Poem: Evil’s Always Lost (haiku in 4 variations) + Reposting: Lady Gaga’s Angry Inch

WP is so lame. Now my posts are being f*cked with? I can’t edit my last post (which I linked above) about Gaga because it’s conveniently disappeared from both my published and drafts section, but I think the post was published. WP/censorship nerds that serve mockingbird media, your game is lame.

Edited on 9/27/22: Finally I was able to edit my post on Lord Gaga, please excuse the typos on the linked copy above. I was afraid that WP was messing with my posts to psych me out. I’m not giving up until they shut down the internet or my accounts. Bring it on, WP! 💪😎

Evil’s Always Lost

Glitching and Bitching
WordPress tweaking out again
Curser’s acting cursed

Where’s my latest post?
Censors are afraid of truth
They’re sell out cowards

It’s a lame ass game
To try to win by cheating
Evil’s always lost

In the end God wins
Jesus bore all of our sins
Love’s victorious.


      1. It sounds like it.

        I’m still using the same design that I had when I originally joined WordPress in 2007.

        Never updated anything.

        Like most “Woke” people and organizations, WP doesn’t know much history so they don’t know how to go back and upset a blog running on such an antiquated design.

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  1. Darn! The WP weenies must be in Lady Ga Ga’s occult. She’ll drink their blood and vaccinate them with her dangling dart. Mindless minions is their fate.

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