)
Heath Ledger is hung in this film, he died before finishing it under suspicious circumstances


“Bat child” = corona virus, “magic pyramid” equals Illuminati/Freemasons (this was a screenshot from the film)

My previous post about predictive programming in “12 Monkeys” (sorry I rambled on a bit in the post below—I tried to fit too many elements in, to prove my point):

They did a remake of “12 Monkeys” as a series on the Syfy channel in 2014, I’m curious to see if there are more hidden clues there:


I’ve watched “12 Monkeys” several times throughout the years but I never noticed the hidden messages until recently. I’ve included a link to view the film in this linked post above. How many coincidences are needed? It’s time for all of us wake up.

“Hidden in plain view” I see one-eyed symbolism in every poster for this film, Bruce Willis’ character is depicted merging with the infected monkey, his head is “crowned” (corona means crown) with Baphomet horns and his mind is blown. “We did it” is a repeated phrase within the film in posters. I no longer believe in coincidences especially not when they’re from Hollywood. Commercial artists are meticulous about their design, everything presented is there to convey a message.

God bless you and give you the gift of discernment, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.



  1. “It seems like All of the past is tainted with this, nothing we thought was real.” – I think that every day now, no lie.

    Great post, as always!

    I think you’re 100% right about the predictive programming, no question. They’ve been ushering us to this point for decades at least, which makes me wonder if there’s more surprises in store for us in the next few years (other than the ‘great reset’ garbage).

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    1. I think we should all watch the popular old movies to decipher them for clues and evidence of motive. I got tripped out to hear Brad Pitt’s character with the DNA gene therapy and 5G warning. They seem to have targeted 2030 as their Reset. Biblically the tribulation period lasts for 7 years. Things are coming soon, digital reset/mark of the beast, it’s all aligning.

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  2. Hi Judy, here are some things I saw in the poster. The atomic mushroom cloud. Putin will nuke the west. The Elephants of Africa and India which are resource rich and turning to Putin and China turning their backs on the West. The Polar Bears – Putin is sending armed forces to Antarctica and the Arctic The Russian Bear wants to seize the poles. The Monkey and the man – our natural barbarism is subduing the ego of humanity. It all signals the fall of humankind and the death of humanity and the positive virtues.

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    1. I guess the “eyes of the beholder” causes different perceptions:). I’ve noticed that Terry Gilliam’s films often contain occult, Freemasonic symbolism so I tend to look for and find those images. “12 Monkeys” predicted our current plandemic in my opinion.

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      1. Yes indeed, your interpretations are a true interpretation founded in your own knowledge of the subject. I was exercising a bit of unattached interpretation as a way of relating today’s current events. What would be most interesting is an objective explanation of the intent of this movie and it’s symbolism. Then we would know the mindset and intent. Purposefully, he left it to our own interpretation and as we know there are usually no limits to the human imagination in the role of interpretations. It’s the reason the world’s population is in such dire condition, in my opinion. If we interpret our world with the intent for purity, love, compassion, and right living we act according to that, but when we fall into Satan’s preferred mindset, we become evil and work for dark purposes. I choose the light and I know the darkness so that I can avoid it. Finally, my apologies for dragging you through my own often undisciplined mind. You have perfectly held your ground with dignity and grace, which I find strong and courageous. Perhaps that is God’s intent to test our faith so that we can strengthen it.

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      2. Thank you for your graceful response, I hope my previous comment wasn’t snarky (I didn’t intend that). I’m often stubborn in my views, not my best attribute 🙂 but I can’t help seeing patterns that point out occult symbolism. I used to enjoy Gilliam’s films, he’s very creative and visually spectacular but now I view his work with a suspicious viewpoint. When I saw the Dr Parnassus film, I thought he really went to the dark side, it had a mind trippy style but felt sinister to me.

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      3. You are welcome! I saw no snarky at all. While I wandered off the reservation, you kindly gave me instruction on how to find my way back. When the kids put me in the Old Folks home because they can’t manage me anymore, it will be important to have friends that can keep me pointed in the right direction. It’s a real job and I’m thankful for your willingness to persevere. 🤗

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      4. You’re far from that scenario my friend. Your mind and wit are sharp! I often stubbornly display theories that I insist everyone see but who knows what’s really what anymore. If I go too off course I hope you’ll show me the pathway back to reality. Many puzzle pieces land that are difficult for me to resist researching. 🙂

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      5. You are an excellent analyst and I certainly have your back if I see a fast approaching cliff. Being curious and researching many forms of information is a sign of genius. The wisdom comes when we choose wisely and live our core beliefs without feeling threatened by theories, good or bad. However, I do admit that today’s bewildering currents of tainted information can leave us tossing about in a sea of uncertainty. It’s not easy to stay the course, but we must.

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      6. Thank you my friend. I think curiousity is generally a good thing, a sign of intelligence as long as it remains within moral boundaries. Current reality is getting more and more mind-bending, much harder to discern truth from fiction. I think deep down we do have discernment which Christians call the Holy Spirit, I’m trying to rely on it to escape the many illusions surrounding us.

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      7. That’s a solid plan, Judy. The boundaries are spelled out carefully. All we have to do is honor them. If we stick to our faith we know when something tries to pull us away. Still, it isn’t ever easy.

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      8. Well said my friend. The devil is a trickster/deceiver but we can discern in our heart what’s truly good (from God) or evil (from the d’evil), no matter how lovely evil can disguise itself in only surface beauty and fake kindness (virtue signaling). It’s like the difference from Love (God) to (lust) satan.

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