The Fallen video + Poem: Wickedness is a Disease

God gave us free will but They want to eliminate our right to belief. I’ve posted this clip before but it’s worth viewing again:

The “Fun Vax” can be: airborne (corona virus), transmitted via insects, can be sprayed in the air (chemtrails), or through contaminated food/water.

Our world is reversed

Good guys finish last

And righteousness is boring

Cannibal clowns entertain them

They seek horror to jolt them

But still they won’t wake

Wickedness is a disease.



  1. ‘Fallen Angels’ is a great video.
    It’s so true and poignant when you say in your poem Judy, ‘good guys finish last’ (on this earth now and for this present time) but this verse from Matthew 19:30 has always given me great comfort and hope. ‘The last shall be first and the first last.’

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I love the verse you shared from Matthew, it’s the opposite of what the world encourages, (a message I loved hearing recently in church, is that humility is strength kept in check, not the absence of it).

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  2. Thanks for the videos! I remember watching the first one, but like you said it was worth watching again. I still think that ‘viruses’ are fake, just another lie pushed on the masses. If real, there’s no way we can hide from the demons, especially since they never stop spraying the skies and poisoning the water and food supplies.

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    1. I’m not sure if the first one was of Gates, looks like him promoting the Fun Vax. He’s such a villain. I think viruses exist, I think they’re manipulating our bodies to become diseased, I think cancer is a man-made disease from the toxic gmo/chemical-laden food they give us. Unfortunately I think they’ve already polluted our air, water and food. I truly believe that this is a spiritual battle of good vs evil, but God will win.

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      1. I believe ‘most’ of what you said, just a few slight differences. Too bad that more people can’t manage to get along even with slight differences. It is a spiritual battle, for sure.

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  3. We have to remember that we have victory through Jesus and that Satan has already been defeated. This is why he is causing so much chaos in the world. They use drugs, food, entertainment and false doctrine for behavior modification.

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