Lady Gaga and the Angry Inch: Part One + Poem: Dude Looks Like a Lad/y? (haiku in 5 variations) + videos

Reality has shifted and everything seems possible in Clown World. I guess this can be considered a shallow post but Lady Gaga is so heavily immersed in the occult—I think she’s fair game. She seems to embrace revealing occult secrets through her fashion statements. Should I have compassion for her? Perhaps yes, but first she needs to come clean. There are rumors that she left a bathtub full of blood at a hotel that she stayed in and she does a lot of bizarre, satanic things during her performances and videos. Is she transgender? If she is, why doesn’t she officially “come out”? Her fans would adore her even more. Hermaphroditism and Baphomet worship is the new normal.

This artwork is available on Etsy, Etsy used to be so wholesome, I guess knitting and embroidery aren’t popular anymore on that site.

I’ve posted this video clip before, but this copy is a better quality. Maybe Gaga was wearing a dildo? Or s/he had it removed? Whatever the case, there was something extra going on at the time of this concert:

These next 3 brief video clips are compilations of her saying that she’s a man, (apparently that’s what the elites do, they openly proclaim truth while pretending it’s a joke). Some of these clips get repetitive (sorry), I think Gaga has a very masculine face because of her hooked nose and sharp features but make up and hormones can make drag queens look like anything they want to be. Gaga said she was raped by a famous person that was in a position of power within the music industry but she won’t disclose who it was. People make her out to be a champion of rape victims, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate for her to name the rapist instead of protecting them? I don’t understand why her victim stance is celebrated. Why is remaining silent brave? I think she’s a prisoner of her fame, an influencer puppet. Idol worship of celebrity status doesn’t seem worth all of the drama that’s involved.

“Dude Looks Like a Lady”

A mini-ding dong
Lad-y Gaga has a schlong?
Please don’t wear a thong

Never liked her songs
She pretends that she’s so strong
Lordy Gaga’s wrong

Jock strap—-it belongs
Stubby, chubby, not quite long
Poke it with a tong?

Truth hits like a gong
Like pedo’s Comet Ping Pong
Drag Queen’s a King Kong.

Hidden in plain view? Gaga performing as a man, the celebrities in the audience look so uncomfortable, I think their reaction is very telling. Why do they seem so shocked and uncomfortable? You’d think they’d be laughing or cheering her on but they look afraid and dumbfounded.

Look at Justin Bieber’s stoic expression, Adele also looks upset. Britney Spears can’t contain her shock and Russell Brand doesn’t look happy at all. It’s as if they’re all feeling “outed“, this isn’t a normal reaction, they’re acting as if a secret is being revealed.

Whether male or female, Gaga is exaggerating masculinity, s/he is a terribly bad actor; the cocky (pardon the pun) act reminds me of the brutally offensive, exaggeratedly macho comedian, Andrew Dice Clay. My question is, if Gaga was a he before, why didn’t the Lad-y come out as a transwoman in the first place? Lucifereans love reversals and interchangeable duality because they worship Baphomet/hermaphroditism. Did Gaga sacrifice her maleness for fame?

More artwork celebrating transgenderism and Baphomet on sale at Etsy
Gaga physically reminds me of an older, less attractive version of Ralph Macchio, (the 80s actor from the original “Karate Kid” film).

In Part Two of this series, I’m going to analyze “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and will compare it with Gaga’s persona.


  1. “Things are not as they seem, or, to be more accurate, they are not only what they seem, but very much else besides.” Aldous Huxley

    Yes, Huxley was in the cabel, but not all of them are ok with the satanic agenda. JFK was one of them as you have to be selected as President right? A President must have the proper blood to be selected, but he still fought the criminal banksters right?

    Broad shouldered Michael complete with adam’s apple was the first lady with Kenyan Barry Soetoro aka Obama right? I used to believe he was a women!

    Reality is a far fetched illusion for the masses!

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    1. Very accurate quote god the times we’re in, who knows what’s real anymore.

      I agree that all the people in positions of power (including famous writers$ were part of their club but perhaps some are rebellious like JFK seemed to go against their wishes and he was killed for it.
      I’m convinced about Michael and many others too seem suspect, I think Barry is a gay man though although he looks more like a female than Michael. They’re into the baphomet non-binary agenda, no accident that it’s a trend.

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      1. To figure out the truth, all you need to do is follow the money, as the love of money (which fuels the narcissistic ego) is the root of all evil!

        As some of the CIA players in the controlled demolition of 911 are dying, they are trying to clear their conscious on the event and how they themselves were fooled.

        Here is another confession!

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      2. I agree that it was a controlled demolition. Following the money makes sense, many of those elite creeps made fortunes from the suffering of common people (as usual). That article was very interesting thanks for the link.


  2. I wish I could unsee this and pretend once again that we are all going to be okay. Well…maybe not. Sometimes I want to be a madman hermit spending my life turning a cave into a nice apartment with zero electronics or communication with the outside world.

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      1. 😥. I was thinking humans would be bigger, stronger, and better if we were herbivores too. But, I’m sure the plants are voting no on that one.

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      2. It’s true that plants do seem to experience a kind of consciousness, they respond to music and conversation but I also think that plants can benefit from being “pruned” not destroyed. Interesting to think about this.

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      3. It is an interesting thing to consider. We have discovered that plants communicate through root systems and with chemical signals like our pheromones. They also work together across species and plant families to protect against infestations and disease. This does make me think plants are more than just ground cover.

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