Unapologetic Malice (videos) + Poem: Truth vs Lies (haiku in 2 variations)

There’s a long battle ahead of us; people are still masked up, lining up for endless poisonous shots and the stupidest ones among them continue to troll conservative (controversial) blogs like mine because corporate media convinced them that it’s a virtuous act to persecute critical thinkers.

They’re finally admitting that the mandated vax was never tested in it’s ability to prevent transmission. They knew this the entire time that they frightened and guilted everyone into getting a useless, dangerous, untested vax (poison). Where are the guillotines?:

Just in case the Redacted video gets taken down here’s another clip of the Pfizer admittance

We will not forget the criminals who persecuted us (the unvaxxed)—it wasn’t mere ignorance that motivated them, it was unapologetic malice:

None of the puppeteers have been arrested, but the SADS and youth death counts continue to pile up. Being censored and muted is a form of Clown World torture but we the awake will continue to sound the alarm because that’s the mission we’ve volunteered to do.

WP blogs like “House of Heart” will never apologize for trolling my blog, “do-goer” people like her will probably never realize that they’re pawns of political correctness. Jesus said, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Christians are supposed to forgive their persecutors even when no apology was offered but it’s really hard for me to do this. Please pray for me to forgive the ignorance of brainwashed people like “House of Heart” and let go of the resentment I feel for my former coworkers that betrayed and humiliated me for standing up for God and the truth about the toxic vax.

I’m amazed that a few politicians are taking a stand on the side of liberty and justice:


Tribute to the unvaxxed:


Truth vs Lies 

Truth rises above
Truth elevates our spirit
Truth withstands hatred

Lies hide and pretend
Lies act as if they’re your friends
Lies die in the end.

If you’re unvaxxed (and/or awake to the true state of our world) you might feel isolated and alone but know that you’re standing in good company. We the awake, are not standing down. We’ve proven that we’re unusually resilient people who are immune to Big Pharma’s medical, political, corporate and cultural brainwashing tyranny. We held the line, they could not cross our boundary. We did not and will not submit to corrupt authority. They might eventually kill our bodies, but they’ll never defeat our truth-seeking and truth-revealing spirit.

I’ve posted this before but because it’s such an inspirational message, I’m posting it again:


  1. Great post! It’s nice that they now admit what we’ve known all along, but like you said… where are the guillotines? I can see an uptick in mask wearing in my area. It’s like they know there’s something on the horizon coming. I wonder if the unvaxxed are the most persecuted in history. Certainly are in my lifetime.

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    1. Thank you Crandew! I think msm wants to now pretend they’re the good guys reporting on the obvious to save themselves from potential outrage but so far it’s still…crickets. No reaction from the masses. I can overhear CNN and commercials coming from my roommate’s tv encouraging more boosters so they’re masking up again. I’m starting to get less sad and more angry at the persecution of unvaxxed, at least in Europe there were protests but not here in zombie land.

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      1. I honestly don’t see how anyone can stomach CNN. What a propaganda machine that station is! Sheesh.

        We, the unvaxxed. We should be angry, loud and refuse to take their bs. I’ll never go down without a fight, and I’m pretty sure you won’t either.

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  2. That was a great message from Jim Cavaziel in the last video.

    It’s interesting the biggest outrage over Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s statment is coming from Alberta’s LGBTQ2s+ Community who think they are the people most discriminated against.

    And that was absolutely a great letter from the French general.

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    1. The time for heroes to step forward is now, actually it’s a bit late for that but good people are part of the problem if they remain passively accepting of evil. When I go, I hope it’s not in vain, I intend to fight until the end for what’s right.
      There’s so much distractions from the PC movements it’s all just for show, the truth stands alone and ignored as usual.
      “Good” politicians have to take a stand or they’ll be guillotined with the rest (if that ever happens).

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  3. Great post. I find it interesting, though not surprising, that I am hearing more about the virus corruption coming out of other countries than my own. I had not seen some of those clips. We are not alone. And seeing Jim Caveziel speak reminds me that more and more of Hollywood seems to be quietly stepping away from the brainwashing too. As a side note, have you seen the new commercial for the flu shot that shows a wolf in sheep’s clothing walking through a hospital? It caught my attention because they list the side effects of the flu, one being heart attack. I could be wrong, but I can’t remember that being listed as a flu side effect in the past. Coincidence? Probably not. Praying more people wake up.

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    1. Thank you. I think slowly the poisonous contents within the shots are being admitted to even on mainstream channels (as if they’re trying to cover their complicity). Too little, too late.

      Jim Caveziel has given some excellent speeches, they inspire courage, I think he’s sincere but I’m very wary of Hollywood celebrities. Many of them are involved in occultism, that revealed secret is what’s driving them to distance themselves I think they’re feeling afraid of public backlash against them.

      I haven’t seen the commercial but it sounds awful, the shots are the wolf in sheep’s clothing, how ironic. Heart attacks are the new normal especially among healthy young athletes but still many people remain unconvinced of the obvious cause. I truly think they’re brainwashed, unable to accept the reality. My sons school insisted that we sign a medical form in order to attend gym class, listing if he’s ever had myocarditis, heart attacks, seizures etc (all of the vax side effects) I don’t think any of this is a coincidence.

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  4. “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” Proverbs 16:25

    Satan deceives by the way of our own ego which is the I believe I am right disease. All those people who trusted the subversive LYING authority figures about the clot shot did not look at simple FACTS about the poison in the clot shot, because their pride stopped their common sense (pride is what the mind control produces).

    This is the end result when instead of trusting God, we trust man.

    Pride goes before destruction is very real as is the bible.


    1. You’re right. Satan’s pride made him rebel, it was also what led adam/eve to rebel thinking they could be “as gods”. Pride keeps the fooled entrapped, they can’t even consider that they were wrong so they choose to attack truth speakers. I’ve had to fight off trolls who have no common sense but feel self-righteous defending the very people that are destroying them. Pride and stupidity go hand in hand. Pride makes them deny that God exists, they’re always trying to play god, there’s no humility anymore, pride is literally celebrated in our society.

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      1. “The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.” Orwell

        1984 is not a book of fiction, but of our true reality. It’s time for everyone to understand 1984 and Brave New World are guidebooks to our current inverted dystopian world.

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    1. I agree, the vax has the spike protein in it, along with other things. When I was surrounded by vaxxed coworkers it affected my cycle dramatically and I felt like coughing all of the time at work. I’ve also seen co-workers get it 3-4 times too, but they don’t make the connection of why they’re getting sick.

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