Poem: Gorilla Glue’s Revenge (haiku in 8 variations) + California Exodus (videos)

Greetings from Clown World
The fake eyelashes was bad enough but this…🤡🌎!
What does wearing a halter top and red chiffon skirt have to do with climate change?
Build BackBetter’s Plandemic-derived inflation, the globalists’ strategic war in Ukraine and destroying farmers’ livelihood is why Europeans can’t afford to heat soup, not to mention the sabotaged destruction of the Nordstream pipeline; these activists need to do some research
They should’ve left them there, let them feel the consequences of their own actions; Virtue Signaling = narcissism
Volkswagen gave climate change activists instant karma
Did they go to the bathroom before or after this publicity stunt?
Gorilla Glue’s Revenge

Glue yourselves like dorks
Then realize your grand prize
Gorilla Glue irony

Why are they surprised?
Make your bed and lie in it
It’s cause and effect

Get your just rewards
No one owes you anything
Eat some humble pie

Throw a can of soup
While defending the starving
Hair dyes killed their brain?

Leave Van Gogh alone
He was a starving artist
Let him Rest In Peace

Hypocrites are dumb
They negate their point with hate
Programmed and blinded

Brainwashed activists
Wearing gauzy red chiffon
Lost and misguided

Give them what they earned
Order food delivery
Feed them irony.

California Exodus, (I posted part one of this series in a previous post) here are all 3 episodes of “Californians Move to TX” from the Babylon Bee:

Masked: indoors, in their cars, in the swimming pool…welcome to California
As a pescatarian, it is hard to find good restaurants in Texas but I’m ending up saving money by the necessity of cooking

Texas has flooded with liberals that fled CA, NY… but for some perplexing reason they insist on bringing their blue politics with them. With a clear conscience, how can they reap the benefits of conservative politics in Texas, but then vote for Beto? They act as though they’re entitled to grift a double standard, they seem oblivious, detached from the reality of the consequences of their actions. It’s as if they’re perpetual children.



  1. Great post! Clown World is such a silly, awful place. I find myself withdrawing from everything lately because it’s all just so bad; it’s depressing. What you’ve described about TX happened to VT a long time ago, and the results are horrifying. NH (where I live now) is going through the same process where the liberals are slowly changing the landscape from freedom to slavery.

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    1. Thanks Crandew! I’ve been in a depressed funk, every time I see a Beto commercial on tv (my housemate will vote for him probably) I feel nauseated. Sorry to hear about NH changing too, why do they leave a lib state /benefit from a conservative state just to turn it into what they’ve escaped? Every time I say I’m from CA to TX locals here, I apologize!

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  2. What an excellent haiku, Judy.

    Definitely telling it like it is.

    I like the attitude of Volkswagen’s German factory staff.

    Turn off the lighting and heating and go home.

    So the protestors can’t order food or go to the bathroom in a decent manner.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher.

      The Volkswagen staff did what makes sense, they let them experience the repercussions of their actions. Apparently the protesters where shocked that that weren’t catered to. I think the other protestors got off too easily by just being arrested, (they want that to feel important/heroic), much more embarrassing to be ignored. I hope the VW protesters wore “Depends”.

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  3. Joe Brandon says, “You can depend on Depends.”

    The brainless eco-protestors shout, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

    Nancy Pelosi says, “All together now.”

    They all smile after they let loose.

    Secret service agents keel over from the smell of the simultaneous outburst of Clash of the Gongs from this very unusual anal performed symphony of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. 💩🎵🎶💩

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    1. I think you’re right about the “Bless your heart” saying, Texans are polite even to foolish people :). The VW protestors seemed surprised that they weren’t catered to, ignoring them was genius.

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