They Always Knew the Cause and the Cure

Predictive Programming about chips in vaccines from a 2005 video game:

“Vaccines have never been safe” Brandi used to be a pharmaceutical rep but became a whistleblower, I think her death was suspicious.

RIP Brandi💖

5G danger, a possible connection to coronavirus and hydrocloriquine cure withheld from the public:

A non-pharmaceutical version of Hydrocloriquine, Quertine is easily made from boiling organic grapefruit and lemon peels, wash and peel the fruit, strain the liquid and drink it like a tea throughout illness. It’s very bitter tasting so you can add honey to the drink, it’s a natural antiviral, anti-flammatory cure and preventative:

It’s Quercitin, (not Hydrocloroquine but this recipe is still effective).

How to store it:

Clarification on Quercetin:



    1. Interesting concept. I agree that Red vs Blue is a ploy, that they actually support each other. There’s a lot of controlled opposition within the truth movement and I think the Great Reset and the Great Awakening are the same thing. The end goal is One World government/One religion—the enslavement of humanity. All of it is described in the Bible and it’s all unfolding at a rapid pace.


  1. I saw a commercial today still pushing the co*** fear. It’s got several stars and athletes in it pushing getting the jab (cuz, you know, they know). They’ve apparently added to the list of risk factors to include depression and (this one is my favorite) if you’re an athlete! What?! If you got the jab, AND you’re an athlete you might be at risk, but not for the ‘rona. So I suppose that’s the new angle they’re taking for all the “sudden deaths.” The sad part is people just keep buying what they’re selling. Hope you are doing well.

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    1. Seeing those commercials is so much worse than nails on a chalkboard! You’d think the athletes wouldn’t promote the poison anymore since so many of them have collapsed and suddenly died of heart attacks but nothing seems to stop the machine of Big Pharma propaganda. I seriously wonder if the jab causes brain damage (inability to think or disagree with authority). I can’t understand why it’s taking so long for the majority to wake up. :(!

      I’m feeling better, (I needed a break from WP) but I’m back. I hope you’re doing well too.

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  2. You keep us so well informed as always Seoul Sister. Thank you for keeping up the good fight (and fight for Good). Stay strong and loud. We need more awake people like you who are not willing to succumb to the lies, planned chaos and divisiveness.

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