Epic Poem: Ignorance Kills Them (haiku in 37 variations) + The Cult of Propaganda (videos) + What is Being “Salt & Light”?

I’m a truth seeker
I’m not a people-pleaser
I’m a researcher

I’m a shit-stirrer
I’m against the status quo
I won’t be silenced

They can bully me
But they will fail to stop me
Cause I’m not afraid

True to my conscience
I’ll live with integrity
Walk my path alone

God gave me courage
I’m not afraid to stand out
Swim against the flow

God is just and knows
What my real intentions are
God’s my only boss

God gave me boldness
I won’t shut up when told to
I’m not a coward

God said, “Be a lamp”
So I refuse to hide it
God said, Be the salt”

I seek His guidance
God gave me intelligence
So I won’t waste it

God granted me grace
The power of discernment
I won’t obey dictators

Virtue signalers
Or puppets of this circus
God gifted me peace

I’m not perfect but
I’m a bad-ass warrior
Proud to serve Goodness

God’s truth is my shield
And God’s love is my shelter
I am protected

By God’s graciousness
God brought me back from shadows
Lost in wilderness

I’m ever grateful
I’m not a perfectionist
It’s by grace I’m saved

I’m in awe of God
Not in a competition
Fools think they are gods

They’re in for a shock
Face to face with their maker
Regrets come too late

They Mock God, test fate
They blame God for their hatred
They dig their own graves

They chose tragedy
Then blame God for their troubles
They’re the devil’s pawns

Cowards are afraid
To step outside programming
So they remain slaves

I’m not a sell-out
I won’t cave in and crumble
Immune to mocking

I’ll laugh at their taunts
Their self-righteous “Karen-mode”
It’s all one big joke

They’ll march to their death
Because someone told them to
Blind leading the blind

Sheep remain asleep
Voluntary servitude
Trained to sit, beg, stay

Walking commercials
Of Big Pharma Government
Eat shit and obey

Ignorance kills them
Blind obedience slaughter
Choked in slave collars

They’ll fight rescuers
To assist the slave owners
There’s no helping them

“Don’t throw pearls to swine”
The Bible states the clear truth
Their mind’s are prisons

They steal and waste time
Every moment is precious
Conserve your power

Divert your knowledge
To people who value it
That is my lesson

That’s my confession
I write to purge frustration
I write for healing

I write to comfort
I write to connect with friends
Thank you, WordPress friends!

You’ve helped me so much
Your support is beautiful
I’m truly grateful

Life here’s a prelude
It’s like an appetizer
Paradise is next

Earth is a preview
Earth is a school to review
Good versus evil

D’Evil is evil
And God is misunderstood
God is perfect Love

Clown Town’s just a test
To see what your heart chooses
Love is the answer.
Akiane Kramarik

Updated post: This is what I’m fighting, the darkness is here, I’m just pointing it out:

This is what propaganda does, it disguises itself as entertainment. All of these shows and video games are targeting children
The heroine of “Little Demon” is the Antichrist
Good Fight Ministries is a YouTube channel that exposes pop culture’s occultic programming
“Cult of the Lamb” is the #1 children’s game

I’m writing for “those with eyes to see and ears to hear”, if you don’t like my posts, please leave my site. God won’t force you to believe in Him and I won’t force you to read my blog.

I want to be clear about the purpose of my blog, I’m here to share information that I’m researching that I think will be helpful to you. The Christian message of salt and light is my sincere intention, it explains what motivates most of my controversial posts about Clown World. I’m not here to shock, offend, or frighten you; I’m here to provide decoded truth that many Truthers have diligently researched. I’m here to share hope which conquers fear, through a heartfelt belief in God and Jesus.

*✝️💖…What does “Be the Light” and “Be the salt,” mean? Being Salt and Light are metaphors that Jesus taught us, they’re pathways for how to exist in a world that’s tragically surrounded by greed, lies and corruption (darkness).

  • Salt adds a distinctive quality, it cleans (purifies), preserves (protects)
  • Light illuminates through darkness (all that is hidden). Light provides awareness of truth, clarity reveals deceptions


“Jesus tells us that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Note, Jesus does not say we will become salt or that we will become light by virtue of becoming a disciple. He tells us that each of us is salt, each of is light.

It is not about who or what we will become. It is about who we already are. There is no additional need to become anything else. There are no ranks to climb, you are a disciple, a follower of Christ. You are salt and light.

…Salt has a purpose. It makes food tastier and is used to preserve food. We might otherwise say that salt makes and keeps things good.

A light which is hidden is useless. Why have a light if you are going to hide it? We are light and we are called to share the goodness of our light with others. One of the scary aspects of light is that in order for light to be seen, you need to go where the darkness is.

…Lighting a candle outside in daylight does not do much good. At night, it is a different story…

If you want your light to be seen, you need to be willing to go into the dark. Sometimes that is being out at night and sometimes it means venturing into uncomfortable areas: Talking about difficult subjects, helping people who have fallen on hard times. We need to take our light to them, to allow our love to shine through.

We do this because it points people, not to our own goodness, but that through our good works they might see God.”


It’s interesting how “teaching” provides further awareness of a concept. After looking for links to explain the salt and light message; I realized that I can exercise more meekness, I can get very puffed up when I feel attacked. I’ll keep working on my faults with God’s help :). I’m not going to censor my poem though, I’m leaving it’s boastful elements because I’m still a work-in-progress 😎. Sometimes I’m genuinely humble and other times I’m in hard-core, bad-ass mode!

*What does “throwing pearls to swine” mean:

Matthew 7:6
“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”

It may sound harsh, but it is an important principle for the man or woman of God’s righteousness. It can be difficult for the principled Christian to know when to speak and when not to speak. There are those that are so hardened to the truth that to give it to them only adds fuel to the fire or their unbelief…

#1 “Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs.”
Both dogs and pigs are unclean animals. The symbolism, though it sounds harsh, is that the people who have rejected God and his people are not sacred and not clean.

#2 “if you do, they may trample them under their feet,”
The gospel should be preached to all people, but the children of Satan (Jn 8) will only trample the truth and go on the offensive in their hatred of God and the things of God. When an unbeliever who refuses God, though deep down they know the truth, hears the gospel, they are enraged. Christ says that they may be trampled by them. The other thing the “swine” may be is indifferent. In either case, moving on to fertile soil is in order.

#3 “and turn and tear you to pieces.”
This will obviously come on a spectrum of severity. Some will stop at glaring and verbally tearing down the truth-teller. Others have violently persecuted prophets and preachers, even killing them.


May God bless you with discernment, protection and peace, in Jesus’ name I pray Amen ✝️💖



  1. I hope you find time to read St. Augustines City of God as it really defines the Good vs. evil so prevalent in our world today. It is a very long book but well worth your time.

    Very nice poem!!

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  2. We are fishermen of men, spreading the gospel and the truth. The world has been conditioned to accept evil as good and good as boring. The devil is relentless in leading people away from God. Blessings, Judy and stay strong in the Lord 💖✝️🤗

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