Epiphany: What is Clown World? Part One

I don’t know who coined the phrase, “Clown World” but it’s even creepier than I originally thought. Have you noticed this theme has had an upsurge of coincidences? I don’t know a single person who likes clowns, but I’m from Generation X, we grew up thinking clowns were pedophilic psychos. Why are celebrities, models, influencers and mainstream pop culture suddenly bringing back the clown motif? They’re trying to normalize it back into our subconscious.

Clown/Clownself is now a pronoun: Why? I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.

Rainbow flag background is also not a coincidence.

What is social conditioning?

Here are a few celebrity examples of predictive programming and subliminal messaging (social conditioning) around clowns.

1) Katy Perry. I see her as a dress-up doll for the masons, I almost feel sorry for her but she’s misleading her fans and indoctrinating them into occultism.

Notice the Masonic checkerboard pattern within her costume, she’s showing allegiance to her puppet masters on several levels.
Nothing to smile about?

2) Rhianna is another MK Ultra celebrity puppet, she posed as the psychotic clown Pennywise:

The album cover is of her as a child, topless and with what looks like blood surrounding her, makes me think of what a serial killer pedophile would probably enjoy seeing, why’s the child holding a black balloon with a crown as a blindfold? Black and red are the go-to colors for satanic themes. Her black dress resembles a ceremonial witch outfit, she’s wearing a dog collar-esque choker and her knotted hair shapes the form of horns on her head.
Fan artwork of her as Pennywise from “IT”

3) Saturday Night Live is notorious for liberal political propaganda, they also do a lot of distasteful pedo themed skits:

4) Demi Lovato seems like she’s hit a low in her career; she’s gained a lot of weight and changes her gender identity frequently. The red eyes, hair and balloon probably signifies something to Them other than the Pennywise serial killer character.

5) Teen Vogue image, I found this while searching for celebrity clown photos. This is desensitization, They pretend it’s for a Halloween theme but I think their ultimate goal is for this macabre clown-look to be seen as sexy:


The target for this programming are young children and socially conditioned adults
Notice how the anime clown looks like she has horns, I’m not sure what the symbol represents on her jumper but I think it’s an astrological sign
They’ve made it into a fashion trend via celebrities and “influencers”—everyday is Halloween in Clown World

6) Beyoncé has clown fans, their videos went viral:

This is what happens when you dance to a Beyoncé song with a killer clown mask on

7) Anna Nicole Smith:

8) America’s Got Talent, this is what They love to do, this performance is about normalizing clowns. Why did the judges love this performance so much?

He’s become famous, did a performance in SF (of course).

9) Clowns with knives—terrorizing Sydney, this is what I mean by the trend of normalizing clown symbolism into our everyday lives:


“This picture was posted saying the clown would be in the Blackown area.”

10) The clown sightings happened in the US also, clowns were trying to lure children into woods, in SF one was trying to kidnap a child:

“…several children told authorities that a group of clowns offered them money to follow them into the woods. The suspects were never found.

Since then, there have been hundreds of reports of strange clown sightings, some of which have turned violent.

A mother in San Francisco last week claimed she fought off someone dressed as a clown who tried to grab her daughter. In a separate incident last week in New York City, someone dressed as a clown and wielding a knife threatened subway riders and chased a teenage boy off a train.”


11) Hollyweird and Pop Culture’s love affair with killer clowns:

Heath Ledger’s last official film role was as the Joker, he died of an “overdose” under suspicious circumstances at one of the Olsen twins’ residence
Notice the clowns are signaling the one-eyed (Horus) symbolism of freemasons and/or the theme of masks

Native American tribes have legends of fighting red-haired, cannibalistic giants that lived in the American continent, something about the red-hair makes me wonder because Egyptian mummies were also found with red hair!—clowns, the elites, the occult and ancient societies, there’s a connection here.

My previous post about the red-haired giants:

In Part Two I’ll go into this theory even further. Get ready, the information is mind-blowing…


  1. I think the reason why the elites and Hollyweird are into clowns is because a clown represents the Devil.

    In medieval Europe, the Devil was thought of as a joker who wears a mask.

    That’s what the joker in a deck of cards represents.

    The Devil.

    Clowns owe their origin to the Devil/Joker figure.

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  2. ♌️ the sign on the clown is for the astrological sign Leo shown here. Leo is a Yang sign it’s modality is fixed and it’s element is fire. Now we can imagine what the intent of the drawing is.

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    1. And John Wayne Gary, a prolific homosexual serial killer lured his young male victims dressed in a clown outfit. Clowns are creepy. Never trust a clown even a clown dressed in normal attire. It’s clown world. They are everywhere.

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      1. Me and my spellcheck don’t stand a chance in the world of correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I think I would improve if I shut auto correct off.

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      2. I was thinking of Gacy when I wrote this post, there’s a documentary about him on Netflix, yuck what a psycho! His apt was very creepy. I agree never trust a clown, can you imagine seeing them wielding knives like they did in Sydney? Yikes! 😳

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      1. I did notice the drawing had a sort of lions mane look to the face. The ribbons or horns didn’t quite match up to lions but who knows what was on the artist’s mind. An evening with Baphomet?

        I think one could study physical astrology and truly be amazed at the real pattern of our solar system as it travels through space. It’s quite a beautiful geometric pattern designed by God and not a pagan sorcerer. God may have granted his universe free will also and it has ordered itself on a scale too grand for mere mortals to comprehend.

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  3. Clowns have been portrayed as sad/lonely or evil/pedos. Kate was totally bizarre and when Demi transformed to non-binary I could only shake my head. Clown World is a multiverse of bizarreness. 🤡 👿

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