God vs Transhumanism + Poem: You Can’t Unsee Truth (haiku in 2 variations)

666, their favorite number shows up again in “gene therapy”:

Masonic 322 triple helix is mathematically 666

Why is Big Pharma trying to alter our genetic signature? They always say it’s “for our own good” how nefarious they are. “God eternal within the body” is a message within our DNA that they are trying to alter:

Here’s the “science” for the skeptics—a triple helix is formed via gene therapy:

More science data for those that need evidence, our DNA contains elements that are found in meteorites: https://www.livescience.com/more-DNA-building-blocks-found-in-meteorites

This scientific article elaborates further on the theory of humanity’s possible extraterrestrial origin.

“…The team found some of those isomers in the meteorites but not in the soil. “If there had been contamination from the soil, we should have seen those isomers in the soil as well. And we didn’t,” he says.


Meteorites are literally fallen stars (fallen angels)?:

I can’t help but notice the synchronicity that Lucifer is depicted with red hair, I’ve written about this topic in my posts about Nephilim

The Greek myths of Zeus and Apollo seducing humans comes to mind when I think of Nephilim. Satan itself appeared as a serpent in Eden. The serpent is worshipped in pagan religions as a symbol of immortality but it’s despised in Christianity.

“Nephilim is often translated as “fallen ones” is the relation to the Hebrew word “naphal” (to fall).”


Different theories about the Nephilim:


Transhumanism is their end goal, graphene enables this and it’s in the vax, (it’s in our food too); the harm that they’ve done probably can’t be undone at least not while we’re on this earth:

I’m not here to raise fear, that’s what the MSM does. God tells us to not fear, but trust in Him. That’s the hope that Christians have that can’t be stolen away. My blog is a testament to grace—I was lost in the wilderness of the New Age religion for almost 3 decades and so now I’m on a mission to free anyone who will listen, away from occultism/paganism/New Age “philosophy”. Globalists want One World government and One World religion, they want to be “gods” mutating humans and birthing AI hybrids but only fools would wage war with God.

You can’t unsee truth

I’ve stopped fighting God
Stopped supporting globalists—

Once you’ve awakened
No snooze alarm is needed
You can’t unsee truth.


  1. Did you see the Board at the CDC voted unanimously to add the CV-19 mRNA jab to the childhood vaccine schedule? Absolute insanity. I’m praying that states overturn this decision. I’ve got my exemption all ready for my son just in case. Some days I just can’t anymore. It’s just all so overwhelming. Come back Jesus!

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    1. I didn’t know about this decision, it’s such a toxic fraud, unbelievable how they’re getting away with this! After Pfizer admitted that they didn’t test for the effectiveness, they’re still going ahead? I moved to TX to escape the school mandate for my son, now it’s nationwide? Jesus is our only hope. I’m so tired of fighting but I’ll keep fighting.

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      1. I know. The CDC doesn’t make law, but no doubt some school boards will jump at this. You should be safe in TX. I wrote to our governor and Lt. Gov already. And I’m praying for Jesus to intervene. Some days I just can’t. It’s so overwhelming these past few years. I’m with you though. They’ll have to hold me and my family down before I take that jab. Even other countries in Europe (Sweden is one, I think) have stated that children shouldn’t have it. Pray without ceasing.

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      2. We’ve been hijacked by CDC/WHO, unelected agencies, globalists like Gates, and Fauci is a total liar. Unfortunately TX is becoming liberal because of liberals migrating here. It makes no sense, they moved here to escape but they’ll still vote liberal? I’m so sorry you’re having to battle this, I understand completely how frustrating it’s been these past 2 yrs. I’m still readjusting to being fired for not complying and having to leave CA. I lost my retirement and all that I worked for but I’d still refuse to comply if I had to choose again. The real information is slowly coming to msm but it’s strangely ignored. It’s as if the truth no longer has any effect. The jabs are ineffective and dangerous, never truly tested as they should’ve been! There’s no emergency just profits and evil agendas that created this mess. There a lot of credible information on a YouTube show called “Redacted”. I just can’t accept that all of this continues and it helps to hear the truth said aloud, on air. Sweden never locked down either and they were fine. I’m praying, but I think it’s all fulfilling biblical prophecy. My hope is in God—this world is definitely becoming tyrannical.

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      3. The same thing happened here in VA. Before they ran their “turn VA Blue campaign” a few years ago, Republicans hardly ever had to vote. Now Conservatives are the minority and the schools are in the crapper, especially in Northern VA. We’ve decided not to move until the dust settles. It seems there is no place “safe” anymore.

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      4. I’m worried for Texas and I don’t trust the voting process anymore, we need to go back to paper ballots that are hand counted, plus no absentee voting unless it’s absolutely necessary. I agree there’s no safe place anymore. Hang in there, my prayers are with you about the school mandates. 💖

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  2. That’s fascinating about the Double Helix and YHVH.

    I remember back in the mid-2010s I wrote a vampire novel chapter about Bill Gates seeking to extract material from a meteorite.

    I always had Bill Gates up to no good in my vampire novels for some reason.

    For example a few months ago a reader commented on a chapter I wrote back in December 2019.

    A chapter that I had forgotten I had written.

    But in it, I had Bill Gates saying he was hoping to unleash a vaccine on the world that would change people’s DNA.

    And I was surprised when I read that chapter.

    In lieu of what would happen in the next 2 years.

    And speaking of coincidence it was a professor I had back in Unversity Prof. Michael Morgan the best professor I ever had (I took 2 Religious Studies courses from him. One a History of Judaism and the Jewish People. And the other a History of Gnosticism and the Occult) who translated the Sefir Yetzirah into English.

    That is a great painting of Lucifer by the way.

    It reveals a lot about his personality in the painting.

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    1. The YHVH uses gemantria which the Freemasons also use but it’s interesting to think about. I read a New Age book decades ago (can’t remember the title!} but it kept talking about how our DNA was originally triple stranded, I think the occultists believe that we’re being held back by God from “our true power” and the triple helix (that is now possible via gene therapy—which includes the vax) is part of that Globalist New Age agenda. The book I mentioned also kept focusing on how important blood was, it was creepy when I think about it now. It suggested using menstrual blood for gardening for example, the book was very goddess themed. Yuck, I’m so glad I left the New Age.

      Bill Gates is such a weasel, a spoiled elite who stole the Microsoft Windows concept just like they all do, (Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Anthony Fauci are all part of the “pretending to be inventors but they’re thieves” club).

      Gates isn’t even a scientist! Our world is so messed up. Gates has been chomping at the bit to unleash a pandemic and he couldn’t help but be obvious with his Event 201 scenario.

      I’d like to hear more about the Gnosticism/occult topic, I really wish you’d write an article about it. I had an interesting conversation with a religious studies professor in CA who told me about the gnostics practicing sodomy and why they did it. Maybe I’ll post about that sometime. Gnostics weren’t Christian that’s for sure.

      The painting of Lucifer has an interesting story too, the artist was humiliated when he presented it, there’s a YouTube video that I saw recently about it. If you look closely, there’s a tear falling from his eye, spoiled egoistical demon is what I’d rename the painting. The artist was into the antihero victim “sympathy for the devil” theme.

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      1. Yes, I’d like to write about Gnosticism and the occult in a serious article.

        Actually when the weather stops being nice, I think I’ll do that.

        I don’t do much in-depth writing when the weather is nice because I like to be outside enjoying the nice weather.

        However I think Wednesday yesterday the 19th will be the last summer like day this year.

        The weather turned colder today and there’s the possibility of snow tomorrow.

        So I think writing weather for me has started.

        It will be cold outside so I’ll be spending more time indoors and writing.

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      2. Very cool! I look forward to reading it. I’ve often thought that you have an impressive depth of knowledge on many topics, Christopher.

        Snow already, I hope it doesn’t get too cold where you are but I’m relieved that the weather is cooling down in Texas, it’s gotten almost chilly here. Cooler weather makes my mind feel more alert.

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