Poem: Twerks for Jerks (haiku in 13 variations)

What is programming? 
Political correctness
What is brainwashing?

No second guessing
A chorus of unified
Ignorance tripled

What’s lobotomy?
What is blind obedience?
Project Mockingbird

Virtue Signaling
Just following the orders
What’s low-self-esteem?

Voluntary slave
Ignorant obedience
What’s people pleasing?

Bread and circuses
Eyes wide shut and brain sealed closed
What is insight worth?

They want you to twerk
Like an asshole on fire
They’re making us jerks

Call girls for hire
And the dumber the better
Slight of hand through sex

They reverse what’s good
Replace it with false idols
Upside down Clown World

Love is more than sex
The body is a temple
Not a bordello

Soulless bestial
The globalists’ agenda
Keep us in slumber

It’s time to wake up
Freedom makes life worth living
Don’t snooze through their hoax

Swallowing their lies
Pause and do your own research
Check their alibis.


  1. “Then the lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah Brimstone and Fire from the Lord out of heaven.” Genesis 19:24

    Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it!


    1. It’s sad how our culture has rapidly degraded, I’m exhausted with reporting on it but what else is there to do? I think people are under a great delusion and they won’t realize until it’s too late, people think of Christians as “haters” but they miss the whole point.

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  2. Satan’s favorite tactic (and Marxism) is projection or accuse your opponent of what you are guilty and I assure you the HATE is coming from the narsissistic satanists who are being exposed, and that hate is towards Christianity, not from it. Satan likes to invert everything!

    Unfortunately most Christians as very deceived as satan has inflitrated organized Christianity, as the satanic Vatican is a testament to that!

    People’s pride is the issue as nobody wants to admit they are wrong, but that is the beginning of wisdom.

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    1. I agree with you, it’s all about projection and reversals (Karl Marx was a satanist). Roman Catholicism is paganism not Christianity, the Vatican is very corrupt and evil.

      Pride is what caused Lucifer’s rebellion and that’s the lure that he uses to deceive people with (misery loves company).

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      1. The love of money is truly the root of all evil, as money is what gets doctors to inject the Rockefeller bankster poison right? But the doctor believes they are doing the right thing correct?

        The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

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      2. True, money corrupts many but I think greed is the root culprit. Many doctors were ignorant and some died from their own endorsements (by the jab, but of course media says it’s SADS), sad indeed!

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      3. The unfortunate reality is both med and law schools are brainwashing centers for the beast system. One of the reasons people become lawyers and doctors is that they are paid well obviously. The unfortunate reality is they get paid well for dong the WRONG thing. But they are in a trance and do NOT realize it.

        It all comes down to the mind control as it feeds off of the narcissistic ego which money fuels. It is how the clown world was created.

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      4. Agreed, I’ve been thinking lately that academic “intelligence” lacks practical, essential wisdom…one can theorize about anything to a point of not making any sense anymore. They’re definitely in a trance, it’s difficult for them to realize this because they’re so invested in the lies they were taught. Not all modern medical practice is wrong, but somewhere along the line Big Pharma took over. I always prefer herbal and natural medicine, but even that can’t fight the new, monstrous, lab-created diseases.

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  3. Indeed Pause and do our own research.. Sadly many live in ignorance because they fail to seek out information for themselves… Yet they point fingers at those who do..

    Roll up Roll up Roll up…….. For the show is about to begin!.. ❤
    Much love Seoul Sister.. ❤

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  4. Honestly, I still have no idea what a ‘twerk’ is or where it came from and I don’t really want to know. Great poem! You’re still the best researcher I know, but I’m guessing you love to write as well.. so, keep at it 🙂

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  5. I honestly can’t imagine females twerking everywhere degrading themselves after other women have fought their whole life for generations to win equality, respect, and fair treatment. Then a generation of public twerkers set women back 150 years. Clown World is no place for sane people who think dignity and social grace are good qualities.

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    1. The terrible irony is that these “twerkers” too often consider themselves “radical feminists”, Clown World = insanity! They think that prostituting themselves (literally not figuratively) is a form of female empowerment. Sad how backwards things have become.

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      1. Ha! I think most of these people (both male and female) aren’t twerking for $ but for validation and approval. It’s a vulgar reflection of our society and has nothing to do with true feminism.

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      2. Totally agree with your assessment. Just imagine if I went out to the public square and twerked to a good rap tune full of anti feminists vulgarisms. I’d go straight to jail after I was shot 77 times for crimes against humanity.

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