1. “Whenever the people need a hero we will supply him. Albert Pike most likely a 97th degree free mason (there are more than 33 degrees)

    Trump support syndrome vs Trump derangement syndrome is a puppet show and false paradigm. They Live is a documentary.

    The criminal bankers control both parties and are behind all the needless wars.

    “Money is the root of all evil is the Truth!” The bible is literal!

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  2. I notice everytime Kim Iversen does a video attackng all the wars that the American Deep State has promoted and are continuing to promote, her videos are automatically demonetized by YouTube. Showing the deep connection between the social media tech giants and the American Deep State. Which amounts to pure Fascism in its traditional sense.

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      1. They had her coworkers openly disagree with her coverage, in every episode she’d get shut down. She’s better off on her own show or on a different platform. Fauci—what a sneaky little troll he is.

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  3. Communism not fascism. However labels are deceiving as the true enemy hides behind labels.

    The term Liberal has been hijacked by the free Mason Illuminati as they are communists.

    A Liberal is open minded and I assure you no lefty is open minded in the least so they are NOT liberal.

    A true Liberal only exists outside of the false left vs right paradigm.

    Both parties serve the same criminal banking masters, as we peasants are merely cattle to them.

    The Bible is the only truth we have!

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