Digital Currency + The Predictive Programming of “V for Vendetta”

Why is digital currency being promoted by the globalists and why is it dangerous? Digital currency allows for an easy transition to totalitarian rule. Globalists create crises with ready-made solutions, none of the chaos that’s happening worldwide is by accident. Many economists are predicting an eminent crash, comparable to what happened during the Great Depression.

I think Universal Income is a trap, they want to manipulate us as dependent slaves on their plantation. The Plandemic, stimulus checks, inflation, Joe Biden’s ineptness—all of this was deliberately set in motion. The Crown’s Virus was the opportune trigger for their “Great Reset”. The wealth divide is already ridiculously immense, but it’s going to get much worse.

I believe there were multiple purposes of the Plandemic, it wasn’t just about genocide or depopulation. Through vax mandates they killed the physically weakest among us (the elderly) and the physically strongest (the police force, athletes, pilots, military) for a reason:

  • It’s easier to rewrite history without historical witnesses. The older generation experienced WWII firsthand, killing the elderly solves their problem.
  • The military, police and athletes are trained in offensive/defensive techniques, so it serves their purpose to eliminate them immediately.

When I watched the video clip above about digital currency, I immediately thought of the film “V for Vendetta” c2005. I think it was a propaganda and Predictive Programming film, these are the parallels that I noticed:

  • Food is rationed, luxury items are only available to the elites
  • Curfews are enforced, travel is restricted
  • Gestapo-like goons patrol the streets
  • Big Brother media propaganda programs the masses
  • Dissidents are imprisoned as lab rats
  • Pedophilic priests traffic children

It was set in a depressing, dystopian society that had a Nazi theme within it that mirrors the NWO agenda. We aren’t yet living in a totalitarian society but these things can happen very quickly and when you think about it—we’re already half-way there. Look at what happened in Australia:

What an amazing woman, I admire her integrity and strength! Unfortunately this could happen again, I predict that it will. Only 10% protested although 50% were in opposition to the mandates—this is why I think it’ll happen again. But at least Australians protested, we Americans did practically nothing.

Here are a few clips from the film that illustrate direct examples of the Great Reset:

Elites get luxury food:

Detention camps:

This is conditioning us to accept the re-emergence of internment camps, they were already used to detain Covid-19 prisoners in China and Australia (they were called “Wellness Camps)

Pedophilia by priests:

Notice how the Wachowskis choose a bishop (Christianity) as the scapegoat for pedophilia, when in actuality it’s not just the Catholic priests that traffick children: it’s the politicians, celebrities, judges, police that indulge in this abomination (propaganda only reveals half-truths)

Evey’s backstory, her parent’s were arrested, never to be seen again because of their activism:


He forgot to mention that V stands for virus

The 5th of November, is this a clue?:

The Wachowskis are part of the propaganda machine, showing what’s about to occur is a way of spell casting, conditioning people to accept a new reality. The Wachowskis are not whistleblowers, they are puppets of the globalists.

Detainees are experimented on:

“V for Vendetta“
They hide secrets in plain view
V is for Virus.

More examples that echo “V for Vendetta” from Clown World:

Obama admitted that the US imprisoned and tortured 911 detainees. They humiliated and water boarded prisoners. It’s uncertain whether these prisoners were actually terrorists, notice how CNN tried to clean up the severity of what was done:

“Wellness Camps”:

I don’t trust Russell Brand, (I think he’s controlled opposition they use their own puppets to disseminate information). I included this clip because it was one of the few that I could find about “Wellness Camps” on YouTube.

The Great Reset is potentially here because of our passive obedience to dictators. Satan Klaus reminds me of Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” films.



  1. Great post Judy! I only watched ‘V for Vendetta’ once, but it left a lasting impression on me. I do think it was predictive programming, as you’ve suggested. When they do get a fully digital currency system, I’ll probably lose my job and most likely drop out of society. We’ll have to see how things go. I do know that sooner or later, someone is going to have to push back against this devil system, this clown world.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! I watched V for Vendetta awhile ago too, I didn’t view the Wachowskis negatively then but now I see their puppet strings. I’m going to do another post another their films.

      I think there is a concept of a parallel economy for conservatives and Christians, if not that it would be ideal to be part of an off-grid community. That’s what I’m hoping for, I don’t want anything to do with digital currency. It’s crazy how Klaus even wrote a book celebrating their Great Reset, they think they’re untouchable, I guess they are.

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      1. You’re welcome. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. Makes me sad that things will unravel and so many will suffer.

        Also, I think that part of the test for those of us who ‘see’ what’s happening will be to find a way to live with ourselves, while so many people around us don’t survive.

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      2. I think it might go back to a barter system if even temporarily, so it’ll be wise to have a skill to barter with, many people don’t know how to create food, clothes, medicine etc, the ones that do will be much better off. Preppers will be ahead of the curve.

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  2. I’ve never watched V for Vendetta.

    I’ll have to do so.

    I agree that Universal Income is a trap to make us slaves on their plantation.

    And I think you’re spot on about history is easier to rewrite without historical witnesses.

    For example those who deny the Holocaust ever happened should have talked to the few Holocaust survivors I talked to when I was younger.

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    1. V for Vendetta for a lot of LGBTQ propaganda, they’re put in concentration camps, (it mirrors the Holocaust).

      There’s a movement to erase history/deny Holocaust atrocities, it’s part of the PsyOp to sabotage the truth movement, just like how they sabotaged conservatives on Jan 6 with fake/paid rioters. Bitchute is full of paid trolls who leave hate speech about Jewish culture. Real truthers don’t do that.

      Thank you, I think globalists need passivity and ignorance of the masses to succeed and unfortunately they have an abundance of that due to their effective msm/pop cultural programming.

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  3. I watched V for Vendetta a couple of times, now I need to rewatch it more derailed. Everything points to a NWO/One world system. It seems like after the 80s you could begin the notice the world in decline and now it is just so obvious. The creepy and the kooky in full view. Digital currency is the planned future and it started with credit cards. For sure they have the chip technology ready to be imbedded in the skin.

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    1. The film has some creepy symbolism, I only noticed much later. The character of V is the typical antihero, he destroys his enemies and he even tortured Evey, to make her into a “hero”. It’s an odd message. Also Evey’s name (Eve) seems like V is the serpent in the garden of Eden. 😳!

      I truly think the globalists have been working on this NWO for decades and our society seems almost unrecognizable now. When we’re no longer allowed to state facts because it’s “hate speech” we’ve entered totalitarian rule but the majority think it’s about “inclusion”. Sad world.
      I think folks are already voluntarily chipped in either Sweden or another Nordic country for the sake of convenience 🙄. How hard is it to bring your wallet/keys? Yikes, people are duped too easily!

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      1. I’m going to watch it again. I guess the Evey torture was about becoming “Woke”.

        I am not surprised at all. Society has been clueless for decades. Has inclusion made this world a better place or is it just a distraction for the sinister activities going on. They prey on making things seem convenient, an old subliminal trick. What you might think is good for you might not be good for you..😐

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      2. Interesting observation, becoming woke is a kind of torture!

        I was distracted too for awhile until a woke colleague make me see how radical their thinking was, it was militant and inflexible, my coworker seemed brainwashed. Convenience is definitely an old trick, I miss the good ole days before cellphones and social media. 😔


  4. Ah, WordPress’ idiot Hitler apologist troll strikes again.

    Not everyone died in the Holocaust.

    Some worked as slave labourers.

    This will no doubt come as a shock to you but Jesus Christ was King of the Jews.

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    1. I had to delete the Hitler apologist comment, it’s one aspect of the truth movement that really bothers me, many have been convinced that Jewish people should be scapegoated which I can’t agree with.

      You’re right on both points, it’s ironic that some Christians don’t know that Jesus was Jewish, he was the messiah they were waiting for. There are evil elites from all groups: Jewish Kabbalists, Jesuits, luciferean Freemasons etc; globalists want one world rule/one religion but some truthers get misguided.

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    2. I see you wisely did not publish the Hitler apologist troll’s comments, Judy.

      I was wondering why it didn’t show up on your blog when I got an email notification that someone had replied to my comment pointing out the historicity of the Holocaust.

      So I just replied directly to his comment from my email.

      But just on the off chance someone reading your blog wonders why I’m mentioning a Hitler apologist troll, that is the reason.

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      1. I think the truth community attracts many kinds of people, they tend to be open-minded for the most part but some can fall into the extreme. There’s a lot of confusion to what the truth is, many PsyOps to dilute the truth. I think the person who commented in favor of Hitler is genuinely confused, there’s a whole neo nazi movement that’s very popular, especially in Europe. The Luciferean globalists have many distractions to lure people away from truth and divide people into warring clans.
        I’ve known people whose parents survived the holocaust and I’ve seen the ghastly images of dead bodies in wartime photos, I don’t believe any of that was faked. Unfortunately when the last survivors pass away, history can be rewritten very easily and I think that’s the end goal. Truthers are being misled about many things, some support Trump the Vax King for instance. The more the globalists can muddy the waters, the harder it’ll be to differentiate what’s true or not. I think they want to make people insane with lies, like how the Covidians and etc are getting endless boosters or thinking they’re gender-less or even trans-species or the militant climate change zombies threw soup at artwork, It’s all become a madhouse.
        I’m sorry if you’re having to debate with the blogger who thinks Hitler was a hero, I used to debate that point with him but I’ve stopped publishing his comments regarding that topic. He does comment about other topics which I can agree with like about Clown World issues but I draw the line when it comes to the Holocaust. There’s a definite brainwashing happening and I can almost see how it occurs, it’s because when you see the loose thread of deception, anything seems possible. WP doesn’t seem to allow blocking anymore but I’d ignore his debate because he can’t be convinced otherwise.

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      2. That’s one reason why I’m glad to have not changed my background or HTML for my blog since I first joined WP.

        It allows me to easily block people.

        I gather the same doesn’t hold true for people who’ve adopted the new features.

        I got another notification in my email as the Hitler apologist is still arguing and going on like a broken record.

        We must wisely choose our fights.

        For example, I respectfully disagree with you and Crandew on man going to the moon.

        I think man has been to the moon.

        Now I agree with you that NASA is an evil satanic organization (any organization that is the successor to the Pasadena based Jet Propulsion Laboratory founded by Jack Parsons of Aleister Crowley – L. Ron Hubbard – Project Babalon Working fame is an evil satanic organization).

        One of the reasons why I believe man has been to the moon is because of oral history.

        If you’ve read some of writer Tom Horn’s books, he mentions that there was 18 minutes of silence (ironically the same as on the Nixon White House tapes) in the Apollo 11 moon television transmission to Earth.

        He says NASA deliberately cut off the transmission because Edgar Mitchell was mentioning he was seeing extraterrestrial (ET) craft on the moon.

        However Horn pointed out that short wave ham radio operators all over the world could pick up the transmissions and heard Mitchell saying that he could see alien ET spacecraft.

        Anyhow there was a man in our neighbourhood when I was growing who was a ham radio operator (he had an interesting background in that he made a daring escape from Communist East Germany when he was younger).

        I used to play with his sons and a couple of his sons were in my classrooms at school and university.

        He first told me that he heard the Apollo 11 transmissions and that Mitchell said he could see ET alien craft on the moon on his ham shortwave radio.

        Even before I read it in Horn’s books.

        Anyhow for that and a multitude of other reasons, I do happen to believe that man has been to the moon.

        But the important fight for our time is to stop evil governments and evil businesses and evil organizations from injecting poisonous vaccines into the human race.

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      3. There’s so many lies that’s it’s hard to differentiate what is true anymore. I’ve watched many documentaries about the moon landing being faked and they’re very convincing, even modern missions have very strange oddities, astronauts seemingly wearing harnesses and the crazy hair sprayed hair, a lot of it looks faked. But I actually don’t think it’s worthwhile to be divided over theories like that because there are more crucial deceptions happening like the toxic Covid mRNA jabs and the globalist’s NWO objectives to reset our world. I think there are many PsyOps that are wickedly designed to discredit any truth from leaking so they plant many false stories to confuse and make fun of truthers as “conspiracy theorists”. Tom Horn is kind of an enigmatic figure to me. I first saw him in an End Times Production video, (I like that YouTube channel but sometimes they go far into ET territory that seems off course to me but I filter through it). I like their Christian videos mostly. I think I mentioned it before but I personally think ETs do exist, and I think the government knows about them (I think ETs are demonically connected). What CERN is doing is very dangerous and the Parsons/Hubbard occultism was pretty deranged (they both followed Aleister Crowley’s teachings) it’s another aspect of why I think NASA is a PsyOp. I think NASA was an end result of Project Paperclip.

        I’m sorry that Socrates is bothering you, ignore his debate and hopefully he’ll get tired. I think one of the globalist’s goals is “crazy-making”, they get people to become radicalized/fanatical but I think it’s best to stay simple, stay with what’s good—reconnecting with God has helped me to find peace in the midst of this madhouse world.

        On that topic, I hope that you will start writing about your faith in God and Jesus someday. I think your serious poems are beautiful, they have a completely different tone and effect. I’d also like to read an article written by you that exposes politics and occultism that utilizes your impressive knowledge without any parody. I truly think we’re approaching End Times and it’s an “all hands on deck” scenario. I think you have a large audience and you can help to wake people up. Sorry for my unasked for opinion. 🌷✝️🙂

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  5. I did write on a personal and faith based theme in a blog post I wrote back on Sunday October 9th called Semiramis On The Night of The Hunter’s Moon.

    The first part of the post was a vampire novel theme but the 2nd part where I talk about a Calgary based geopolitical analyst friend of Renfield was all about me and all true though a reader might think I was writing supernatural fiction even though I wasn’t.

    As I told my friend Daniel (Hyperion) here on WP once I don’t really write about my life because my real life experiences are even more unbelievable than what seems to happen in my vampire novels.

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      1. “History is a lie commonly agreed upon.” Voltaire

        I will be going to visit some Tartarian buildings tommorow built here in America in the 1500’s (Most likely) as America used to be part of the Great Tartaria. The banksters have tried to erase it’s history obviously.

        Tartar sauce anyone?


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