Clown World Strikes Again (videos) + Poem: Crazy Town, USA (haiku)

Crazy + Stupid = Crazy Town, USA

Sorry for my absence from posting, (again). I guess I need long breaks from posting about the insanity around us. Plus I’ve been making many dramatic changes—bought a car last week (thank you God!) freedom tastes so sweet. Living in Texas without a car has felt like house arrest these past 3 months. I have a new puppy, new license, new car, now I just need a new job and new apt (I’m even land/house hunting). I’m investing my savings on tangible necessities with no regrets. There’s no time like the present, who knows what’s around the corner…I’m not playing around anymore! Things are getting extra crazy friends, watch your back and front and get ready for anything. Clown World Strikes Again:

If this liar becomes President we are doomed:

CA governor, liar and hypocrite—Gavin Newsom, (he loves flashing the Masonic gang sign, I think he should’ve been a sign language interpreter instead of a crooked politician).

Wawa insanity:

This wasn’t in CA but it’s a regular occurrence in crazy CA, get ready everybody for total chaos coming soon to a town near you.

Walmart insanity:

I’m not trying to make fun of rape victims but this woman needs help, completely nuts.

Lock your car doors:

No words for this

Follow the leader:

CrossFit joggers started a panic trend, this reminds me of the Covid-19 plandemic rush to get vaxxed, fear and insanity are closely related
Crazy Town, USA

Just Another Day
in Crazy Town, USA
America’s doomed.

Remember this song?

I’m not a Cypress Hill fan but this song came to mind. I think the video clips above are a direct reflection of the state of our broken country. I used to think this song was funny back in the day, but now it’s just oddly prophetic.


  1. I think the reason people are going nuts is because of the two years everyone spent locked down and in isolation in the Covid plandemic quarantine.

    People who have been in mind control cults have psychological and mental health problems for the rest of their lives.

    The Covid-1984 plandemic lockdown was cultic mind control on a global scale.

    That’s why so many people today are acting nuts.

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  2. “If they can make you believe in absurdities, they can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

    1 in 4 KKK slavery democrats believe men can get pregnant. All the people in your crazy videos I assure you are democrats.

    Conspiracy theorists truly are those who believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain, or that Newsome doesn’t use doublespeak every time he utters a word.

    You must invert everything for the truth, especially history as America fights on the WRONG side of every war for the banksters!

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    1. Agreed. I like the Voltaire quote. Republicans aren’t perfect but they seem to have more common sense, at least compared to the brainwashed Democrats. I think the people in the videos were probably: boostered, on drugs or mentally unstable (perhaps all three).

      Biden is a vegetable but he’s definitely a NWO puppet, none of the collapse of our society is by accident.

      They love inversion, yes that’s the way to decode many of their goals. Aristocracy never went away, just the illusion of democracy is what they gave us.

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  3. Yes, Trump support syndrome vs. Trump derangement syndrome is a complete false bankster paradigm. Republicans are NOT smart but they do have decency and decorum which lefties who are mostly poisoned lepers at this point which for sure will make them even more insane.

    “Common Sense is not so common.” Voltaire

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    1. Agreed, Trump is the Great Divider. Extremes in groups is what they’re hoping for, divide and conquer. The whole political system is pretty much a sham, based on bribes/blackmail and controlled by the puppeteers. I still feel sorry for the brainwashed, Jesus taught compassion. Even while on the cross he said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

      Another cool quote from Voltaire, thanks for sharing it.

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  4. Divide and conquer is the strategy entirely, as the free mason’s mantra is order out of chaos. It is even on every bankster $1 bill as they tell you this.

    The private bank federal reserve printing money out of thin air is your enemy! Money is what fuels the ego so the masses do the WRONG thing, as the love of money is the root all evil!

    “Don’t think money does everything, or you are going to end up doing everything for money.” Voltaire

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  5. I suspect we are in the the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. “With such violence the great city of Babylon will be thrown down never to be found again.” Revelations 18:21

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  6. I remember that Cypress Hill song 🤪 the world is going to hell in a hand basket… just so much lunacy across the globe. 🌍🤪 I have no idea how this generation will end up, it is disturbing to see them act like a pack of wild coyotes. Clown World in full clown mode 🎪 🤡

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    1. Cypress Hill must’ve had a crystal ball because Crazy Clown World is not going back to “normal” 😵‍💫! 2020 amped up the level of lunacy 🤪 and the crazy dial got stuck! 🤡😵

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      1. Haha, that song was on The Simpsons level predicting future events. 🤯! Did you happen to see the Anne Heche video of her supposedly trying to get out of a body bag after being declared dead on the scene when she crashed into a house? Could have been another deep fake video but….🤡🤪

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      2. Totally! I did see the Anne Heche video of her trying to get up from inside the body bag, I truly think there’s weird things going on. She has just finished a documentary about trafficked children, not sure if it was related to her death. 😳🤡

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      3. I agree, it didn’t look like she was burned, she looked normal to me. I remember how she and Ellen Degeneres were the famous lesbian couple and I heard about her crazy event of claiming to be Jesus. I thought she was schizophrenic or on drugs but something is weird about Ellen Degeneres, ever since she posted crazy videos during the Covid lockdown, I’ve found her to be very suspect. Hollyweird is a madhouse. The link about Anne’s background explains a lot about her rebellion against God and especially Jesus. Sad that she didn’t seem to find any peace in faith (despite her mother’s efforts) but Hollyweird is the opposite of a haven for Christian faith.

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      4. Ellen DeGeneres is totally weird. Ever since she “came out of the closet” on her sitcom years ago, then that relationship with Anne, then her rise on her daytime talk show, her looking like Justin Beaver for awhile until her fall from grace. You’re right Hollyweird a nest of seediness, totally opposite of the Christian faith.

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      5. Her list of oddities is kind of funny when you think about it 😅, especially the Justin Bieber look alike contest! 😂 I think people are waking up to Hollyweird and they’re losing money, yay!

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      6. Hahaha, she has definitely been in full Hollyweird mode for a while 😂 I believe the streaming channels are knocking Hollyweird for a loop but then again they are all in it together 🤪

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      7. 😅Totally, I always think of Ellen “Degenerate” as her name haha! I agree they’re all in a big club, I even wonder about the new Christian film station, “Pure Films” they’re going there to wreak havoc too? They’re so sneaky :(.


      8. Yes , Ellen Degenerate, 😂 I hope Pure Films have the integrity to put God first. I’m sure Hollyweird is going to give them a challenge 😈😵‍💫

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  7. I was so shocked by all the videos of those people going nuts, that I forgot to congratulate you on getting a new car, my friend.

    That’s wonderful news. 😀

    Now you’ll be able to go around and visit places and it makes it easier for picking up groceries and doing things.

    That’s great.

    I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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