Brought to You by Pfizer + Poem: I’d Rather Be Poor (haiku in 5 variations)

I’ve never heard of Sam Smith until now, who knew that Satan was pudgy?

The music industry was always satanic but at least the performers had some talent back in the day, now it’s all a demonic spectacle. Pfizer’s showing it’s true colors:

Concise and humorous summary of mainstream Satanism:

I’d Rather Be Poor

Sam Smith dressed in blood
Ritual for Baphomet
Sex slaves in cages

But why’s he famous?
Fat + ugly = hot?
Or nepotism?

Madonna’s swollen
Plumped cheeks full of injections
She should retire

I’d rather be poor
Working honestly for God
Than be satan’s whore

“Judge not..” Jesus said
But the truth isn’t judgement
It’s just stating facts.
Artwork in NY courthouse to promote abortions looks a lot like satan, revival of Babylon is thriving in the US


  1. Awesome post and spot on as usual! Music has been controlled by a corrupt industry for a long time now. My band will never see the light of day, but I take that as a badge of honor.

    That was a great video (Benny show). Don’t think I’ve ever seen him before but his message was clear. Such a clown world now.

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    1. Thanks, Crandew! Independent music is a much better alternative, You’re smart to have avoided the mainstream music scene.

      I’ve heard of Benny but just recently started watching his show, it covers a kot of information in an amusing but truthful way. Clown World seems to be gearing up, everything out in the open but is anyone besides Truthers paying attention? So strange the cognitive dissonance, it’s like a spell.

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      1. Agreed. The ‘events’ which are just distractions for the masses, will keep coming. I think the worldwide starvation thing is right around the corner. There’s still economic chaos and internet blackouts out there too. So many wonderful things to look forward to. It’s a planned genocide.

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  2. Seems they no longer hiding their Satan Worship… Wonder how long these Satanic Playboys and Girls have left before they get totally exposed… Why is is no one seems to even connect the dots?

    Sending thoughts your way Seoul Sister.. ❤

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  3. I was totally caught off guard by this video when I first heard of it. I thought Sam Smith was one of those romantic crooner types but he displaying his allegiance to Satan intentionally or unintentionally. Madonna is basically a living mannequin and paganism is on display for all to see ( and being passed off as entertainment).

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    1. It’s like they pretend they’re joking but none of it is funny. I bet celebrities get promoted to a higher status after they display their allegiance. Selling out for fame. Madonna is unrecognizable, like an alien, reminds me of Marilyn Manson but with huge cheeks 😝! I almost feel sorry for her but she’s been greatly rewarded for promoting paganism/satanism.


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