Poem: The History of Stolen Wealth (haiku in 23 variations)

Armed IRS? Watch your back—big brother is here. If it wasn’t so unbelievably wrong, I’d almost be laughing…what a joke our world has become.

Long clip that goes into further detail, Redacted shares information in a mainstream way but that’s the only way some folks can accept it:

Banking 101:

The Vatican bank supported Nazi Germany:

Another synchronicity truth…Therapist = the rapist.
The History of Stolen Wealth

Empty your pockets
Big Brother IRS says
You’re under arrest

Elites have loopholes
Rape islands to hide their stash—-
We plead permission

To spend our own cash
Useless junk that they sell us
Disposable trash

Climate change scapegoats
They set us up to blame us
Les Miserables—-

Rich siphon the poor
Gorge champagne and caviar
While we steal bread crumbs

Scrounge fish bones and heads
They want us to eat insects
Or eat our own dead

Revenge of the nerds
Are empowered with bullets
We’re easy targets

They flex their audits
On blue-collar, middle class
Not Wall Street hookers

(Aka brokers)
Lamborghini palaces
with off-shore assets

Cash money is dead
Because it’s not traceable
They want all of it

Every last blood drop
They’re hungry to drain us dry
Elite 1 percent

Preying on peasants
Struggling to pay the rent
Eat sleep work and die

On their plantation
Designated slavery
We won’t question why

They rule over us
We keep our eyes shut, minds closed
Trying to survive.

Poindexter hitmen
Tax collector mafia
In bullet-proof vests

Hired gun agents
Pocket protector holsters
Loaded paperwork

Predator loan sharks
Roman Catholic lenders
Supported Nazis

They tricked poor to tithe
To sacrifice what they had
Bribed salvation lies

They hoarded treasures
Then loaned it back with interest
Printed credit debt

Templars were pirates
It was never about faith
They were pillagers

Henchman of the popes
Sodomites of Lucifer
Disguised as Christians

Look up history
From old books that still hold truth
Before they’re all burned

Digital money
Mark of the Beast in a chip
It’s already here.


  1. This was very informative, Judy. We can clearly see where all of this is headed and it isn’t good. Your poetry is inspired and inspiring. Will we wake up to this growing disaster in time?

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    1. Thank you, Dan. It’s so ironic how the government is trying to disarm citizens but arm the IRS? I guess they get to feel very macho and important for once instead of the nerds they are? They’re determined to control we the “peasants” no more middle or even upper class, just rulers and slaves?

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      1. It’s a bizarre recycle of the past when peasants in all societies were forbidden to have weapons to allow the king or emperor’s men to slaughter or enslave without effective resistance.

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      2. And this is exactly why our forefathers established the Bill of Rights and the Constitution giving power to the people and not the government. But over the course of or history, the government has eroded the people’s rights and become more autocratic. And today there is a full court press to subjugate the people to the will of the government based on political party affiliation.

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      3. That is a clear indication that the welfare of the people and government of the people by the people is so threatening to those opposed to our rights while demanding complete freedom to impose their ideology on everyone. Convert to satanism or die in the flesh. But we are not afraid of death in the flesh and we will not sale our souls to the devil.

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      4. Right on and Amen! We’re fighting against wolves in sheep’s clothing but Jesus is the good shepherd and we are beloved. The flesh is temporal, our souls are eternal—better to suffer for a short while fighting on the side of God (good) then risk an eternity with evil (d’evil)

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  2. This poem is a masterpiece of insight into how Satan’s henchmen the global elites have manipulated people for centuries, Judy.

    Love your line about “Templars were pirates”.

    That’s where the pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries got their skull and bones flag from.

    The Templars.

    As the Skull and Bones was their symbol.

    They thought they had found the skull and bones of Christ in Jerusalem.

    Stupid people.

    So secretly they denied Christ’s Resurrection and also started worshipping a goat-man’s head (the Baphomet) in secret.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I super appreciate how your observations lead me to new insights, it’s so awesome. The skull and bones is also the name of the elite Masonic club at Yale that Bush Jr and Sr belonged to as well as luciferean, John Kerry (he creeps me out very much). I didn’t know why they had the skull and bones flag, they truly are stupid and pagan. I heard that they phrase “false flag” refers to when the pirates used other flags in order to trick and blame their piracy on other groups. They use the same old tricks in modern times.

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  3. Arm the IRS… do they make house calls? Taxes should he suspended permanently, that would be a real stimulus. The government tightening the screws even further.
    I appreciate your poetry as always 😊

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    1. The IRS is getting power hungry or something, they should’ve joined the police academy but perhaps they couldn’t pass the physical tests? Ha. It’s just getting so nutty, they’re trying to make middle class folks poor. I bet none of the IRS will bust down the doors of the real thieves—the elites.

      Thank you my friend! 🤗

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      1. Hahaha, that reminds me of the Police Academy movies! Yes, the middle class is slowly disappearing and the elites know all the tax loopholes.

        You’re very welcome always, my friend 🤗


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