Thank you, Texas 🤠

Parodies wouldn’t be funny if they weren’t true:

Good riddance, California. I won’t miss:

  • the constant wildfires (I think arson is causing it not climate change)
  • obsession with masks, testing and shots
  • virtue signaling (there’s Ukraine, rainbow flags and every my other flag except for the USA flag)
  • rampant violent theft, random violence especially against Asians and elders with leniency on crime
  • Homeless camps everywhere
  • Expensive everything: rent, homes, gas, food, taxes

Thank you, Texas. I tried to get a driver’s license in CA and was failed 3x at the road test. I think they just wanted to make money in repeat fees! I passed the Texas exams both the written and road test at the first attempt. Texas is direct and not bureaucratic their process was quick and simple. Now I’m shopping for a new car, so much change is happening. I still regret not suing CA for illegal termination but I was in a depressed brain fog for several months; but now I have a puppy, soon will have a new car and hopefully in a few months a new job and apt, I’m even shopping for a tiny house. The world might still blow up but I hope not and at least I won’t be in California for the apocalypse, there’s nothing worse than a California zombie.


  1. Glad to hear you have a Driver’s License. 😀

    That will definitely make it easier to get around.

    I don’t imagine you will be buying one of those Gavin Newsom and Justin Trudeau approved electric cars.

    I just read a news story today about some guy who had paid $100,000 for a new electric car and now he can’t use it.

    Because his battery died on him and it’s going to cost him $26,000 for a new battery.

    They don’t tell you that when they recommend you buy an electric vehicle.

    Glad to hear your new puppy is helping you enjoy life. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. I’m so relieved to have a license again. In CA I didn’t really need one and I stupidly thought I was helping the environment by not using a car.

      I’m not getting an electric, no way! I figured out that they’re a scam (as they’re currently designed), it’s not as beneficial for the environment as they say they are and yes they do have issues. They’re forcing CA dealers to only carry electric, that’s happening soon. I’m so glad to get out of that crazy town. I didn’t know that Trudeau was also doing that but it sounds like him. Puppy is not well-behaved haha! but she makes up for it in cuteness. 🙂

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  2. California is pure clown world at this point. Such a beautiful state the banksters are destroying! The direct energy weapons are causing all the fires as they are not natural in the least. The supposed self professed elites like California but not the peasants!

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    1. It’s really suspicious, the wildfires were never really an issue until around 2018–every year several would happen but it wasn’t like that before. I moved to Ca in 1993 and never saw wildfires until around 2018. They want to blame climate change but the change shifted so suddenly, it doesn’t make sense unless it was arson. Wildfires in Australia too were probably caused by arsonists. California only benefits the elites they’re the only ones who can afford to live there. I blame Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi and the rest for destroying one of the most naturally beautiful states in the US.


      1. The direct energy weapons (A Tesla invention which he warned could be used in negative ways which worried him) have been going on heavily for the last 10 years in California. When you are not awake you don’t realize it. The houses with metal in them and cars melting is impossible with a regular fire. plus trees not burning?

        The Chem trailing is bad everywhere, but horrendous in California. One of the blood elite told me they want California to themselves so it has been under attack for awhile.

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      2. Elon Musk is so suspect too, he’s always giving warnings while he directly contributes to the problems! Neurolink is his solution for making sure AI don’t take over? He wants us to become borg but that’ll make us more hackable! He’s in on it or he’s an idiot.

        The elites are are idiots with no understanding that they’re destroying CA to the point where they won’t be able to enjoy it either. It’s like how in the film the “Matrix” they blocked out the sun to defeat the machines but it backfired. Gates actually wants us to block the sun with chemtrail particulates to “fight global warming”. What a lie! I guess the inbreeding within elite’s genetics is what makes them so stupid.


  3. things are looking up! You escaped from Clown World Headquarters and suddenly life is much better. Congratulations on making the right choice.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. I’m truly grateful for Texas’ southern hospitality, SF Bay used to be a livable place but now it’s a zombie haven. Everyday the clouds in TX are the fluffiest cumulus clouds that I’ve ever seen, it makes me feel optimistic for some unknown reason 🙂.

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      1. You are so welcome Judy. I like cloud watching. It’s so relaxing. I’m glad you were able to make that big change. It is not easy, but in time it will become a lot easier as you learn your way around.

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  4. When you finally figure out the earth is FLAT, this makes Musk’s space dealings a fraud. He plays his part of controlled opposition but is clearly part of the satanic cabal. He voted for the Kenyan Barry Soetoro aka Obama and Michael which is only possible if someone is not awake or is part of the cabal. Not that voting matters anyway.

    “People will come to love their oppression, to adore the technologies that undo their capabilities to think.” Aldous Huxley

    Smart phones are a misnomer as they are dumbing down phones in reality. Everything in our world is completely inverted!


    1. I’m still not convinced about the Flst Earth theory but I don’t believe NASA at all. I need more proof of flat earth but I think it’s there to divide Truthers from each other so I don’t get hung up on it either way.

      Elon Musk pretends that he grew up in poverty but his dad owned emerald mines or something similar, he’s an elite for sure and he stole the credit for Tesla just as Gates stole Microsoft windows and Steve Jobs stole the Apple Mac computer. All of them are concept thieves.

      I thought Obama was cool, had no idea until much later. I agree the voting is rigged.

      Smart phones have made us more addicted, disconnected and depressed.


      1. I understand very well how your belief system has been turned upside down, and FLAT earth is another truth which causes our minds consternation.

        The hallmark of the Brave New World we are in is the ignorance of simple FACTS, and the only FACT you need to process is water being FLAT and finding FLATness. Pour a glass of water and tilt it around and you will see the water stays flat plus it needs a container. Since the earth is 71% water it means that water must curve and stay on a spinning ball that is not a container in the least. Gravity is a theory made up by free mason Newton so it needs to be eradicated from your programming. Things rise and fall due to density per the periodic table of elements.

        When you are ready I can give you 200 verses from the bible confirming FLAT earth or many links to free mason NASA’s own website showing a flat and stationery plane.

        Why would they create a controlled opposition group like FLAT earth Society if they were truthful? They simply do not want you to know you are part of God’s created earth and NOT a spec of dust.

        Here is a very nice song to listen to which you will like!


      2. As I stated before, I think the Flat Earth theory divides Truthers into opposing sides which I don’t want to participate in. I don’t think there’s evidence for Flat Earth. The concept that water is level doesn’t prove Flat Earth to me. You’d have to go to outer space to see the curvature (I don’t believe NASA has that capability). Like I said though I don’t want to debate this topic with you, it exists to create conflict and that’s not my aim. You can believe what you will, and you can respect my differing opinion. I’m not a scientist but the Flat Earth theories haven’t convinced me.

        I believe in God and I leave the concept of the firmament as a boundary, this could be a dimensional separation. God is bigger than our interpretation of Him.

        I watched the video but didn’t like the music sorry, but almost all secular music is polluted by the occult. The planet is too big to visually see the curvature unless you were far out in space. That’s my last comment on this topic.


    1. Thank you, Sue. People seem more polite here, strangers hold the door for you and in my neighborhood people leave their bikes unlocked on the lawn. I haven’t seen the stereotypical cowboy hats or boots 🙂 but lots of big trucks. I feel much more at home here than in expensive, crime-ridden California.

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    1. Thank you, Sharon! I’m loving having a car finally to get me out of the house and exploring TX. Glad your friend is leaving NY it’s getting so crazy over there, lots of crime left unchecked.

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      1. I’m so sorry to hear that. You should report it but it’ll raise your insurance right? That’s awful about the Emt too, so many chaotic and violent things are happening, I feel like having Christian faith is what keeps me from constant anxiety about world events both local and globally.

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