If You Repeat a Lie Enough (videos)

Politics are lies by Banksy

If you can watch this and still not see through the lies, I can’t convince you further, but I’m well aware that the people who actually watch the video links that I post are already awake. I’m preaching to the choir. Why did some of us resist the plandemic? Probably because we’ve been through much worse situations in our lives and it forced us be self-reliant. We had to learn to trust and defend ourselves, not depend on others for security or approval, I think that’s why. At least that’s my story. I’ve been burned too many times by the medical profession and I’ve had to survive trauma at a very young age. We the unvaxxed aren’t selfish, we would’ve taken endless boosters if we thought they actually worked:

This video covers so much about the deception, the effects of psychological torture, crisis actors…

Why are you awake?

Please watch the video linked below, the one that follows it contains more validation of the information but it’s lengthier. This video scared me very much but I feel like I still have to share it. I don’t know how credible this is but it’s a dire warning. I do think the powers that be are preparing something that’s much worse than the Coronavirus plandemic:

The CDC removed their zombie preparedness page, I wonder why? The articles below try to make a joke about the Amazon clause; they like to pretend they’re joking and the sheep laugh along:

List of 100 zombie films (why is this such a popular theme)? Most causes for the zombie outbreaks have always been due to a lab experiment, gain of function or a disease cure gone wrong. What’ve they been conditioning us to accept for all of these years?


Spanish flu deja vu, history repeats because we let it:



  1. Movies are propaganda to function as predictive programming to get the zombies to accept the fear mongering media nonsense.

    The unmasked buried the masked and poison vaccine takers produced by the bankster Rockefellers etc., and it was rebranded the Spanish flu.

    The few control the many as they have thru history by controlling the “official” narrative, and that is why people don’t learn from history because the masses don’t know any true history since it is hidden by the banksters.

    Money is the root of All evil, and too find the evil, follow the money.

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  2. Something big is coming.

    Two mainstream media outlets in Calgary admitted today something that surprised me.

    Yes, those who are triple vaccinated are dying at higher rates than everybody else especially more than the unvaccinated.

    And the other thing they admitted was that yes the mRNA vaccines contain Luciferase and Luciferase is used to track people.

    So if they’re willing to admit that, then something big is definitely coming.

    What was conspiracy theory a year ago they now admit as fact.

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    1. It’s nuts how they harassed Truthers for exposing information, labeling them conspiracy theorists then finally 2 years later they admit to the truth and the asleep continue to ignore it all. It’s like they’re drugged, they can’t think clearly or logically anymore.

      Luciferase always makes me immediately think of Lucifer-race but they try to pronounce it a different way as if that could make it seem less freakish.

      The Marburg virus mentioned seems like it’s going to be released, it has a much higher death rate but is harder to contract. Too many odd synchronicities to brush it all away. What’s the phrase, “hell is empty and the devils are all here”, keeps coming to mind.

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  3. Great post (as always)! I honestly thought they’d have pulled the next big thing already, so we’re long overdue for more shenanigan’s. Is the ‘zombie apocalypse’ thing still on the table? Probably so. Such a sad, pathetic clown world we live in.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! I keep anticipating the next crisis, they like to keep us all on edge. The zombie apocalypse scares me the most, it’s so sickening to think that it’s possible and worse yet, intentionally caused.

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      1. It could be a mass die-off, triggered by 5G. No way to know till it happens. I keep thinking about Kill Bill smirking when he said the next one would get our attention.

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